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    Speaking exam format
    презентация к уроку по английскому языку на тему

    Speaking exam format (English)


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    Слайд 1

    Interlocutor: Good morning. My name is…. And this is my colleague …. And your names are …? Can I have your mark sheets, please? Thank you. First of all, we’d like to know something about you ( select one or two questions and ask candidates in turn ): Where are you from? What do you do here / there? How long have you been learning English? What do you enjoy most about learning English? Speaking Test: Part 1 ( Duration: 3 minutes )

    Слайд 2

    Speaking Test: Part 1 ( Duration: 3 minutes ) Select one or more questions from any of the following categories: 1. Hopes and dreams Do you like to make lots of plans for the future?... (Why? / Why not?) Do most of your friends have similar hopes and dreams to yours? Do you think you are going to need a lot of money to achieve your goals in life? …. (Why? / Why not?) Do you think any of your childhood dreams will ever come true? … (Why? / Why not?) 2. Life in your country How do you celebrate special occasions in Russia? What kind of leisure are popular in Russia? How important is it to learn English in Russia? What would be the best way for visitors to learn about Russia?

    Слайд 3

    Speaking Test: Part 2 ( Duration: 4 minutes ) Interlocutor: In this part of the test, I’m going to give each of you three pictures. I’d like you to talk about them on your own for about a minute, and also to answer a question briefly about your partner’s pictures. ( Candidate A ), it’s your turn first. Here are your pictures. They show people communicating with others in different ways. I’d like you to compare two of the pictures, and say why people might have chosen to communicate in these ways, and what the advantages might be. ( Candidate B ), which way of communicating do you think is the most effective? …. (Why? )

    Слайд 4

    ( Candidate A ) Peo ple communicating in different ways

    Слайд 5

    Speaking Test: Part 2 ( Duration: 4 minutes ) ( Candidate B ), here are your pictures. They show people having fun in different situations . I’d like you to compare two of the pictures, and say what the people are enjoying about these situations, and how memorable the experiences might be . All right? ( Candidate A ), who do you think is enjoying the experience most? …. (Why? )

    Слайд 6

    ( Candidate B ). People having fun in different situations

    Слайд 7

    Speaking Test: Part 3 ( Duration: 4 minutes ) Interlocutor: Now, I’d like you to talk about something together for about three minutes. Here are some pictures showing different situations in which people are learning things. First, talk to each other about the advantages and disadvantages of learning things in these situations . Then decide which learning experience might be the most valuable. All right?

    Слайд 8

    Different situations in which people are learning things

    Слайд 9

    Speaking Test: Part 4 ( Duration: 4 minutes ) Select any of the following questions: Do you think that schools and colleges do enough to motivate students to learn?... (Why? / Why not?) Do you think it’s a good idea for students to leave home to study at a college or university?... (Why? / Why not?) In this technological age, do you think there is a future for books in education?... (Why? / Why not?)

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