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    упражнения для подготовки к ЕГЭ.Фразовые глаголы.
    тест по английскому языку (11 класс) по теме

    Леухина Надежда Ивановна

    Упражнения созданы на основе Phrasal Verbs database(Macmillan Exam Skills for Russia: Grammar and Vocabulary (Грамматика и лексика).


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    Test on Phrasal Verbs database  

    Macmillan Exam Skills for Russia: Grammar and Vocabulary (Грамматика и лексика).

    1. Tony was asking …you & I told him that you were fine(for/ after/out)
    2. It seemed as if the man was going to start a fight with the manager, but he eventually backed… (down/ out/in)
    3. But you promised to help me this weekend - you can't back… now! (in/out/off)
    4. I'm really banking … getting that job in the supermarket.(about/of/on)
    5. That's the third time our car's broken… this month! (in/ou/down)
    6. Reports are coming in that five prisoners have broken … of Pentonwood Prison(of/out/down)
    7. It seems that the fire broke… in the kitchen.(out and about/ out/in)
    8. Because of recent events, the meeting has been brought …to the 29th.( forward/on/ out)
    9. The government are planning to bring …a law banning hunting. (on/ in/  out)
    10. Rain is always bringing…on my back & bones(on/ out/ for)

    1. My Favourite pop group has just brought….a new albom(in/ away/out)
    2. Parents always try to bring their children…in the best traditions(up/ in/out)
    3. I hate to bring it… but will you give me back my money?(in/up/ out)
    4. The manager said that the situation called…quick decision(in/ for/ up)
    5. The concert was called… because of the bad weather(for/ off/ in)
    6. You may carry…speaking, we are listening to you(on/ up/off)
    7. The scientist carried…the experiment in order to get true results(on/ out/ up)
    8. Your new hairstyle is great but I doubt that it’ll catch…(up/ on/in)
    9. He ran a little faster to catch …with the group(on/up/in)
    10. I’ve been chasing …this book for many years(for/after/on)

    1. Don’t forget your passport to check…in the hotel(up/ in/ out for)
    2. All the guests must check…before noon (up/ out/ on)
    3. Let’s check…what is happening inside the house(in/ up/ out)
    4. If it doesn’t clear…we’ll have to cancel the match( up/ in/out)
    5. A lot of banks closed…during economical crisis last year(down/ up/ for)
    6. Christmas is soon coming…, isn’t it?(up/ round/ on)
    7. I came…some very useful information while looking through this site(round, across, in)
    8. How did you come…this book?(on/ by/ for)
    9. After being out in the storm, Alice came… with a cold(down/ on/ out)
    10. At the age of 18, Roger suddenly came…a fortune(down/into/on)

    1. I think it’s a very stupid plan & I’ll be amazed if it comes…(in/ for/ off)
    2. This show is coming…next week(on/off/in)
    3. I can’t wait until the next Harry Potter book comes…(off/out/on)
    4. After worrying few minutes, Sean started to come … and opened his eyes.(round/for/ on)
    5. Who do you think came … with the idea of the bicycle?(in/ up/ for)
    6. Don’t worry-you can count … me to help if you need it.(for/ on/in)
    7. Danny realised that he'd made a spelling mistake and crossed the word…( out/ on/ in)
    8. If you can't give up smoking, you could at least try to cut…( down/off/in)
    9. My doctor has advised me to cut …on fat. (down/ on/ out)
    10. The snow meant that the village was cut … for over a month(off/ out/ for)

    1. When we move, don't forget to tell them to cut the water and electricity …(off/on/out)
    2. I was talking to Gordon on the phone when we were suddenly cut …(off/out/in)
    3. It suddenly dawned … me that Sharon loved Oscar and that was why she was behaving so strangely.(for/ on/in)
    4. My job mostly involves dealing … complaints from members of the public(for/ with/ out)
    5. The actor waited for the laughter to die … before continuing.(down/out/on)
    6. I think they should do … with double yellow lines and just let people park where they want to.(out/ away/with)
    7. You should have your house done … before you sell it.(out/ on/up)
    8. If there's one thing I could never do …, it's my mobile phone.(out/ without/ with)
    9. The architect started to draw … the plans for the new house.(in/ for/up)
    10. I used to love dressing … in my mum's clothes when I was a little girl.(up/ on/out)

    1. I hope you don’t mind me dropping…on you as I was passing by(with/ in/ out)    
    2. Let’s ask the taxi driver to drop us…outside the supermarket(in/ off/ on)
    3. After a hard day at work, Harry dropped…in front of the TV(away/ in/off)
    4. Dave’s parents were disappointed when he dropped…of the university(on/ out/ away)
    5. The applause drowned…the last words of the actors(out/ in/off)
    6. You have to face …to the fact he is stronger than you(on/ up/off)
    7. Romeo really fell…Juliet when he first kissed her(in/ for/ out)
    8. I told Sam that the meeting had already begun & he fell…it!(for/ in/ on)
    9. Pamela hasn’t spoken to her father since they fell…8 years ago(for/ out/ in)
    10. I don’t feel …to going out today(for/ off/ up)

    1. Please, fill…the form before checking in.(out/ in/ on)
    2. Let’s find…what they are doing at the moment(on/ in/ out)
    3. While flicking…the magazine I saw a familiar face(through/ off/in)
    4. This rainy weather really gets me…(in/down/ out)
    5. I don’t know why but I can’t get….with my new English teacher(on/along/off)
    6. The man pointed at the book but I couldn’t understand what he was getting…(on/in/at)
    7. The police promised that the thief wouldn’t get…with the robbery(away/off/in)
    8. When did you get…home yesterday?(at/back/in)
    9. I couldn’t make a fortune but I got…(in/out/by)
    10. It must be getting …for midnight(in/off/on)

    1. They had supper & then got… with preparing for the exam.(on/ round/ in)
    2. It took Mary a along time to get …after a cold.(on/ over/ off)
    3. When do you think you’ll get …to repairing the house door?(on/ over/ round)
    4. Can you imagine we’ve got …5 packets of milk this week?(over/ through/ off)
    5. My brother & I used to get…to lots of things our parents didn’t allow.(over/through/up)
    6. The books by this author were given…yesterday in the bookshop(off/ away/ up)
    7. I know you haven’t seen this film yet, so I’m not going to give the ending…(away/off/up
    8. I don’t know the answer & I give…(in/up/off)
    9.  The cooker in the kitchen gives …a lot of heat(in/off/ up)
    10. I gave…the piano & started to play the guitar last year(up/ in/into)

    1. We are planning to go…this summer(on/ away/off)
    2. Churchill went…as a great war-time leader(away/ on/down)
    3. You have to go…baseball, you’ve got lots of chances to win(down as/ on/in for)
    4. I could never go…windsurfing, it’s so dangerous(in  for/ away/ on)
    5. I don’t want to go….the reasons for your strange behavior now(into/ in for/on)
    6. Milk goes… very quickly(away/off/on)
    7. A bomb went…near the supermarket yesterday & many people were injured(on/off/in)
    8. I used to like rock but last year I went…(on/off/away)
    9. Will you go…singing?(on/off/away)
    10. He started by criticizing me & then went…to offer me promotion(in/in for/on)

    1. I’d like to begin with going…what we did last week(off/on/over)
    2. Would you like to come/go…to dinner tonight?(over, round/in)
    3. I didn’t like reality shows at first but then they grew…me(on/off/into)
    4. My ambition to be a computer programmer grew .. my hobby(on/ out of/ over)
    5. Mum, I’ve grown…these jeans! I need new ones! (out of/over/on)
    6. I’d like to be boss when I grow…(up/off/over)
    7. These things were handed…to me by my granny(on/down/over)
    8. When I found the wallet I handed it…to the police(down/over/in)
    9. Please, hand …the copybooks!(in/out/down)
    10. I was held …in the traffic jam(on/up/over)
    11. You’ll feel much better if you join…, instead of just watching(on/in/off)
    12. If you keep…being late for work, you’ll have great problems(off/on/in)
    13. He was walking so fast that no one could keep …with him(up/on/on)
    14. He was never knocked…in his career(in/out/off)
    15. When you see an unknown word in the text, just leave it…(on/off/out)
    16. People feel really let…by the government’s actions(out/down/in)
    17. Police let the robber …with warning(off/out/in)
    18. When you let the firework …,be very careful!(off/out/in)
    19. The soldiers lined…in front of the general(on/in/up)
    20. You can not live…bread and water alone(in/on/off)
    21. Could you look … my cat while I’m on holidays?(at/on/after)
    22. People who look …on others annoy me(after/for/down)
    23. Police are looking….the robbery(down/into/for)
    24. Look…!the car is driving fast(down/out/at)
    25. We looked …the house but decided that it was too expensive(down/round/at)
    26. I’ve always looked…you because you never give up(for/into/up to)
    27. Just a second! I’m looking the address …in the notebook(at/up/out)
    28. Look …the book & you’ll find the answers(for/after/through)
    29. The burglar made…without being seen(out/off/up)
    30. I can’t make…who this man is(off/for/out)

    1. I had an argument with my friend last week but then we made…(up/of/up for)
    2. Please, make…something or we are lost!(of/up/up for)
    3. Leo made…a poem about & it was a success(up/up for/off)
    4. We missed our bus & to make …the situation they gave us a lift(up/up for)
    5. It was raining cats & dogs & we made…the nearest shop(up/up for/for)
    6. The institute is named …its first founder(of/for/after)
    7. The road narrows…in the most dangerous place(for/down/after)
    8. I was sorry to hear that she had passed…(after/up for/ away)
    9. She passed…during the operation(out/for/off)
    10. The big boys in our school are constantly picking…the youngest(up/on/of)

    По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

    упражнения для закрепления фразовых глаголов в английском языке

    Часто рассказываешь ребятам о фразовых глаголах английского языка, говоришь перевод, а достаточной отработки материала нет. Надеюсь, данный учебник кому-то будет полезен...

    упражнения для закрепления фразовых глаголов в английском языке

    Часто рассказываешь ребятам о фразовых глаголах английского языка, говоришь перевод, а достаточной отработки материала нет. Надеюсь, данный учебник кому-то будет полезен...