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The subject of our research is British culture. The object of our research is British customs and traditions. The hypothesis of our research is that British customs and traditions are the reflection of the country’s history and the peoples’ psychology. The aim of our research is to prove that nowadays the British still keep their customs and traditions and consider them as an integral part of their lives.
The tasks of our research are: - to find out the history of British customs and traditions; - to distinguish British customs and traditions; - to figure out festivals, holidays, ceremonies and traditions; - to find out the attitude of British people to their customs and traditions.
Some British customs and traditions are famous all over the world :
The 14 th of February is St Valentine's Day.
The 1st of April is April Fool‘s Day.
The 31 st of October is Hallowe'en.
The 5 th of November is Guy Fawkes’ Day.
The 25 th of December is Christmas.
But some British customs and traditions are unknown for many people.
The 26 th of December is Boxing Day. The boys go from house to house and take boxes made of wood with them. At each house people give them money.
Maundy Thursday is the day before Good Friday, at Easter. On that day the Queen gives Maundy money to a group of old people. This tradition is over 1,000 years old.
Swan Upping is a royal custom. On the River Thames there are hundreds of swans. A lot of these beautiful white birds belong, traditionally, to the king or queen. In July the Queen's swan keeper goes, in a boat, and marks the royal swans.
The 24 th of June is Midsummer's Day. Stonehenge is one of Europe's biggest stone circles. The earliest part of Stonehenge is nearly 5,000 years old. The Druids used it for a calendar. There are Druids in Britain today, too. And every June 24th a lot of them go to Stonehenge.

There are a lot of Royal traditions in Britain.

The second Saturday of June is the Queen's official birthday and there is a traditional ceremony called the Trooping of the Colour.
The changing of the guard happens every day at Buckingham Palace, the Queen's home in London.
The queen’s telegram is not very old custom, but it’s for very old people. On his or her one hundredth birthday, a British person gets a telegram from the Queen.
The Queen's Christmas speech is a modern royal custom. On Christmas Day at 3 o’clock in the afternoon the Queen makes a speech on radio and TV.

There is a long menu of traditional British food.
British people eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday in February or March. In some parts of Britain there are pancake races on Shrove Tuesday.
In a real English breakfast you have fried eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato and mushrooms. Then there's toast and marmalade.
Yorkshire pudding is the traditional Sunday lunch from Yorkshire in the north of England.
Haggis is a traditional food from Scotland. You make it with meat, onions, flour, salt and pepper. Then you boil it in the skin from a sheep's stomach.
Tea is Britain's favourite drink. It's also a meal in the afternoon.

British Christmas dinner is roast turkey with carrots, potatoes, peas, Brussels sprouts and gravy. Crackers are also usual at Christmas dinner.  
Pubs are an important part of British life. People talk, eat, drink, meet their friends and relax there. They are open at lunchtime and again in the evening. The word "pub" is short for "public house". There are thousands in Britain, and they nearly all sell pub lunches. Pubs also sell beer. Every pub has a name and every pub has a sign above its door. The sign shows a picture of the pub's name.
Some people make Christmas pudding months before Christmas. A lot of families have their own Christmas pudding recipe. Real Christmas puddings always have a piece of holly on the top  

There are a lot of Sport traditions in Britain.

The University Boat Race started in 1829.
Royal Ascot takes place in Ascot. In June for one week it becomes the centre of the horse-racing world. It's called Royal Ascot because the Queen always goes to Ascot.
The world's most famous tennis tournament is Wimbledon. It started at a small club in south London in the nineteenth century.
The Highland Games is Scottish tradition. In the Highlands (the mountains of Scotland) families, or "clans", started the Games hundreds of years ago. Some of the sports at the Games are the high jump, the long jump and tossing the caber.

There are everyday life traditions in Britain.

At British banks, shops, cinemas, theatres or bus stops you can always see people in queues. Each new person stands at the end of the queue - sometimes in rain, wind or snow.
The British talk about the weather a lot. They talk about the weather because it changes so often.
Hundreds of years ago, soldiers began shaking hands custom. They shook hands to show that they didn't have a sword. In Britain you don't shake hands with your friends and family. But you do shake hands when you meet a person for the first time.
The British like to send cards. There are cards for any occasion: birthday cards, Christmas cards, Valentine's Day cards, Mother's Day cards, Father's Day cards, Easter cards.

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