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    Внеклассное мероприятие : "Новогодний конкурс на английском языке". Составили учителя английского языка ГБОУ средней школы № 143 Красногвардейского района Санкт-Петербурга А.В. Дьяковская и Е.Ю. Ершова
    учебно-методический материал по английскому языку (5 класс) по теме

    Ершова Елена Юрьевна

    Цели мероприятия: формировать устойчивую учебно-позновательную мотивацию и интерес к учению,повторить  изученный ранее лексический и грамматический материал, развивать коммуникативные универсальные учебные действия, формировать способность детей работать в группах и принимать самостоятельные решения. 


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Today we are going to hold a New Year Competition. There are 3 teams which are going to compete with each other.

    The first task is to solve the riddles. You will get one point for the right answer.
    Each team has to guess
    5 riddles.

    1. It’s white and cold and sweet. All children like it. (ice-cream)
    2. It doesn’t have legs, but it jumps. (a ball)
    3. I’m tall and green. I’m in the garden. (a tree)
    4. Two brothers, but they don’t see eacn other. (eyes)
    5. One face, two hands. It goes’ but sometimes stands. (a clock)
    6. I’m little and grey. I like cheese very much. Gils scream when they see me. (a mouse)
    7. I’m little and green. I can hop and swim, and sing. I live in the lake. (a frog)
    8. I’m brown and big. I live in the forest. I like honey very much. (a bear)
    9. You smile when you name it. Mice like it very much. (cheese)
    10.  It’s white outside and yellow inside. We have it from a hen. (an egg)
    11. It’s blue at night, by day it’s whitew. It’s cold and not dry, it fall from the sky. (snow)
    12. It gives us milk and butter too. It’s very kind and likes to moo. (a cow)
    13.  Higher than a house, higher than a tree, oh what can it be? (the sky)
    14.  Which letter of the alphabet  means hot drink? (tea)
    15.  Which fruit is spelt like a colour? (an orange)

    The second task. Now it’ very cold outside Everyone likes wearing mittens. Let’s draw colourful mittens for Father Frost. Each team gets mittens. All mittens are divided into 4 parts. You have to listen to our comments attentively and draw four pictures according to our comments.    Each team will get 8 points for this task.

    1. Draw a tree which people usually decorate for the New Year.
    2. Draw a snow character which usually has a carrot instead of a nose.
    3. Draw an item which children hang near the fire place and in which Santa Clause puts presents for children.
    4. Draw a very single piece of snow that falls from the sky.

    The next (the third) task is to make up 3 congratulations from the given lines.

    You get one point for the right answer

    1.Hoping Christmas brings
    All your favourite things!

    2.With Christmas Greetings
    And all Good wishes for the New Year!

    3.With best wishes
    for Christmas and the New Year!

    Now the last (the fourth) task. What do people usually do before Christmas and the New Year to make their flats look beautiful? Who can guess what our next task is going to be?( involves).You are right. Each team is going to decorate the New Year tree. You have to listen to our description of a toy attentively, find it in our magic box, show the  toy to everyone and hang it in the New year tree. Each team  is going to find 8 toys.

    1.A bird -  it has two legs, two wings and can fly.
    2.A parrot – a brightly coloured bird. It is often kept as a pet and can copy people’s voices.
    3.A sheep – an animal which  eats grass and is kept by people for its wool or meat.
    4.A snake – a long thin animal with no legs and smooth skin, its bite can be poisonous
    5.A hedgehog – a  small wild animal with a round body that is covered with sharp spikes.
    6.A mushroom -  they grow in the forest, people like gathering them, some kinds of them can be eaten.
    7.Corn – a vegetable which has a lot of yellow seeds, children like to eat flakes from this vegetable for breakfast
    8.A horse -  a large animal that people ride.
    9.The sun – the star in the sky which provides/ gives light and warmth to the Earth.
    10.A house – a object where people live
    11.A snow girl –  Father Frost’s granddaughter
    12.A bear – a large wild animal with  thick fur , it likes honey
    13. An elk (moose) – a kind of a large deer, which helps Father Frost bring presents to children

    14. A monkey – a funny animal (creature) that likes to climb the trees and eat bananas

    15. A snowman – a character,  made of snow and having a carrot instead of a nose

    16. An icicle – a long piece of ice that hangs down fron the buildings and roofs

    17. A strawberry – a small red sweet berry

    18. A dog – an animal which you can keep as a pet. If it is your pet you have to take it for a walk.

    19. A star – you can see this object in the night sky.

    20. A cucumber – a long green vegetable. You can often eat this vegetable in salads.

    21. A cone – you can find this object on a pine-tree.

    22. A heart – a part of a human body; when boys or girls fall in love they often draw this object.

    23. An owl – a large bird with a big head and eyes. It usually hunts at night.

    24. A kettle – you use this thing when you want to drink tea.

    The last fifth task is to pronounce the tongue twisters quickly and clearly.

    Each team has a minute to practice.

    1. A big black bug bit the big black bear, but the big black bear bit the big black bug back.
    2. How much wood could a wood chopper chop, if a wood chopper could chop wood?
    3. No need to light a night light on a light night like tonight.

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