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    Конспект урока в 7 классе на тему "Bookworms. Correspondence excursion around the house to Sergey Aksakov Museum"
    план-конспект урока по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему


    Цели: Овладеть основами просмотрового, поискового и изучающего чтения, научиться находить, выделять необходимую информацию из текста, развитие навыков детального чтения, введение новой лексики, развитие умений работать самостоятельно и в паре.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Конспект урока по английскому языку 7 класс.

    Урок « Bookworms. Correspondence excursion around the house to Sergey Aksakov Museum»

    Учитель: Слепнева Надежда Александровна.

    Цели: Овладеть основами просмотрового, поискового и изучающего чтения, научиться находить, выделять необходимую информацию из текста, развитие навыков детального чтения, введение новой лексики, развитие умений работать самостоятельно и в паре.

    Образовательные задачи:

    • развитие навыков чтения;
    • освоение новых лексических единиц по теме «Книги»;
    • развитие грамматических навыков по теме Past Simple,
    • использование в речи глаголов в Past Simple

    Задачи воспитания:

    • расширение кругозора;
    • развитие художественного вкуса.

    Практические задачи:

    продолжить развитие навыков чтения с целью:

    • понимания основного содержания текста;
    • извлечения необходимой информации;
    • полного понимания содержания и смысла.


    • Активизация ранее изученной лексики.
    • Повторение изученных и введение новых слов по теме “Книги”.
    • Развитие умения прогнозирования содержания текста (ознакомительное чтение).
    • Развитие умения поискового чтения.
    • Умение вести диалог-обмен мнениями в связи с прочитанным (диалогическая речь).
    • Научиться работать в группах.
    • Повторение и обобщение употребления глаголов в Past Simple.

    Оборудование: электронная презентация

    During the classes

    Ход урока

    1. Организационный момент. Organizational moment

    -Hello, children! (Hello!)

    -How are you? (Fine thanks)

    2. Phonetic workout.Фонетическая разминка

     Look at the board. We shall need these words during our lesson. Let’s practice their pronunciation. (Посмотрите на доску.  Нам потребуются эти слова во время нашего урока. Давайте практикуем их произношение.)

    triumphantly – с триумфом

    track – след

    swamp – болото

    clearing – очистка

    slate-coloured – синевато-серый

    broad – широкий

    sight – поле зрения

    clumsy – неуклюжий

    hop – прыгать

    bunch – связка, охапка

    shimmer – мерцать, переливаться

    trunk – ствол

    comrade – товарищ, компаньон

    specimen – образец

    praise – хвалить, прославлять

    1. Knowledge updating. Check your homework
    2.  Setting the objectives of the lesson.

    Once upon a time in a far away land a merchant was preparing to set out on a long journey. This merchant had three daughters, and he asked all of them what they would like as gifts for themselves when he returned from his voyage. The first daughter requested a golden crown, and the second one wanted a crystal mirror. The third daughter asked only for "the little scarlet flower."

    From what a fairy tale this passage. Who is the author of this work.

    1. Work on the topic of the lesson. Работа по теме урока

    Today our lesson is dedicated to Sergei Aksakov.

     S. T. Aksakov's museum is situated in Ufa, on the banks of the White river.The owner of the house was the grandfather of Sergei Aksakov, Nikolai Stepanovich Zubov. In 1795-1797, there lived  Sergei Timofeyevich Aksakov's family. In his book "Childhood Bagrov's grandson" the house was known as the "family nest".

    In 1991, declared on the initiative of International organizations UNESCO "The Aksakov's year" in honour the 200th anniversary from the birthday of the writer, in Ufa was opened a Memorial House-Museum of S. T. Aksakov. The Museum consists of memorial and literary parts that are portraits, documents, lifetime editions of books, household items representing the various eras, including  associated with the history of the Ufa.

    The house is a bright example of architecture of XVIII century. Residential part consists of two Suite — large Grand and small, in which recreated the interior, depicting the life of the Ufa's society of the late XVIII — early XIX century, about the childhood of Sergei Aksakov, about how family life has shaped his spiritual world.

     Let's start our virtual tour through the house - Museum of S. T. Aksakov. The tour starts from the main hallway. There is a view of the White river and Trinity Church.It's a small room and  a high double doors and framing their narrow windows give it the solemnity and splendor. There is a diagram of a genealogical tree  of Aksakov's family which exposure in the front of the hallway shows.

     The house has two living rooms. In a large living room there were arranged receptions and dances, which gathered all the elite of the Ufa society. Its soul and ornament was the hostess  of the house Maria Nikolaevna , the writer's mother.

    The reading aloud and recitation were traditional in the family. Sometimes they arranged a tea party in the  small living room where little Sergei had asked to read the ode of  Kheraskov and Sumarokov. In this cozy room the family usually spent  long autumn and winter's evenings talking on different topics.

     In the room of Maria Nikolaevna, there are the objects and things that belonged to the descendants of the Aksakov's family  — Belt's, Sokolov's, including the famous book "Home medical manual of Buchana",which one of the recipes  saved Sergei Aksakov from the deadly disease.

       The interior of children's rooms reconstructed on the basis of Aksakov's books "Childhood of Bagrov's grandson" and "Family chronicle". Here small Serezha  read enthusiastically , hiding in a bed under the canopy, his favorite books "the Mirror of virtue", "Children's reading for heart and mind" went through "treasures" in the box, played with blocks and dolls with sister Nadenka.

    1. Physical culture.

    Let’s have a break and do exercises.

    Stand up!

    Hands up!

    Hands down!

    Sit down!

    (Ученики повторяют движения за учителем несколько раз)

    6. Continuation of work on the topic of the lesson .

    The enfilade of living rooms completes the "maiden," or maids' room. Usually there were two or three Amateur girls who on the first call strict mistress "mother of Sophia Nikolaevna" were to come to her, and in their spare time doing arts and crafts. The exposition features vintage embroidery, homespun tablecloths and woven wicker gel, which kept the thread spindle, needle

    The literary part of the Museum consisting of three rooms, introduces the life and work of S. T. Aksakov. Expositions tell about the studies of Aksakov in the Kazan University, about the first editions hunting books about the creative history of a trilogy about childhood. Much attention is paid to the theatrical past of the writer as one of the first theatrical critics, translator of Molière and his famous theatre datings.

     The second hall is dedicated to the famous sons of S. T. Aksakov — Konstantin and Ivan, their literary and social activities. The activities of the Museum is closely intertwined with the main programs of Aksakov Fund, which is headed by Vice-President of the International Fund of Slavic writing and culture, the  Secretary of the Union of writers of Russia, the writer M. A. Chvanov.

    During its existence, the House-Museum of S. T. Aksakov acquired the status of a cultural and scientific centre for the study of Aksakov's heritage, organizing the annual international Aksakov's festival, scientific conferences, including "aksakovskie readings" with subsequent publication of the materials of folklore and children's events, literary and musical evenings, chamber concerts of ancient and classical music, art exhibitions. Guests of the Museum were well-known figures of culture and public figures.

    1. Securing the studied material.


    •  Where and in which family Aksakov was born
    • List the main autobiographical works of Aksakov
    • When and by whom the All-Russian Literary Prize named after Sergei Aksakov was established
    1. Briefing on the homework. Инструктаж по выполнению домашнего задания.

    You work very hard today! Your homework is to write an article. Ex.9, p. 17. (Сегодня вы очень много работали! Ваше домашнее задание - написать статью. Пример 9, стр. 17.)

    1. Summing up the lesson. Reflection.Подведение итогов урока. Рефлексия.

    What about did we speak today? Did you know something new?

    Read books in English to improve your language. So, our lesson comes to its end. Thank you. Good bye.  

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