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    Контрольно-измерительные материалы для 8 класса
    учебно-методический материал по английскому языку (8 класс) на тему

    Контрольная работа для 8 класса за 1 четверть по учебнику М.З. Биболетовой "Enjoy English"


    Файл kontrolnaya_rabota_dlya_8_klassa_i_chetvert.docx20.18 КБ

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Контрольная работа для 8 класса  за 1 четверть

    ( учебник М.З. Биболетовой “Enjoy English”)

    Учитель: Гаряева Светлана Алексеевна, республика Калмыкия, МБОУ "Яшкульская многопрофильная гимназия им. Е.К. Хаглышевой".

    I.Вставьте слова на месте пропусков:

    Competition        each other        communication       computers       chance

    1. It ’s a …..in a million.

    2……are very popular now.

    3. Let’s answer the questions of the Teenagers’…..

    4. There are different means of…..nowadays.

    5. Language helps us to communicate with….

    II.Составьте предложения из данных слов, расположив их в правильном порядке:

    1. believe, She, not, superstitions, in, does.

    2. Yesterday, out, we, luck, were, of.

    3. of, It, time, is, a waste.

    4. hate, I, dishes, washing, the.

    5. twice, me, phoned, He.

    III. Используйте выделенные слова для образования прилагательных и вставьте их в предложения:

    1. Talk

    A person who likes to talk a lot is….

    2. Fun

    I saw a …monkey in the Zoo.

    3. Music

    Yesterday there was a… show on TV.

    4. Create

    He is a very…person.

    5. Fantasy

    He likes to read… stories.

    IV.Выберите правильный вариант:

    1. Is she going to give up…..tennis?

    a. to play           b. play           c .playing

    2. I would like……around the world.

    a. to travel          b. travel         c. travelling

    3. He enjoys….. to classical music.

    a. to listen           b. listen          c. listening

    4. I cannot…..my chance.

    a. to miss             b. miss            c. missing

    5. Please, stop…..!

    a. to talk                b. talk             c. talking.

    План –конспект открытого урока на районном открытом педсовете «Духовно-нравственные основы формирования развивающейся личности»

    Класс : 11 а

    Учитель: Гаряева Светлана Алексеевна

    Образовательные цели: - развитие навыков чтения с полным охватом содержания текста;

                                                 - совершенствование лексических навыков;

                                                 - совершенствование навыков устной речи.

    Воспитательные цели:    - формирование потребности  и способности понимать чужую  

                                                   точку зрения, выражать свою точку зрения, воспитание

                                                   уважения к изучаемому языку;                                                                                                       

                                                 - развитие внутренней мотивации и интереса к изучению      

                                                   английского языка;                                                                                          

                                                 -формирование психически устойчивой личности, способной  

                                                  ориентироваться в трудной ситуации.

    Развивающие цели:       - познакомить с приемами и способами разрешения конфликтных


    Оборудование урока:      компьютер, проектор, проекционный экран, учебник.

    Приложение к уроку:      компьютерная презентация “Сonflicts “.


    I. Warm up.

    T: Glad to see you! How are you? How do you find the weather today? Does your mood depend on the weather? So as you see it’s not easy to stay calm and keep control during the day.

    II. Pre-text discussion.

     T: The theme of our lesson is ”People in conflicts”.

    1. To begin with have a look at the written saying on the blackboard: ”It is easier to leave angry words unspoken than to mend a heart those words have broken”. Read , translate and explain it.

    2. What emotions and associations does the word “conflict” arouse? (shouts,tears,fights,quarrels,bruises,fists,murders,destruction,loss of a job, a prison). As we can see negative emotions and associations prevail.

    3. Can you say: What is a conflict? (слайд 1)

    4. Look at the pictures on the blackboard (слайд 2) and answer the questions:

    -What is common about the people in the picture?

    -How do they look like? (ugly ,hot-tempered, excited, spiteful, annoyed, moody, nasty, aggressive, irritated, depressed). In a word, people who can’t control over themselves are easily involved in conflicts and often look disgusting.

    III. Pre-text activities:

    Ex. 1:  Here is the list of adjectives that can be used to describe personalities.(слайд 3) Match the adjectives 1-8 with the adjectives from the second column that have a similar meaning. The first is done for you.

    1  terrible                                                     a   frightening  

    2  funny                                                         b  depressed

    3  dull                                                            c   appaling

    4  very happy                                                d   worried

    5  incredible                                                   e   boring

    6  miserable                                                   f  amusing

    7  scary                                                          g  amasing

    8  anxious                                                      h  delightful

    Ex. 2: We are going to read a text but I think it’s important to be sure of the perfect meaning of the words. Match the words and their definitions.

    1. conflict               a. a disagreement, especially one that is noisy; quarrel

    2. argument            b. to make a choice or a judgment about a cause of action, especially in a way

                                       that ends disagreement

    3. reason                c. a state of disagreement or argument between opposing groups, ideas,


    4. decide                d. the cause of an event or situation; a fact, event or statement that provides an

                                      explanation or excuse for something

    IV. Reading.

    Read the text attentively and choose the correct answer:

    There are 0 _ everywhere: in families, between neighbours, between the boys

    and the girls of your class. What are the 1 __ for the conflicts? Perhaps the

    neighbours get angry because your football lands in their garden, or because your

    cassette-recorder is too 2__. Maybe adults say 3 ___ things about your hairstyle

    or about the way you dress. Perhaps your mother has a serious 4 __with you

    because of your boyfriend. Perhaps your brother and his 5__friend have become

    6__rivals because they are in love with the 7__girl. Or a friend in your class

    cannot 8__which classmate - or teachers - he/she should invite to a party.

    And if you 9 __ a newspaper, almost every day you will find reports about

    individuals that do not get along with each other at all. Lies, intolerance and

    discrimination often 10__serious problems which can lead to violence and even

    war. Northern Ireland is a sad example.


    A fights

    В conflicts






    A objectives

    В aims






    A loud

    В noisy






    A selfish

    В dirty






    A controversy

    В dispute






    A choice

    В best






    A bitter

    В vicious






    A equal

    В like






    A resolve

    В decide






    A unfold

    В exhibit






    A create

    В cause





    V. After text activities :

    1. What is the text about? Now let’s speak about reasons of a conflict. Can you tell what causes a conflict? What can make you get nervous or annoyed? Look at the screen (слайд4).Here are the reasons of a conflict. What reasons were not mentioned in the text?

    2. One of the reasons of a conflict is irresponsible behavior. Look at the pictures of ex.4 at page 119 and speak about the consequences of such irresponsible behavior.

    3. Can people go without conflicts? Yes, you are right. We can’t go without conflicts, but we can try to avoid them and find a way of difficult situations. Here is the list of adjectives which you are to transform into nouns.  You’ll get qualities that can help you to find a way out of a difficult situation.(слайд5).

    Patient                                 key:                patience

    Strong                                                        strength

    Confident                                                  confidence

    Sympathetic                                              sympathy

    Courageous                                               courage

    Kind                                                          kindness

               co-operative                                              co-operation

    VI. Group work.

    If the conflict is unavoidable we should know how to resolve it. Here are some conflicting situations. Work in groups and find the ways of resolving a conflict. Try to show the qualities we have already spoken about.

    VII. Summing up:

      Now we are making the conclusion of our serious work at this lesson. You'll agree with me that our life is full of problems and conflicts of different sorts. But we cannot be happy and successful if we don't know how to solve different problems and we don't want to find ways out of difficult situations. Look at the screen and read some advice of getting on well with each other.(слайды 6-7)
    I thank you for your creative and fruitful work.
    Good bye.

    Приложение :

    Situation 1.

    You get on the bus. It is overcrowded. You want to get money from your pocket. But it is impossible because people are tightly pressed to each other. A woman near you begins to grumble. What should you do to avoid a conflict?

    Situation 2.

    You are walking with your dog in the yard. Suddenly the dog rushes and attacks a small dog being taken for a walk by a young woman. The woman begins to scream. How to avoid a conflict?

    Situation 3

    Your teacher put you a bad mark for your homework. You don’t agree with the mark. You think that the teacher simply nags at you. But the teacher stands his ground. How to avoid a conflict?

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