Тест для 5 класса
тест по английскому языку (5 класс) по теме

Власкина Людмила Витальевна

Тест для 5 класса


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Converts the correct word.

First books were made of wood, clay or skins of ______________ animals.                    


Рареr came to Europe from China.  All books were _________________ decorated.                                         BEAUTY

The __________________ of printing was a great event in the history.                                         INVENT

Modern books are very _______________________.                                                                     INTEREST

They help people get information ____________________.                                                           QUICK

I live in Russia. It’s  the _________________ country in the world.                                                 BIG

It has many rivers, hills, seas and _____________________.                                                     CITY

The capital of Russia _________ Moscow.                                                                                     BE

__________ country is large.                                                                                                           WE

It _______________ many lakes.                                                                                                   HAVE

The ______________________is Lake Baikal.                                                                               DEEP


Open the brackets and put the verbs into the correct tense.

My parents and I like (go) to the Black Sea in summer. The water in the sea (be) usually clean and warm. Look! The sun (shine) brightly in the blue sky. The wind (blow). But when it (be) too hot I (not like )it.

Last year I (go) to the sea again. It (be) wonderful. We ( swim) and (sunbathe) every day. Sometimes we ( collect) shells and pebbles. It (be) great!


Put the right variant № 3,4,5.

 1.  I often_________________________________.


      2.    Bob is _________________________than John.

           (A)  TALL          (B)  TALLER            (C) THE TALLEST

      3. Yesterday we __________________ to the park.

          (A)  GO                (B) GOES                 (C)   WENT


1I am proud _____________ your progress.

(A) AT                   (B) OF                   (C) TO

2. «Where are you? We are waiting _________ you!»

(A)  FOR               (B) TO                  (C) AT

3. Peter is good _____________ Maths.

(A)  IN                     (B) AT               (C) ON


1. My  little sister comes__________home at half past five.

(A)    A             (B)   THE                (C) ---

2. Our classroom is on __________ second floor.

(A)  ---            (B) A                      (C) THE

3. Russia is washed by the ocean in ___________ north.

(A)  THE         (B) ---                     (C) A            


Past/ Present (Simple, Continuous, Perfect), Future Simple.

Open the brackets and put the verbs into the correct tense.

  1. The weather is nice now but I think it (rain) later.
  2. Where (your parents/go) for their holidays last year?
  3. Listen! Somebody (play) the piano.
  4. David is very lazy. He (not/like) hard work.
  5. What (Sue/wear) when you saw her?
  6. (you/watch) television very often?
  7. “Your hands are dirty”. “Yes, I know. I (wash) them.”
  8. Last night Jenny (fall) asleep while she (read).
  9. “What would you like to drink, tea or coffee?” “I (have) tea, please.”
  10. Why (you/be) angry with me yesterday?
  11.  We (have) a party next Sunday.
  12. She already (to cook)  this soup.
  13. You (to do) your homework yet?


Correct the mistakes

1) She doesn't know neither Russian nor Spanish.

2)  They didn't used to swim a lot when they were seven.

3)  This river is ten meters high.

4)   I have never seen such a high man in my life!

5)   Neither Ann nor Mag were at the lesson yesterday.


Put said or told.

1.Frank ... he had two cats at home.

2.Dan ... me that Robert didn't like soup.

3.Mother ... her daughter to go to the dentist.

4.My brother ... he could skate well.

5.She ... them her knowledge of English was good.

Report what has happened to them or what they will do. Don't forget about necessary changes.

6.Nick: "I went to the zoo three days ago."

7.The doctor: "I am going to take your blood pressure in a minute, Sam."

8. Mother: "I have already washed up."

9.Liz: "Helen, we shall see each other tomorrow."

10.Paul: "Have you read this newspaper yet?"

11.Victor: "What did you buy yesterday?"

12.Sally: "Mom, turn the light on, please."

Write the same in English.

13.Мама спросила нас, кто вчера разбил стакан.

14.Доктор сказал мне принимать это лекарство регулярно.

15.Она сказала, что сейчас ее брат читает.

  1. Frank said he had two cats at home.
  2. Dan told me that Robert didn't like soup.
  3. Mother told her daughter to go to the dentist.
  4. My brother said he could skate well.
  5. She told them her knowledge of English was good.

  1. Nick said he had gone to the zoo three days before.
  2. The doctor told Sam he was going to take his blood pressure a minute later.
  3. Mother said she had already washed up.
  4. Liz told Helen they would see each other the next day.
  5. Paul asked if I had read that newspaper yet.
  6. Victor asked what I had bought the day before.
  7. Sally asked her mother to turn the light on.

  1. 1) Mother asked us who had broken the glass the day before.

2) The doctor told me to take that medicine regularly.

3) She said her brother was reading then.

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