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    План-конспект открытого урока в 9 классе по теме "Британские писательницы"
    план-конспект урока по английскому языку (9 класс) по теме

    Иноземцева Нина Дмитриевна

    Обобщающий урок по теме "Британские литература"


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    Предварительный просмотр:

                                                       План- конспект

                                 открытого урока по английскому языку

                                 в 9классе  ГБОУ кадетской школы №1778

                         по теме:  «Британские женщины – писательницы»

    Учитель: Иноземцева Нина Дмитриевна         УМК Кузовлев В.П.

    Задачи урока:

                  развивающая- развитие  индивидуальных умений работы в парах, переключению

                                           внимания в упражнениях комплексного характера, в разных видах

                                            речевой деятельности, аудировании.

                  образовательная- расширение кругозора по теме «Чтение»

                  воспитательная-развитие эстетического вкуса, воспитание уважения к носителям

                                              иноязычной культуры, привитие вкуса к чтению.

    Оборудование: стенд с произведениями Британских писателей, магнитофон, проектор.

                                                          Ход урока

    T: Good morning, children.Let us continue our talk about British literature.You know that Britain has produced a great number of literary people You have already learned about some notable British writers and poets, diarists and playwrights who contributed much to British literature.

       Look at the titles of the books and try to guess what they have in common.

    Pride and Prejudices


    Love in the Ritz Hotel

    Jane Eyre

    Ten Little Niggers

    The Growing Pains of A Mole

    P: All these books were written by women writers

    T:Today we shall speak about women writers who also made a great contribution to British literature Perhaps you know that until the ХХ century it was not easy for a woman writer to get her works published under her own name Many ХVIII and ХIХ сentury women writers used men pen-names: George Eliot, for example, never used her real name which was Mary Ann Evans.

       Look at the titles of the books again and try to guess which one was written by Jane Austen

    P: It was Jane Eyre.

    T: Now listen to some facts from J Austen s life.

    P: Jane Austen was born in 1775 in the family of a clergyman and spent her short life in Hampshire, near the south coast of England. Her novels describe the everyday life of people in the upper- middle class she knew best Money and social position were very important and the only role of a woman of that class was to find a rich husband

        Her characters spend most of their time in the country- side, doing little or no work Sometimes  they go to London or Bath, a fashionable town

     When she died only four of her  six novels had been published. Now her novels are bestsellers.Since the age of the cinema and TV her novels have become more and more popular.

    T: Thank you I am sure nobody will fail to name the author  of  Frankenstein Listen to the information about Mary Shelley and say how her famous book appeared.

    P: M Shelley was born in 1797 in London and came from a rich literary family.She  was the daughter of William Godwin, a political theorist and novelist.

       In her childhood  Mary had an intellectual way of life and her father encouraged her literary efforts She met Percy Bysshe Shelley when she was 15 In the summer of 1816 Percy Shelley and 19-year-old Mary visited the poet Lord Byron at his villa beside lake Geneva in Switzerland Stormy weather often forced then indoors, where they and other Byron s guests sometimes read ghost stories Оne evening Byron challenged his guests to write one themselves Mary s story become Frankenstein It was published in 1818, when Mary was only 21 and become a great success.

    T:Read the following review of the novel and fill in the blanks.


       Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley, the wife of the poet P.B.Shelley in1818


        The story is told through the letters of a man called Walton.We are told of Victor Frankenstein, a student from Geneva who discovers the secret of life

    2)--------------------------------------------.People are terrified of it because it is so large and ugly.

        The poor monster has no friends and feels lonely, so it asks Frankenstein to make it a wife.

    3)-----------------------------------------------. Then the monster attacks and kills not only Frankenstein s friends, but also his brother s bride. Frankenstein decides to kill the monster.

    4)--------------------------------------------- Frankenstein is an exciting story because of the character of the monster, which is both sad and terrible at the same time.

    1. So he collects bones bodies from graves and and makes a creature which is more a monster than a man.
    2. However he is killed first by the monster which then kills itself.
    3. This he refuses to do
    4. It is a horror story which is thought  to be the original science fiction novel

    T: Listen to the story about the Brontё sisters and say what pen-name they used and why

    ( Уч-ся прослушивают аудиозапись)

        The Brontё sisters were writers of poetry as well as fiction.Between 1847 and 1848 the three sisters published novels They all wrote under different names because «good» women were not allowed to write: Emily Brontё и became Ellis Bell, Charlotte- Currer Bell and Anne- Acton Bell

    All three sisters died very young The house where they lived is now a museum .

    T: Work in pairs Each of you has a text with some missing information in it Don t show your card to your partner Ask each other questions to fill in the gaps.

    СARD 1  Pupil1

    Charlotte was one of ------(six) children After the death of her mother Charlotte and three remaining children were placed in the care of ------(an aunt)

    At the age of -----(16 ), Charlotte traveled to ------( France) to study music and perfect her ------

    ( drawing skills). Secretly she was writing poems Her sisters were also writing -----( poetry) and soon they published a book under the pen- name-----(Bell ) Charlotte s first novel was not a success But her next effort became a ------(bestseller) among readers This was her masterpiece---( Jane Eyre )

    ( У второго уч-ся аналогичная карточка с другой пропущенной информацией )

    T: The name of the next person we are going to speak about is familiar to all of you Read the information about A Christie and name the most famous characters of her detective stories and novels

    ( Уч-ся читают раздаточный материал, знакомятся  с биографией А. Кристи и ее произведениями)

    P: The most famous characters of her detective stories are Miss Marple and Hercule Pourot.

    T: Look at the handouts and say how British people honour  their women writers

          to make a monument to

           to place a memorial sign

          to name a street (school etc ) after

          to organize a museum

           to celebrate the anniversary

           to make a film version of A s works

           to give literary awards named after

           to publish A s works in great number

           to paint portraits of

    ( Уч-ся предлагают свои версии)

    T: There are , of course, a number of other women writers to learn about Things are changing quickly now Women writers are winning prizes for literature, they are given the highest awards

         British people are proud of them I am sure you have learned a lot of new information.

    Hometask: p21 ex1

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