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    Дополнительный материал для изучения темы “ Animals.Birds. Insects.”
    методическая разработка по английскому языку (5 класс) на тему

    Елецкова Юлия Владимировна

    Данный материал поможет в изучении темы "Животные"



    Предварительный просмотр:

    Дополнительный материал для изучения темы

    “ Animals.Birds. Insects.”


    Repeat many times to improve your pronunciation:

    1. The blue bluebird blinks.

    1. Sheep should’t sleep in a shack. Sheep should sleep in a shed

    1. The cat catches can’t catch caught cats.

    1. Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear,

    Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair,

    Fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy,

    Was he?

    1. A big black bug bit a big black bear, made the big black bear bleed blood.

    1. Six slippery snails slid slowly seaward.

    1. The black cat sat on a mat and ate a fat rat.

    1. Here you see a big fat cat,

    Big fat cat, big fat cat.

    He is sitting on a mat,

    On a mat, on a mat.

    He is eating upa rat,

    Big fat rat, big fat rat.

    What a greedy fat black cat,

    What a cat! What a cat!

    1. Pat keeps two pets:

    A cat and a rat.

    Pat likes his pets

    And his two pets like Pat.

    1. My poor elephant

    Is so fat,

    He cannot wear

    His Sunday hat.

    1. Why would the owl howl?

    Because the woodpecker would peck her.

    1. Tiny Travon takes twenty-two and two-third of a second

    To tie two tired tigers to two tall trees.


    1. Love me, love my dog.
    2. Every dog has his day.
    3. Barking dos seldom bite.
    4. Not to have a dog’s chance.
    5. To keep a dog and bark oneself.
    6. Let sleeping dog lie.
    7. The dogs bark but caravan goes on.
    8. An old dog will learn no new tricks.
    9. A living dog is better than a dead lion.
    10. All cats are grey in the night.
    11. It is enough to make a cat laugh.
    12. Wait for the cat to jump.
    13. When the is away, the mica will play.
    14. A cat may look like a king.
    15. A baited cat may grow as fierce as a lion.
    16. The cat would eat fish and wouldn’t wet her feet.
    17. We don’t kill a pig every day.
    18. To buy a pig in a poke.
    19. When pigs fly.
    20. Pigs might fly if they have wings.
    21. Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.
    22. That cock won’t fly.
    23. To count one’s chicken before they are hatched.
    24. To teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs.
    25. A bird will be known by its song.
    26. The early bird catches the worm.
    27. One swallow does not make a supper.
    28. A little bird told me.
    29. To give a lark to catch a kite.
    30. If the sky falls, we shall catch larks.
    31. To kill two birds one stone.
    32. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    33. Birds of a feather flock together.
    34. A leopard never changes its spots.
    35. The tortoise wins a race while the hare is sleeping.
    36. Don’t sell the bear’s skin before you have caught the bear.
    37. The ass is knowing by its ears.
    38. The cow knows not what her tail is worth she has lost it.



    When people call this beast to mind,

    They wonder more and more

    At such a little tail behind,

    So large a trunk before.


    Our pigs don’t try

    To keep spick-span!

    They get as dirty

    As they can,

    And squeal and grunt

    At everything,

    Which makes them very  

    Interesting !


    One, two, three, four, five,

    Once I caught a fish alive.

    Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

    Then I let it go again.

    Why did you let it go?

    Because it bit my finger so.

    Which finger did it bite?

    The little finger on the right.


    Did you ever known a cat

    That sat on a mat?

    The cats I have seen

    Don’t sit and preen.

    They frisk and they tease,

    They scramble up trees,

    They tickle my knees,

    They tangle in string,

    They pounce and they spring,

    They howl, yowl, and quiver,

    And gobble up liver.


    Whales have calves,

    Cats have kittens,

    Bears have cubs,

    Bats have bittens,

    Swans have cygnets,

    Seals have puppies,

     But guppies just have little guppies.


    There is a dragon-fly which sings

    Close by my ear;

    He tries to tell me secret things

    Which I can’t hear.


    By Margie Callender-Rule


    Perhaps you like the owl?

    Not I!

    He sleeps by the day

    And fly by nights,

    And scares the little birds

    In flight;

    His big round eyes see far away

    And yet he cannot see by day;

    They say

    He’s wise as wise can be!

    But really

    That I cannot see;

    A bird that sings

    The whole day long

    Makes one happy with his song;

    But the owl’s tu-whit, tu-whoo

    Sounds really queer,

    I think, don’t you?


    I want to have a big black horse

    And ride him far and free.

    I want to gallop round the earth

    Far as fast can be;

    I want to feel the boisterous wind

    Go swinging through my hair

    I want to gallop. Gallop on…

    Oh! It’s more than I can bear

    Just to sit at home and dream

    When adventures would be fine,

    But never mind! When I’m grown-up

    That horse will be mine.


    Butterfly, butterfly, where are you going,

    Over the gardens where roses are growing,

    Looking for blossoms as if to see

    How to make sweets like the honey-bee?

    Butterfly, butterfly, flitting and flying

    Over the fields where the lambkins are lying.

    What are you doing, working for me?

    Can you make sweets like the busy bee?

    Peter, my little boy, what are you saying?

    Who ever heard of a busy bee playing?

    You must be wiser, my darling, and try

    To be more of a bee than a butterfly.

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