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    Итоговый контроль навыков чтения (в формате ГИА)
    тест по английскому языку (9 класс) по теме

    Звягинцева Антонина Андреевна

    Задания по проверке навыков работы с текстом. Задание 1. Соотнести заголовки. Задание 2. True/False Задание 3. Множественный выбор


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    Control of Reading

    9th Form

    Task 1Read the magazine article and match the headings (a-d) below with the paragraphs (1-4).

    1.Sit on the chair and put one leg out  in  front of you. Point your toes and  ‘write’ each letter of the alphabet in the air with your big toe. Then repeat the exercise with the other foot. This is great for people who like skiing,  snowboarding or  ice skating.

    2. Put a tape measure on a wall outside your house and see how high you can reach with one hand. Then jump off one foot and see how high you can get. Then jump off both feet. Try to jump higher each day. This is useful basketball practice, by the way!

    3. You don’t need a partner for this .Dancing is an aerobic exercise – this means it brings a lot of new oxygen to your muscles. This is really important because it makes your heart strong and  keeps you healthy. Dance 2or 3 times a week – at home or a discotheque!

    4. Do you think helping at home is useless and boring? You’re wrong. Housework can make your muscles and bones strong. Cleaning floors or windows are also great exercise for your elbows and knees. And 30 minutes of digging the garden can burn 200 calories.

    a. Dance to the music!

    b. Jump for Joy!

    c. Tide Your Room.

    d. Easy as ABC!

          Task 2 Read the text. Are these statements true ( T ) or false ( F )?

    What pets do Russians have?

    Most people in Russia love animals. A lot of them have got one or more, even in big cities. .One survey shows that 45% of Russians have cats at home. People like cats – in Moscow there is the famous Cat Theatre and it is  always full.

    Dogs are popular too – 36% of Russians have dogs and there are dogs show all over the country. The  shows have  prizes for different types of dogs. There is also a dog show programme on TV.

    Wild bird were  once very common pets in Russia. Many people had wild birds from the forest in their homes. They feed the birds in March and April every year to celebrate spring. Now only 12% have  birds as pets – there are mostly budgies.

    Goldfish are less popular now, too -  only 4% of Russians have them as pets. And 10% of animal lovers have other pets. Some of these are small, friendly animals such as rabbits. Others are dangerous or rare pets like the spider you can see here.

    1. The most popular pets are cats.
    2. 45% of people in cities have got  cats.
    3. Dogs can win prizes  at dog shows.
    4. Wild birds were popular pets some centuries ago.
    5. People freed their birds in spring.
    6. Goldfish are not very popular pets.
    7. A lot of people have rare pets.

    Task 3. Choose the best sentence ending (a, b, c or d) which is true to the text

    If both parents go to work it is wise to take on a nanny. Some nannies live in the house where they work, some come in the morning and leave when one of the parents come back home. Having a nanny is not a new idea; most rich families have always had one, even if mothers don’t work. Nannies can also work as cleaning ladies or housekeepers, for additional money, of course. In most European countries there are agencies who send nannies to families. These firms care about their reputation so you practically don’t run any risk when you leave your child alone with a new person. Agencies also require some qualifications from the nannies which can be obtained in special colleges or evening classes. Is it good to leave a child in the charge of a nanny? Parents say it’s wonderful as they can work or go out freely without worrying about their child. Nannies must be content, too — they get reasonable money for doing what they like. The only disadvantage of this is that children spend less time with their parents and get less love and attention. But on the other hand, when a qualified nanny brings your child up you can be sure he or she will become friendlier and less spoilt.

    Most nannies
    a) live with the family they work in;
    b) do the housework as well;
    c) have good qualifications;
    d) only work in rich families.

    2. Parents employ nannies because
    a) they don’t want to do the housework;
    b) they have to work during the day;
    c) they go out very often;
    d) they have extra money.
    3. Having a nanny in the house can be bad because
    a) children become more friendly;
    b) parents can go to work without worrying;
    c) children become more spoilt;
    d) parents don’t see their children very often.
    4. Agencies which send nannies require qualifications because
    a) they don’t want to pay more money;
    b) they don’t like risking;
    c) they care about what people say;
    d) there is a serious competition between nannies.

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