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    Урок «Clothes and Fashion»
    презентация к уроку по английскому языку (8 класс) по теме

    Куколева Татьяна Германовна
    Урок«Clothes and Fashion» разработан как интегрированный урок с татарским языком   поучебнику«Spotlight»-8 (V.Evans, O. Podolyako). 


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Урок «Clothes and Fashion»

                                     по учебнику «Spotlight»-8 (V.Evans, O. Podolyako)  

    1.Развивать у учащихся способность монологически и диалогически высказываться по теме урока и давать свою оценку, разбираться в стилях и направлениях современной моды, быть активными, изобретательными.
    2. Воспитывать культуру внешнего вида.

    Оборудование: магнитофон, мультимедийное средство; видеосюжет об истории моды, фотографии известных дизайнеров – кутюрье, словари


    • образовательные: развивать навыки говорения по теме, тренировать в чтении с целью извлечения информации, способствовать расширению словарного запаса, используя лексику родного (татарского) языка; протестировать учащихся с целью проверки знаний, их умения использовать лексику и грамматический материал в речи и на письме;
    • развивающие: развивать умение работать в группе, способствовать умению выражать мысли;
    • воспитательные: воспитывать уважительное отношение к культуре и истории родного края; воспитывать инициативность, активность умение работать в группах и в парах; формировать навыки самостоятельной работы.

                                            ПЛАН УРОКА: 

    1. Организационный момент.
    2. Речевая разминка.
    3. Блиц-опрос .
    4. Активизация изученной лексики.
    5. Аудирование текста. Выполнение заданий к тексту.
    6.  Проверка домашнего задания ( контроль монологической и диалогической речи)
    7. Упражнение- энергизатор.
    8. Чтение текста с извлечением информации.
    9. Элемент интегрированного урока татарского языка.
    10. Демонстрация созданных учащимися моделей современных татарских костюмов.
    11. Заключительный этап.  Подведение итогов.Домашнее задание.

                                     ХОД УРОКА

    1a.  Организационный момент.

    T: Morning, glad to see you. You look so smart today and it's quite natural. Every young person wants to be more attractive.

    Would you like to make some compliments  to each other. (students say compliments) Thank you. It is very important to be polite.

    1b. T:  Look at the board! Let’s see a video episode and try to guess  the theme of our lesson. (  учащиеся просматривают видеоролик )

     What  is the theme of our lesson ?                                

     You are right.  Super! It’s fashion and all that concerns it.

    2a. Речевая разминка.

    T:   Is fashion really extremely important in the life of people?

    Let’s turn our eyes on the words of wisdom to prove this statement or probably disagree with it. Look at the next slide!

    Words of Wisdom

    Task: Match the English proverbs with the Russian equivalents.

    1. Fine feather make fine birds.

    a. Без хвоста и ворона не красна.

    2. Good clothes open all doors.

    b. Одежда красит человека

    3. It is not the gay coat that makes the gentleman.

    c. В наряде пригож, а без него на пень похож.


    2b. T:    Do you agree that manners make the man?

    P1: Well, that’s changed now. Clothes make the man.

    T: Well, what’s your opinion?

    P2: It’s quite clear that appearance of a person is of great important not only for him but for the other people as well.

    P3: I came to the conclusion that very often we think of a person according to his clothes.

    P4: We were taught that appearance doesn’t matter, but it is not always true, I guess.(Etc.)

      3.Блиц-опрос .

    T:  OK! I’d like to carry on a short survey. Help me, please. On the table you can see 2 cards. Take them and answer the questions, please. The yellow card is for your positive answer, and the white one – for negative answer. Don’t think long!

    1.Are you interested in fashion?

    2.Do your clothes influence your mood?

    3.Do you follow the latest fashion?

    Проводит блиц- опрос. Анализирует результаты  блиц- опроса.

    T: Well, thank you for your answers. According to our survey almost all of you are interested in fashion. 94% of our audience suppose that clothes influence our mood. And 86% try to follow the latest fashion. So, today we are going to have a talk about clothes, fashion, fashionable clothes.

    4a. Активизация изученной лексики.

     T: So, I suppose it's time to revise vocabulary. You'll work in groups. Each group will get a piece of paper. Let’s make a Word WEB. Your task is to think over the words, associated with the main word. (  раздаются листы со словами  FАSHION, PATTERN, STYLE, CLOTHES ) Read  them out ! You have done your work perfectly!

    4b. T:  Well, children, which verbs are associated with the word “CLOTHES” ? Let’s make two teams. The team which stops saying, will lose the game. (  учащиеся называют различные глаголы:  wear, get dressed, put on, fit, suit, match, try on, go with.)

      T: Let’s look at the difference between the following verbs:  fit, suit, match, try on, go with, wear

       Can you define the meaning of these verbs? If you need a help, you can use the dictionary or the Internet.

    1. What does the verb fit mean?
    2. What about the meaning of the verb suit ?
    3. Can you explain the meaning of the verb match?
    4. Does it have a synonym?

      Возможные ответы учеников:

    To fit – to be the right shape or size for sth/sb

    To suit – to make you look attractive

    To match, to go with  – to combine well

    To try on – to put a piece of clothing to see if it fits and how it looks

     To wear -  to have sth on your body as a piece of clothing

    4d T: Good of you! Now look at the slide and read the task!

    OK, I think it won’t be very difficult for you to do it.

     ( на доске текст с пропусками, ученики вставляют, а затем проверяют себя по вставленному программой слову) 

    Use the correct form of each word
    to fill in the blanks:  fit, match, suit, wear, try, go

    1.  A:How about those trousers? They.....   you perfectly.

                B: Yes, but they're too casual for the occasion.

    2 .A: What about the red shirt? It .....................your trousers.

        B: You are right! I haven't ..........     .it for ages.

    3. A: This dress is great. Why don't you .......it on?

        B: The colour doesn't .............me.

    4. A:  What do you think of this shirt?

        B: It doesn't .........with the trousers.

    5.A: What about these two colours? Do you think they ..........................?

    B: Sure!

    6.A:That coat really ..................Bill.    

      B: I don’t think so!

    5.  Аудирование текста.

    T : We  always want to be striking and our clothes accentuate your individuality. And who makes a fashion?  

    You are right. And who are the world famous fashion designers? (  учащиеся называют известных модельеров – K. Chanel, В. Зайцев, В. Юдашкин и др)

    Do you know any modern British designers? I’ll help you to remember. Look at the next slide- this is Аlexander McQueen(– a British designer, known for her classic clothes), Zandra Rhodes, ( a very expensive and strange-fashion designer.), Susan Scott (an Irish designer), Adel McBride  (a designer of romantic style in fashion)

    T: Now look at the next slide. You can see the pictures taken at a fashion show. Who is casually dressed? Who is formally dressed? And  now  British designers, who have got an international recognition in the haute couture world,  present their new winter collection. They help you find the names of the models.   (слушают текст ……

     Model A: Chris

    Model B: Kate

    Model C: Steve

    Model D:Helen

    T: Now describe each model’s clothes.

    6. Проверка домашнего задания.  ( контроль монологической и диалогической речи)

         Т:Are you trendy? Do you try to follow fashion? It was your home task- you could speak about it individually or in pairs. Put your headpieces on, you have 2 minutes to practice.( review )

    Who wants to start?  And what do you think you are in or out of fashion?

    Pupils’ answers: 

    1) I’m in fashion.

    2) I’m out of fashion.

    3) I don’t mind.

    4) I don’t care…

    5)   I enjoy wearing stylish clothes

    6) I always follow the fashion

    7)All my classmates say that I’m trendy. I enjoy wearing stylish clothes. I like to look smart and attractive. We can’t go through life with the same hairstyle or make-up. It’s very important to follow fashion. I hate when people dress alike. I prefer hand-make or design clothes. When you are up with fashion you feel you’re an individual.

    8)I don’t care what other people wear. My mum says that only the rich can afford following fashion and wearing trendy clothes. I prefer casual things: jeans, T-shirts, homemade sweaters.

    P3& P4: (  обсуждают тему в виде диалога)

    T: Thank you I see you are great lovers of fashion and won’t miss a chance to buy something glamour. You can also persuade anybody to go shopping with you. 

    7. Упражнение-энергизатор. Let’s relax a little bit.

    Т: ( Звучит музыка “Голоса природы” (шум дождя, дуновение ветра и шелест листьев) 

    What a sweet music!. Natural sounds are lovely indeed. Nature helps us to relax and dream a little bit.Сlose your eyes! Open your eyes! Look up! Look down! Turn left! Turn right! Hands up! Hands down! OK!

    8. Чтение текста с извлечением информации.

    T: Fashion is changing, but the national costumes aren’t. You know people from different countries wear different clothes. Let’s read  some texts  about  British traditional costumes. Open your books at page 69,ex. 3 Now answer the questions, please. Which costume… ( задания учебника)

    9. Интегрирование урока татарского языка.

         T:  Good! Thank you! So, the national costume is the most vivid and original identifier of a nationality. What is more, it reflects our history, traditions, customs and the whole spirit of the nation.  And what can you tell me about the national costumes in Tatarstan? You can take a look at them in the book “We live in Nurlat” in chapter “HOLIDAYS” ( page 16)

    So children, when can we see Nurlaters in their national costumes?

    P1: We can see them in their national costumes on the Day of Sabantui.

    P2: On the day of Naurus and other Tatar national holidays.

    T:  That’s right! Now welcome to the Tatar National Costume Museum. I hope you will enjoy our tour. Here is our guide! This is your Tatar teacher Gulchira Gamirovna. Please, listen to her. (На слайдах размещены рисунки или фотографии костюмов. Учитель татарского языка ведет беседу с учащимися о татарских национальных костюмах).

    T:    Now let’s play a  word game

     A word game.Find the Tatar equivalents to the details of a Tatar national dress.

    a bracelet- belyazek

                                a woman’s headdress- kalfak

    a round cap- tyubeteika

                                  a shoulder belt- khasite

    a ring- yozek

                                 earrings- alka

    dark trousers chalbar

                                 va hair ornament chulpa

    a long dress with long sleeves   kulmyak

    a velvet jacket without sleeves-   “kamsol” 

    national footwear- ichigs

    1. Демонстрация созданных учащимися моделей современных татарских костюмов.

     T: At present modern designers take some ideas for their  new collections from the past. In our class we have two young artists: Evelina and Cristina.        They have designed modern national costumes.  They are ready to present them.

    ( учащиеся описывают свои модели)

    11. Заключительный этап.  Подведение итогов. Домашнее задание.

      T: Well, children.  It’s a pity, but our lesson is over. You have shown your excellent knowledge today. I want to offer you to create a fashionable magazine at home. You may create any fashionable magazine, which you want : fashionable magazine of sport clothes, or clothes for free time, or uniforms.  So, it will be your hometask.

    I thank you for the lesson. You have only good and excellent marks today. You may go.  Good-bye!

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