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    Презентация на тему "Mass Media"
    презентация урока для интерактивной доски по английскому языку (7 класс) по теме

    Гареева Алина Салаватовна

    Презентация на тему Mass Media (Средства массовой информации).  Красочные слайды и иллюстрации помогут заинтересовать учащихся по данной теме.


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    Слайд 9

    COLLOCATIONS. 1.Mass Media 2.Damage your eyes 3.Important events 4.Get information 6.Listen to the radio 7.Surf the Internet 8.Find new friends 9.A waste of time 10.Keep fit 11.Mobile phones 12.In conclusion 13.Vote by text 14.Watch TV

    Слайд 10

    « Fly-on-the-wall » TV programme in which celebrities or ordinary people are filmed all the time. Websites are collections of web pages. TV programme where « guests » , usually celebrities, come and talk to a journalist. Newspapers usually with gossip about celebrities. A competition or quiz in which contestants take part. A serious programme with information about a topic of current interest Popular drama series that goes on for a long time. News about recent events MATC H ING

    Слайд 11

    MATCH THE TOPICS WITH THE SENTENCES. a)Cars b)Computers c)Current affairs d)Fashion e)Films f)Music g)sport 1.The President of Russia visited China yesterday._______________ 2.The new retro band The Darkness have taken us back to the 1970s with their songs. ________ 3.Get faster Internet access with the latest broadband versions._____________ 4.Chelsea’s boss has bought five new players._________ 5.The story was not really believable but some of the acting, especially by Orlando Bloom, was fantastic.________ 6.The new Honda is the best yet – a pleasure to drive._______ 7.Vivienne Eastwood’s new dresses are cheap and colorful._________ Current affairs Music Computers Sport Films Cars Fashion

    Слайд 12

    WHAT’S IN THE PAPERS? Bomb suspected in Russian crash At least 39 people were killed and nearly 100 injured when a Russian express train came off the rails last night in what is being investigated as a bomb attack . Johnson condemns hacker to Xmas in a US jail by Paddy McGuffin Computer hacker Gary McKinnon is facing Christmas in a US jail after the Home Secretary refused to block his extradition.

    Слайд 14

    Russians are great readers of newspapers and magazines. Today Russia has about 33,000 newspapers and magazines. There are national as well as local daily newspapers. The Russian daily, PRAVDA, used to be the most important quality newspaper. In the last ten years the daily, IZVESTIA, has become the main newspaper in cultural, academic and business circles and MOSCOVSKY KOMSOMOLETS is read by a wide range of people. However, the most popular Russian newspaper is not a daily but a weekly paper, ARGUMENTY I FACTY. Another weekly newspaper, THE MOSCOW NEWS , is available in other languages as well as in Russian. Some people read newspapers for entertainment; others are interested in political and sports news. There are special edition for women, young people, children, businessmen. Young people often prefer magazines to newspapers. Teen magazines such as COOL, COOL GIRL, BRAVO TEEN’S and MOLOTOK are very popular, although they are criticised by parents. These magazines provide gossip about film stars and pop stars and give information about parties, concerts, discos and clubs. They also have articles about latest trends in fashion, music and travel. NEWS FOR EVERYONE

    Слайд 15

    READ THE ARTICLE ON RUSSIAN NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES. ARE THESE STATEMENTS TRUE OR FALSE? 1.There are only national daily newspapers. 2. PRAVDA used to be the most important quality newspaper. 3. MOLOTOK is aimed at young people. 4.There aren’t special editions for women. 5. THE MOSCOW NEWS is available in different languages. 6.Young people read newspapers very often. 7.Parents agree that magazines Cool, BRAVO and MOLOTOK are useful for their children. 8.In teen’s magazines there are many articles about fashion, travel and music. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 True False

    Слайд 16

    Read the opinions of some Russian teenagers about teen magazines. Do you agree with them? Give reasons. 1.I like Bravo mostly because of its pictures, comic strips and articles about animals. 2.I can’t imagine my life without C ool Girl . It tells you everything you need to know about looking cool. 3. I like to read Teens , especially all the gossip about pop stars and Russian singers. 4.I think Molotok is great! It’s got lots of advice for teenagers. There are some questions that I can’t ask my parents, so I look for answers in Molotok . 5.All these magazines like Teens, Bravo and Molotok are full of trash. Normal teenagers don’t read them.

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