Итоговыя контрольная 10 класс, учебник Кузовлева
тест по английскому языку на тему

Каминская Марина Николаевна

Итоговыя контрольная 10 класс, учебник Кузовлева


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  1. Активизация лексического материала разделов I.II.III .
  2. Повторение лингвострановедческого материала.

Название раздела

№ задания

Тип задания

  1. Активизация грамматических навыков 



Вставить пропущенный артикль там, где необходимо

.2  Степени сравнения прилагательных


Вставить подходящие по смыслу прилагательные, при необходимости изменив степень сравнения.

3 Прилагательные Like\as


Заполнить пропуски, используя Like\as

4 Страноведение. Лексика.


Соотнести название стран с описанием.

5 Страноведение. Лексика.


Выбрать правильный вариант ответа.

6 Страноведение .Культурология.


Соотнести название субкультуры со специфическими чертами.

7 Страноведение. Лексика. Словообразование.


Выбрать из предложенных вариантов подходящее по смыслу и форме слово.

8 Чтение текста с извлечением заданной информации. Перевод.

8(1), (1-3)

Выбрать из предложенных вариантов предложение, наиболее точно отражающее общую идею текста. Выбрать из предложенных вариантов перевода наиболее точный.

Final test.

1 Fill in “the ” where necessary

        1 ….Pacific Ocean is one of the largest one in the world.

        2 …….UK is separated from……Europe by…… Straits of Dover.

3The group of Russian film-makers went to….. Cannes to takepart in the festival.

4….        Hague is the well-known city of ….Netherlands.

     5 He took part in the expedition across… Gobi desert.

2 The Degrees of comparison of adjectives.

Complete these sentences. Each time use the comparative form of one of the following adjectives.

thin quiet expensive earlier interested

1  You look……

. Have         you lost weight?

2  You are making too much noise. Can you be a bit        ?......

3  The hotel was surprisingly cheap. I expected it to be much…. ?

4  You are late. I expected you to be here…..

5  He’s not so keen on his studies. He’s ……..         having a good


3Like and as.

Put  in “like” or “as".

  1.  Your English is very fluent. I wish I could speak…….. you.

2  You needn’t take my advice if you don’t want to. You can do….        

         you like.

  1.  There’s no need to change your clothes. You can go out…. you


4  The weather’s terrible for the middle of summer. It’s…… winter.

5  He’s decided to give up his job……. a journalist and become  a teacher

4 What do you know about the geographical position and the life of the people in the USA, the UK, Australia and Russia.

1 Much of the country is a useless desert

2 It’s known for the frontier experience

3 The people of this country started the fashion for seaside holidays

4 It’s situated in 2 continents

5 Many people live in the outback there

5 What do you know about the British and American political systems?

1…... In Great Britain        is the head of state.

А)the Prime Minister;

В) the Monarch;

С) the President.

  1.  In the USA…….is the head of government.

А) the Vice President;

В) the Prime Minister;

С) the President.

3 In Great Britтin.....represents         the        legislative        branch.

A) the Cabinet;

B) the House of Commons;


 4 In the USA......represents the legislative branch.

A) the Administration;


C) the Senate.

5  In the USA represents the executive branch.

A) the Senate;

B) the President and his administration;

C) Congress.

6 Match the youth group and its most distinguishing feature.

A member of a youth group / movement


1) Punk        


a) brightly coloured hair

2) Raver ■—

b) loyalty and responsibility

3) Hacker        —


c) wizards of the computer world

4) Scout

d) all-night dancing

5) Hippie        


e) love for all people

7 Yuppies: Who They Are!

. For questions 1-8, read the text below and decide which answer А, В, С or D fits best each space.

The term “yuppie” is basically an invention of the mass media, yuppies do indeed exist. On the one hand, yuppies are a result of the

(1)          against        the        antiestablishment, against the free-minded

1960s (2)        .        But        on the other hand they are a phenomenon much

more complex, tied to the nation’s economy.

What is a yuppie? A Young Urban Professional, making a (3)        

in business. Being a Yuppie is a (4  )        of         life. Those who want

to be yuppies choose the yuppie (5)        system.        They        conform

(6)        the society standards. They believe that money cures all

ills. Yuppies are young: in their late twenties or thirties. Yuppies are

urban, and often disapprove (7)   suburban lifestyle. Most of all,

yuppies are professional: they work hard, rise quickly, and stop at nothing. Their behaviour does not (8)        social        norms, but to most

American intellectuals yuppie has negative connotation.


A. rebel

B. rebellion

C. behaviour

D. react


A. youth

B. adults

C. children

D. generation


A. culture

B. way

C. career

D. life


A. way

B. sense

C. behaviour

D. simple


A. life

B. image

C. fashionable

D. value


A. to

B. with

C. for



A. to

B. with

C. for

D. of


A. differ from

B. conform

C. support

D. protest against

8. Read the text.

Doubts About Democracy

Life has become better since the end of the cold war.* Now a majority of people lives under democratic systems - 54,8 percent of them, to be exact. So, the idea of democracy is a global reality. But there is just one problem. The democracy we see around the world often has an ugly face.

Suppose the election was free and fair. But it brought to power racists, fascists or separatists, who publicly oppose to peace and integration. It does happen: democratically elected leaders ignore constitutional limits on their power and the basic rights of the people.

The Western democracy has always meant liberal democracy - not only free and fair elections but also the respect of the basic rights. Now we see the rise of illiberal democracy - a lot of elections but few individual rights like the rule of law, free speech or private property. People in the countries without a tradition of ethnic harmony often vote along racial, religious or ethnic lines.

8.1   Which of these ideas come from the article?

  1. Many nations live under democratic systems now but there are liberal and illiberal democracies.
  2. Most people now have the right to vote freely. But it is not enough if governments ignore their basic rights.
  3.  Free and fair elections can guarantee the basic rights.

8.2Find the right Russian equivalent of the following phrases.

(reading for specific information/learning to translate)

1The democracy we see around the world often has an ugly face.

  1.  И мы видим, что демократия и мир вокруг нас нередко имеют безобразный лик.
  2.  Демократия, которую мы видим в мире, часто имеет безобразный лик.

2 Suppose the election was free and fair.

  1.  Подразумевается, что выборы были бесплатными и благоприятными.
  2.  Предположим, что выборы были свободными и справедливыми.

. 3 It does happen: democratically elected leaders ignorе constitutional limits on their power and the basic rights of the people.

  1.  И это действительно происходит: демократически избранные лидеры конституционным путем ограничивают как свою власть, так и основные права народа.
  2.  И это действительно происходит: демократически избранные лидеры игнорируют конституционное ограничение своей власти и основные права народа.

Критерии оценивания

Каждое задание оценивается в 1 балл, максимальное количество баллов –42

Нормы оценок:

37-42 (90%)

32-36 (70%)

31-21 (50%)


Excellent «5»

Good «4»

Satisfactory «3»

Try again «2»

Ключи к заданиям

Задание 1: 1) The Pacific Ocean;

2 The UK, Europe, the Straits of Dover;

3 the Cannes;

 4The Hague; the Netherlands;

5 the Gobi desert.

Задание 2

: 1) thinner;

2) quieter (or more quiet);

3) more expensive;


5) more interested.

Задание 3

: 1) like;

 2) as;

 3) as;

 4) like;

 5) as

Задание 4

: 1) Australia;

2) the USA;

3) Great Britain;

4) Russia;

5) Australia.

Задание 5

: lb;






: la;






: IB;








Задание 8



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