Задания для чтения в формате ЕГЭ для 5-6 классов
учебно-методический материал по английскому языку (5, 6 класс) на тему

Данный материал представляет собой 2 теста для чтения, составленные в формате ЕГЭ.Тексты можно использовать как для работы в 5 классе, так и в 6 классах. Первый тест представляет собой  чтение текста  свыбором заголовков, один из которых лишний. Второй тест состоит из текста и заданий по тексту с выбором правильного ответа.


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Reading Test


Установите соответствия между заголовками A-G и текстами 1-6. Используйте букву только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

  1. My pet.
  2. British traditions.
  3. Place, where I live.
  4. British sports.
  5. My free time.
  6. My summer holiday.

              G. Shopping


  Skiing is not very popular in Britain, as there is not much snow there. Basketball and volleyball are not very popular in Britain, but many people play rugby.

  The British play cricket and netball. Cricket is a typically British sport. There are two teams of eleven players. Matches last from one to five days.

  Netball is similar to basketball. They are seven players (usually girls) in each team. They throw the ball through the net at the top of three-meter post.

  In winter boys play football or rugby, while girls play netball or hockey. In some schools boys and girls play tennis.


  I’d like to tell you about my home town. I’m from Yaroslavl. It is an old Russian town not far from Moscow. It lies on the Volga. Price Yaroslavl the Wise founded it. Yaroslavl is famous for the first theatre in Russia. Volkov, Nekrasov, Sobinov lived here. Its population is over 600 thousand people. There are many old beautiful churches, many museums, theatres and an art gallery in our town.

  My parents have got a flat. It is on the fourth floor. We live at 57 Park Street. There is a study, a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom in our flat.



If I have free time, I usually walk, read or watch TV.I like to read books on history, detective stories, fairy tales. I watch TV three or four times a week. I like adventure films. I don’t like to go to the cinema. Sometimes I go to the theatre. I don’t often go to see my friends. I meet them twice a week. I go in for sports with my friends. We like to play football, tennis in summer or hockey in winter. Sometimes I spend my weekend in the country.

When I stay in the country, I work in the garden, swim in the river, and pick up berries and mushrooms in the forest.


I had my summer vacation in July and August. It lasted two months. I usually travel by car with my parents or go to the seaside for my vacation. I was to the Crimea several times. I visited Simferopol, Sevastopol, Feodosiya, and Alupka. I went in for sports during my holidays. I swam, played tennis, rode my bike, and went for walks. I didn’t like to go to the cinema during my vacation. Sometimes I went to the theatre. I read a lot during my vacation and watched TV. Sometimes I went on excursions during my vacation.



  Mark and Spencer is a large clothes and food supermarket. Boots is another large shop that sells records, radio and hi-fi (video TV sets) and is also a chemist.

  Harrods is a department store.

   It is a tourist attraction in London, like Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London. There can be about 50,000 customers a day. It opened in 1849. Harrods serves rich people. It has 230 departments, among them 16 food halls and 34 for fashion, a library, a bank, a kennel for customers’ dogs.


My dog is called Duke and he is a long- haired German shepherd. He is the biggest dog in my street and every time the postman or someone passes by he barks his head off and nearly gives them a heart attack. Lots of people are afraid to go into my house because he’s aggressive. But he is lovely dog when you get to know him. He loves playing with balls and with my pet duck George.

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Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный ответ

My free time

My name is Helen Anderson. I am 13. There are 5 people in our family. Our mum is a teacher, our dad works for a big airplane company, my older brother, Bob, is at college in California, our granny is 65. We live in Big Harbor, a small town by the sea.

Every day I go to school. I get up early, do homework, have piano lessons twice a week. I like to do something different on weekends. I like to relax. I watch TV or videos. If it rains, I prefer indoor activities: to read books or newspapers, to play chess or table tennis, to draw, to write some letters, to clean the house, to listen to music.

In winter I like to watch Winter Olympics on TV. I like to watch ski jumping, hockey and figure skating. I ski and skate. My brother plays ice hockey.

As for my mother, she likes knitting and sewing. She takes aerobics class on Sundays. In spring and in summer we prefer outdoor activities. My mother likes gardening. I ride a bike, play volleyball and badminton. My father goes swimming and fishing. My brother travels a lot. His hobby is photography. Of all sports games I like tennis. But I am not a good tennis player. In autumn I like to go to the cinema, to the theatre, to the library.

1. The girl’s name is a) Helen b) Mary c) Kate.

2. They live in a) a village b) a big city c) a small town.

3. Her brother is at a) school b) collage c) university.

4. If it rains, Helen a) sleeps b) read books c) ride a bike.

5. She watches on TV in winter a) Olympic Games b) films c) cartoons.

6. In spring her mother likes a) sleeping b) gardening c) cooking.

7. Her father likes a) fishing and swimming b) playing football c) hunting.

8. Her brother’s hobby is a) hiking b) going out c) photography.

9. Helen is a) a good tennis player b) not a good tennis player.

10. Helen’s brother plays a) basketball b) hockey c) football

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