Американские праздники"
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compare British and American festivals, speak about Indian and Irish celebrations, GOALS

Слайд 3

3. prepare to speak about American Thanksgiving and about Christmas in Australia

Слайд 4

A FEAST – a splendid meal TO SIGN – to write one’s name on the document in order to show that one agrees with the contents VOCABULARY

Слайд 5

A PURITAN – a member of a division of a protestant church which wanted simpler forms of church ceremony TO GATHER AND KEEP CROPS – to collect harvest and cause to remain in a specified state

Слайд 6

MASHED/ROAST POTATOES - beat into a mash/ cooked in a hot oven potatoes CRANBERRY SAUCE – sauce of a small sour red berry of a shrub

Слайд 7

MINCE PIES – sweet pies RESOLUTION – something one decides to do, especially in new year

Слайд 8

When and why do American people celebrate Independence Day? How do they celebrate it? What British festival is similar to it? INDEPENDENCE DAY QUESTIONS

Слайд 9

Why do Americans have Thanksgiving feast? What do they eat on that day? When do British people have similar dinner? THANKSGIVING

Слайд 10

What differences are there between American and British Christmas? What tradition differs American and British New Year? What holiday do the majority of American children prefer? Why? CHRISTMAS NEW YEAR

Слайд 11

What do British people have for dinner on Guy Fox Night? Do Americans celebrate this holiday? GUY FOX NIGHT

Слайд 12

American people celebrate Independence Day on the 4 th of July because in 1776 the USA signed the Declaration of Independence of Britain. INDEPENDENCE DAY CHECK

Слайд 13

2. They celebrate it with picnics, parades with decorated floats, costumes, concerts and fireworks.

Слайд 14

3. It is similar to British Notting Hill carnival.

Слайд 15

Americans want to thank Indians for their help in 1621. When American puritans spent their first winter in America, half of them died of cold and hunger. Indians showed them how to gather and keep crops. Puritans thanked them with a feast.

Слайд 16

2. Americans eat turkey, mashed potatoes, with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie on that day.

Слайд 17

3. British people have similar lunch on Christmas – turkey, potatoes, vegetables, sweet mince pies.

Слайд 18

Americans don’t have huge Christmas lunch with goose or turkey, roast potatoes, winter vegetables, sweet mince pies with cream and Christmas pudding. They don’t go for a walk and play games either. CHRISTMAS

Слайд 19

2. Americans make New Year resolutions.

Слайд 20

3. The majority of American children prefer Christmas because of presents, fun and dinner with families .

Слайд 21

On Guy Fox Night British people have hot potatoes baked on fire, sausages and toffee apples for dinner. Of course, Americans don’t celebrate this holiday. GUY FOX NIGHT

Слайд 22

Workbook, page 30, exercises 1, 2. 1. Read the short text about Thanksgiving and match it with the sentence summarizing the main idea. 2. In pairs summarize information about Christmas in Australia and prepare to speak about it. READING READING

Слайд 23

2 Christmas in Australia happens in hot summer. On Christmas day you can find a lot of kids on the beach playing with their surfboards and building sandcastles. One of the typical Australian Christmas presents is a beach towel. CHECK

Слайд 24

Christmas in Australia hasn’t escaped commercial aspect. The religious meaning of Christmas is lost amongst gift giving, Christmas sales and special offers.

Слайд 25

Most Australians dream of a white Christmas for centuries, but cherish Christmas of sunshine, surf and sand.

Слайд 26

Tell about Irish and Indian celebrations. SPEAKING

Слайд 27

Prepare to tell about Thanksgiving - exercise 1, page 3 0 in Workbooks. and Christmas in Australia -exercise 2 HOMETASK

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