Конспект урока "Как понять этих русских?" к 200 летней годовщине победы руксского народ в Великой Отечественной войне 1812 года
план-конспект урока по английскому языку (10 класс) на тему

Игнашина Лариса Юрьевна

Материал составлен   с учётом тематики в 10 классе по УМК Кузовлев Английский язык.  Он приурочен к празднованию 200-годовщины Бородинского сражения в Отечественной войне 1812 года. Может использован при изучении темы "Характер русских людей" или использован для бинарных уроков : английский- история; английский-литература. Материал содержит презентацию в Power Point.  Автор стал лауреатом Всероссийского конкурса методических разработок "Borodino:200 anniversary"


Предварительный просмотр:

План конспект урока по английскому языку

Тема: «How to Understand Those Mystifying Russians»


1.Образовательный аспект: расширение лингвистического кругозора и эрудиции учащихся

2.Развивающий аспект: развитие языковых способностей и готовности к коммуникации по темам “ Famous Russian generals”, ‘Glorious pages of Russian history”

3.Воспитательный аспект: способствовать формированию чувства патриотизма и любви к Родине.

4.Учебный аспект: формирование и развитие умения учащихся понимать иноязычный текст художественной направленности, практика в словообразовании, активизация грамматического навыка  употребления First/Second Conditional, развитие воображения учащихся при прогнозировании возможных ситуаций, обучение культуре общения по затронутой теме.

Задачи :развивать навыки устной речи

             практиковать в чтении с вычленением  конкретной информации

             практиковать в аудировании с использованием визуальной опоры


Оборудование: дополнительный аутентичный материал по теме коммуникации, проектор, ПК.

План урока.

  1. Выступление учителя,  введение в тему.
  2. Речевая зарядка с примерными ответами учащихся
  3. Работа по словообразованию.
  4. Презентация минипроектов учащихся.
  5. Работа с  аутентичным текстом.
  6. Повторение правила условных предложений.
  7. Окончание урока, подведение итогов.
  8. Домашнее задание

Ведение урока.

1. Организационный момент. Введение в тему.

Dear friends! Today we are speaking about great traits of character such as honour, valour, glory.  A famous Russian general A.Suvorov said: “ A courageous deed is more reliable than some words”

Another outstanding general Napoleon Bonaparte said:” Love and Motherland are the most   important dignity of a man.” Each country has its heroes. Russian warriors always served it. They are called “sons”. There are a lot of famous figures in Russian history, who linked their lives with heroic historical pages. Later we are speaking about them.  But before, I’m going to ask some questions.  

2.Речевая зарядка

Think and answer, please:

Are you a patriot of your country?

 ( Yes, sure/It’s difficult to explain now)

What does it mean to be a patriot?

 ( To love own country, be ready to defend it/ To remember our history and do the best)

What is Russia like?

 ( My country is powerful, rich, beautiful)

What are Russian people like?  

(Russians are known to be generous, kind, hospitable.)

Are you interested in our history? Why?

( I am fond of travelling across Russia and know about its fame historical events./ History is my favorite lesson at school and I always  listen attentively to my teacher who is mad about her subject)

Which great and tragic events of our history do you know?

 (Revolutions, the First and Second Patriotic War, Afghanistan, Chechnya)

What anniversary Russian people celebrated in June?

 ( I can be wrong… may be 200 anniversary of the Great Patriotic War in 1812?)

  1. Отработка правил словообразования в тематическом тексте.

At the lesson we use special vocabulary. You all know these words very well but you have trouble when you must transform them using an appropriate form.  Read the text and try to do it.

Russian are impressed with size and numbers, and much that they do is on a grand seal .This is not

(1 - usual ) for such a vast country. Russians think and act big. And their (2- act) are  often (3- predict). Russians think of themselves as members of the community rather than as individuals. To origin of the Russian communalism lies deep in the( 4--vast) of the Great Russian Plan.

Russians are said to be (5 -skill) (6 -war).  There are a lot of (7-fame) people, whose ( 8 -achieve)  and deeds are known around the world. They were (9 -courage) and  (10 -respect).

The harsh climate and (11 -history) events explain the Russians’ ( 12-strong), their (13- able) to overcome hardship as well as their  (14 -patient).

Harsh history and skeptical outlook on life have made Russians value (15 -stable) security, social order. Our  (16-patriot) traits are really  (17-high) developed.


1.unusual; 2.action; 3.unpredictable; 4.vastness; 5.skilful; 6.warriors; 7.famous; 8.achivements; 9.courageous; 10.respectful; 11.historic(al); 12.strength; 13.ability;14.patiance; 15.stability; 16.patriotic; 17.highly.

  1. Устная речь учащихся. Минипроекты.

 Well, return to those glorious days in 1812 year. What do we know about them? Look at the  screen and listen to me . (Презентация)

In June 1812 the emperor  of  France Napoleon Bonaparte attacked our country without declaration. He said:” If I take Kiev I‘ll take Russian legs, if I take Petersburg I’ll owned its head. But if I take Moscow I’ll catch its heart!” His well-gunned troupes crossed the river Neman and invaded our lands. It was unexpected for Russian tsar Alexander I and the best Russian generals were demanded. I had asked you to find information about heroes of Russian-French War.

. 1) One of the greatest Russian general was M. I. Kutuzov. He was born in a rich noble family and got a perfect education. Kutuzov was good at Maths and languages. He was sociable, brave, creative and had a good sense of humour. Young Kutuzov made an excellent  military carrier. He took part in some battles during the war with Turkey and was made famous with heroic deeds. On the 22nd of August his troops came up to the village Borodino where was held one of the greatest battle of 19 century.  The forces were not equal.  The general invented a war ruse. He ordered to fire Moscow. As a result Bonaparte lost and had to come back. People respect Kutuzov for his skill, courage, deed, ambitions. He was a real patriot of Russia.

2) Another famous warrior was prince P.I.Bagration. He was born in a noble George family. He has served Russia since 1782. Bagration followed his teachers Suvorov and Kutuzov. He had a big experience. The general also participated in the battle near Borodino where was mortally hurt. He died and was buried there.

3) Davidov D.V. was a hero of this war too. He was born in Moscow in a noble family. Denis dreamed to be a warrior when he was a child. He has served since 1801 as a cavalryman. Davidov was mad about literature composed verses. During the war with Napoleon he organized partisan detachment and fought in French rear. He made an excellent  carrier. Russian people admire him for his deeds and like his poetry where he had done honor to Russian solders especially to hussars.

 Thanks to your reports. Who wants to give commentaries? ( To sum up, I would like to say in spite of their noble birth these people served Russia best, shared their lives and fortune with ones of all Russian people. I am proud of them and look up to./ They are my example to follow. They are real patriots.)

  1. Работа с аутентичным текстом.

 You know that writers and poets, painters and musicians commemorated those events in their works. Outstanding Russian writer Lev Tolstoy made a real masterpiece “War and Peace.” Now you are reading  the extract and choose A,B, or C for each question.(1-6)

With 4,000 exhausted men, Bagration had been entrusted to delay the entire enemy army for twenty-four hours .This respite was indispensable to Kutuzov in order for him to get his transport-burdened army out of reach of the French troops, outnumbering his own three to one.

-Gentlemen, what does this mean?

You can't leave your posts! Take you, Captain. You should be ashamed of yourself, Captain Tushin. An officer should set a good example, and where're your boots? If the alarm were sounded, you'd be in your stocking feet! Wouldn't that be a pretty sight? So return to your posts, gentlemen.

-The soldiers say you go faster without boots on.

-Will you return to your posts?

It was getting closer and closer, that special moment, for which so much work had been done and so much hardship endured, for which soldiers had been drilled for fifteen years, homes and families left, and a peasant turned into a warrior,

for which 80,000 men lived in the field, without wives and children,

moving through a strange, unknown country. They lived in the fields, on the roads, in the woods, neglecting all the amenities of a habitual human life.

For all those men, a road was not the way to their family, pleasures or work,

but a way of bypassing or attacking, a house was not the hearth and home,

but the ambush position, people were not their brothers,-but the tools

and the necessary victims of death.

-No, my friend, if a man could know what would be after his death, none of us would fear death.

-That's how it is, my friend. Fear it or not, you won't escape it. But you fear it anyway... There, you smart people. You artillerymen are so smart because you can take everything with you, both vodka and snacks. And still you fear.

Though they say that your soul will go to Heaven...

-We know there's no Heaven, it's all just the atmosphere.

-Come on, give us a taste of your herbal vodka, Tushin.

-With my pleasure.

-And yet, to fathom your future


It has begun! Here it is!

It has begun! The battle!

It's terrible, but glorious!

Can't you see what's happening?

The French!

Fine looking soldiers.

God be with us!

Captain Tushin's battery had been forgotten. The troops assigned to cover it

had withdrawn. The enemy could not conceive that anyone would be so foolhardy

as to go on fighting with four unprotected guns. On the contrary, the French

supposed that it was here, in the center, that the main Russian forces were concentrated.

- Gentlemen, everyone fall back.

- Fall back everyone!

- What shall we fire, Captain?

- Nothing. A shell!


What do you know! Firing again.

Captain Tushin! Captain!

Have you gone mad? Haven't you

been ordered twice to fall back?

I just... I...


1 .A Kutuzov wanted…

A. to have break for his army

B.  to get in order his troops.

C.  to take transport for his solders.

2. No one officer can leave his post because…

A. it is dangerous

B. it is a bad example

C. it is banned

3. Tushin was without boots because…

A. it was faster to go

B. other solders did it

C. he had break and relaxed

4. Solders suffered from…

A. absence of a habitual human life

B. fifteen years drill

C. without wives  and children

5. Artillerymen spoke about…

A. fear

B. death

C. vodka and snacks

6. Captain Tushin didn’t leave his position despite order because…

A. his battery had been forgotten

B. the main Russian forces were concentrated there

C. he was brave 

KEYS: 1-A;  2-B;  3-C;  4 –A;  5-B;  6-C

  1. Закрепление и отработка грамматического правила

.Now find in the text conditional sentences and translate them. Pay attention on the verb form, using grammar rule.

Type 1.( real situation in the present or future)


MAIN clause

If + present simple

Future simple/ can/must/ may

If we read more books,

we’ll know better our history.

Type 2. (unreal present)


MAIN clause

If+ past simple/past progressive

Would/ could/ might+ V

If I had a chance

I would do it  at once

If I were you

I would join the army.

At the end of our lesson give resolution. Answer two questions using grammar rule: What will you do if you prepare to the historic party?

      What would you do if the war happened?

7. Окончание урока.

Our lesson is over. Thank you for your work and our sincere conversation. I hope it wasn’t useless. Love your family, love your city, love your country. Do the best. Don’t forget our history because people who don’t remember the past haven’t the future.  

8.Домашнее задание.

At home you must write a 250 words essay about your example to follow.

Используемый материал:

1.Кузовлев В.П. «Английский язык» для 10-11 кл, раздел «How the World is different»




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Подписи к слайдам:

Слайд 1

The Patriotic War 1812

Слайд 2

The well-gunned French troupes crossed the river Neman and invaded our lands.

Слайд 3

Bonaparte ‘s ambitions

Слайд 4

It was unexpected for Russian tsar Alexander I

Слайд 5

“ A courageous deed is more reliable than some words”

Слайд 6

The general invented a war ruse.

Слайд 7

He ordered to fire Moscow.

Слайд 8

Bagration followed his teachers Suvorov and Kutuzov.

Слайд 9

The village Borodino where was held one of the greatest battle of 19 century.

Слайд 10

Davidov organized partisan detachment

Слайд 11

Bonaparte lost and had to come back .

Слайд 12

From thankful descendants

Слайд 13

Don’t forget our history

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