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    Контрольная работа 9 класс( входная)
    тест по английскому языку (8, 9 класс) на тему

    Контрольная работа 9 класс( входная) может быть использована для проверки знаний в 8 классе


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                              Контрольная работа                                     (9 класс)

    I .  Read the text and say if the statements under the text true or false.


    In Hollywood, everybody wants to be rich, famous, and beautiful. Nobody wants to be old, unknown, and poor. For Hollywood kids, life can be difficult because they grow up in such an unreal atmosphere.

    Their parents are ambitious, and the children are part of the parents' ambitions. Parents pay for extravagant parties, expensive cars, and designer clothes. When every dream can come true, kids learn the value of nothing because they have everything. A 13-year-old boy, Trent Maguire, has a driver, credit cards, and unlimited cash to do what he wants when he wants. 'One day, I'll earn more than my Dad,' he boasts. Parents buy care and attention for their children because they have no time to give it themselves. Amanda's mother employs a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a bodyguard/chauffeur, a singing coach, and a counselor to look after all her 15-year-old daughter's needs.

    Often there is no parent at home most days, so children decide whether to make their own meals or go out to restaurants, when to watch television or do homework. They organize their own social lives. They play no childhood games. They become adults before they're ready.

    Hollywood has always been the city of dreams. The kids in L.A. live unreal lives where money, beauty, and pleasure are the only gods. Will children around the world soon start to think the same? Or do they already?

    “Looks are very important in Hollywood. If you're good-looking, you'll go far. I want to be a beautician. You grow up really fast in L.A. Everyone is in a rush to be an adult, to be going to clubs. It's not cool to be a kid.”

    True or False?

    1.The Hollywood kids understand the value of what they have.

    2.The Hollywood kids don't want to be children.

    3.Hollywood kids don't lead ordinary lives.

    A  1F 2T 3T

    B   1F 2F 3T

    C   1T 2T 3T

    II    Choose the correct answers.

    What do you know about the Olympic Games?

    1.The five rings of the Olympic flag symbolize …

    a)the five continents b) the five rainbow colors c) the five first Olympic champions

    2.London was the first and only city to host the Olympics for … times.

    a)two b) three c) four

    3.Russia has been competing regularly since …

    a)1952 b) 1963 c) 1982

    A    1c 2c 3c      B    1a 2b 3a    C    1b 2b 3b

    III.Read the text and choose the correct variant to complete it:

    In Chinese astrology there are twelve signs based on (1) … animals.                  DIFFERENCE

    Tigers, for example, are brave and like to compete.                                        

    (2) … “tigers” are Tom Cruise and Leonardo Di Caprio. Rabbits,                        FAME

    on the other hand, are shy, generous people                                                                                                

    whose (3) … you can rely on.                                                                                FRIEND

    They are also optimistic. The actors Al Pacino and Robin Williams are typical


    They have strength and energy and are born leaders.   Snakes have

     (4) … in themselves; they are polite and attractive people                                   CONFIDENT

    who usually give good advice. Kim Bassinger and Brad Pitt

    are two famous snakes.                              

    Finally, Bruce Willis, though he has a reputation for being a tough

    guy, is a ram and rams are (5) … people. According to Chinese                            SENSE

     astrology, they are good at giving sympathy so you know

    who to go to if you’re feeling a bit down!  



    2. a) FAME               b)FAMOUS                   c)INFAMOUS

    3. a) FRIENDLY      b)FRIENDS                    c)FRIENDSHIP


    5. a) SENSES            b)SENSITIVE               c)SENSITIVITY

    A     1a 2b 3a 4c 5a         B     1a 2b 3c 4b 5b       C     1a 2c 3c 4a 5c

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