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    Виды упражнений.
    учебно-методический материал на тему

    Казанина Ольга Константиновна

    Примеры рецептивных,репродуктивных и продуктивных упражнений по английскому языку .


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    Предварительный просмотр:

                  ВИДЫ  УПРАЖНЕНИЙ :

    1.   рецептивные
    2.  репродуктивные
    3.   продуктивные.                                      






     1 ) Read the text. Make up the sentences. Прочитай текст ,соедини слова и запиши предложения.

    Hello! My name is Ted, I have a family. I have a mother, a father, a grandfather, a grandmother,

    a sister and a brother. My family is big.

    My name  …                                   is big.

    I have …                                          is Ted.

    My family …                                   a family.

             2) Put in the missing letters and read the words. Вставь буквы в слова.

    f_th_r , n_m_ , sis_er , f_m_ly , _ _ g.

            3)Choose the correct words. Выбери нужное слово.

    My name/family is big.                  I have a family/a name.        My name/ mother is Ted.

           4)  Jumbled letters. Буквы в словах перепутались.Запиши слова правильно.

    Isster________                     urn_____                 itllte________          ftaoobll___________    lapy___________          jmpu_______.

          5)Say and do it. Повторить действия за учителем.

    Can you hop like a rabbit?

    (Hop! Hop!)

    Can you jump like a frog?

    (Jump! Jump!)

    Can you run like dog?

    (Run! Run!)

    Can you swim like a fish?

    No, I can` t but I wish.

          6) Fill in name, has, meet, what in the sentences.  Дополнить предложения словами  name , has , meet, what.

    My _________ is Jack.

    Ted ____________ a lot of friends.

    ___________ is your name?

    Glad to ______ you.

    7) Name the members of your family.  Напиши название члена семьи.

    Your father` s sister is your___________.

    Your mother `s mother is your _____________.

    Your uncle `s son is your ____________.

    Your mother `s father is your______________.

             8) Make these sentences in negative form. Поставь предложения в отрицательной форме.

    There is some oil. There isn`t any oil.  

    There are some sandwiches.___________________________________.

    There is some flour.________________________________________.

    There are some oranges._____________________________________.

              9)  Fill in the blanks with some or any.Вставь some или any.

    There is ____________ rice.

    There aren`t __________ oranges.

    Is there _________ chicken?

    There is ________ food

    Are there ____________ eggs?

               10) Find the mistakes and write the correct sentences.  Исправь  ошибки в предложениях и запиши их правильно.

    Is Lulu is in the garden?

    This presents are for Mum.

    There are boxes on the floor.

    She can in the kitchen.

                11) Write the answers about yourself.  Напиши ответы на вопросы о себе .

    What is your name?

    Have you got a family?

    Have you got  a brother or a sister?

    12)Draw your family and tell about yourself. Нарисуй членов своей семьи и расскажи о себе.

    I am a boy/ a girl. My name is …

    13)  Draw a picture. Нарисовать картинку по тексту .

    There  is a big house in the middle of the picture.The house is yellow with a red roof.There are two windows in the house and one door.To the left of the house there is a green tree.To the right of the house there are two flowers. One flower is red ,the second flower is blue.

    14) Choose the correct form of comparison.Write the sentences.  Закончи предложения,выбрав нужную степень сравнения.

    The elephant is the … animal (big).

    The monkey is … than the cat (clever).

    Your rabbit is good, but my rabbit is … (good).

    It is the … animal in our forest(bad).

    15) Put the words in the correct order and make up sentences.Поставь слова в правильном , чтоб получились преложения.

    are ,sport ,people , of ,fond ,English ,games , playing.

    play , in , usually ,netball , Britain , girls.

    come, in , they , games , weather , watch , any , to.