World masterpieces of art
презентация к уроку по английскому языку (8 класс) на тему

•Закрепление лексических единиц английского языка по теме: «Character and Appearance»; тренировка навыков устной речи
•Повторение reported questions и indirect questions
•Воспитание уважительного отношения к материнству; обогащение образа матери через знакомство с шедеврами искусства


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Презентация по теме: World masterpieces of art Выполнила: учитель английского языка Пересыпкина Елена Владимировна Санкт-Петербург 2012 Государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение лицей№373

Слайд 2

Цель Развитие и формирование лексических навыков по теме « World masterpieces of art »

Слайд 3

Задачи Закрепление лексических единиц английского языка по теме: « Character and Appearance »; тренировка навыков устной речи Повторение reported questions и indirect questions Воспитание уважительного отношения к материнству; обогащение образа матери через знакомство с шедеврами искусства

Слайд 4

План: Организационный момент Повторение лексики Повторение грамматики Монологическая речь Работа в группах Аудирование Домашнее задание

Слайд 5

Vocabulary Attractive Beautiful Broad-shouldered Charming Dark-skinned Freckled Look one’s age Look like smb. Silky Skinny Slender Wavy Wrinkled Appearance

Слайд 6

Vocabulary Absent-minded Thoughtful Curious Determined Gentle Good mixer Disloyal Intelligent Mild Stingy Stubborn Well-bred Character

Слайд 7

“ Art is the most intensive mode of individualism that the world has known” (Oscar Wilde)

Слайд 8

Choose the correct definition in the right-hand column for each term in the left-hand column a masterpiece a painter a palette a sketch a studio a brush 1. something made or done with very great skill 2. a person who paints pictures 3. a thin board with a thumb hole at one end for holding it, on which a painter lays and mixes his colours 4. a rough, quickly made drawing 5. a well-lit workroom of a painter or sculptor 6. a thing to paint with

Слайд 9

Write the occupation of the person associated with each topic. Then put the word in the box under the heading: Object Person Sculptor Architect Scientist Mathematician Astronomer Writer, author Archeologist Object Statue Building Formulae, instrument Formulae Telescope Manuscript Ruins

Слайд 10

Reported question “ Is it a self-portrait?” – I asked him if/whether it was a self-portrait. when answer is yes/no , begin the reported question with if or whether I asked him whether it was a self-portrait. reported questions have the same word order as statements I wondered whether the self-portrait showed Picasso trying to find a better world. reporting verbs are used (eg. wonder, want to know, ask, enquire, etc) “ Why do you paint in such a way?” – I asked him why he painted in such a way. question words ( who, what, which, when, where, why, whom, whose, how ) are repeated in the reported question

Слайд 11

Indirect questions Indirect questions are used to make questions sound more polite and formal. Indirect questions begin with expressions like: Could you tell me…? Do you know…? Where does she come from? - Do you know where she comes from? indirect questions do not have question word order and the auxiliary do is not used there is no tense change in indirect questions

Слайд 12

Put the words in the correct order He asked me if art was an important part of my life. They wanted to know why I didn’t take up painting as a hobby. He asked me if I had ever painted a picture . He asked her what role art played in the life of the artist. The teacher asked her if she liked Reshetnikov’s works. I asked them which painter they liked most.

Слайд 13

Check yourself Do you mind telling me where you know about this painter? Have you any idea how he does that? Could I ask if you have got a ticket? Do you know if we can do it again? Could you tell me what this painting is called?

Слайд 14

Discuss the following questions Which painting do you like the sound of most? Why? Are either of two families similar to your family? How?

Слайд 15

Work in groups Look at the people in these pictures and make deductions about who they are, what their relationship in the family is

Слайд 16

You will hear a lecturer talking about painting. And for questions 1-10 complete the sentences with a word or a phrase Artists Form and colour Thousands of colours Red, blue and yellow Orange, purple and green Straight lines and rectangles 1921 Geometry

Слайд 17

Homework Choose a painting you like. Write an article about it using the plan below to help you What is the painting called? Who is the painter? Why do you like it? How do you feel when you look at it?

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