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    Контрольная работа Рейнбоу 7 класс 1 юнит
    тест по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему

    Дудина Светлана Владимировна

    Контрольная работа


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    1. Подставьте some, any, no, a или «–«

    There isn’t ______ cheese in the fridge.

    There are______  flowers in the vase. They are red.

    There are ______ carrots in the fridge. I can’t make soup.

    There is ______  coffee in the cup, but it is very hot.

    Is there  ______  cheese in the fridge?

    There isn’t  ______  juice in the glass.

    There are ______   grapes on the plate. They are green.

    They've got ______ buns in this shop.

    I'd like ________ potatoes, please.

    Have you got ______  ice-cream?

    There aren't ___________ boys in the team!

    There are ___________ video shops in the town!

    This is a terrible party. There isn't ________ good music!

    I've got  ___________ posters of Ricky Martin.

    Have you got ___________ posters of Britney Spears?

    'Sit down, please.' 'But there aren't ___________ chairs!'

    There is ______ milk in the fridge. Go to the shop and buy ______.

    I can see______ tomatoes in the bag. Let's make______ salad.

    There aren’t ______cucumbers in the fridge.

    Would you like ______tea?

    Is there ______cheese on the shelf?

    1. Подставьте глаголы: say, tell, speak, talk

    She … me that she took dancing lessons last year.

     … him to ring me up in an hour.

    He … that he was not at home yesterday.

    What did you …? I didn’t hear.

     What are you … about?

    I do not … German.

    He … that he can come tomorrow.

     The teacher … us to learn these words.

    Tom … to Mary about her Mother and … her to go and see her.

     They … him that they are very glad to see him.

     My father always … the truth.

     We asked her to … us about this incident but she … nothing.

     Don’t … a lie.

    1. Подставьте some, any, no, a или «–«

    There is _______  tea in the crystal  glass, but it is very hot.

    There is  _______  fresh milk in the fridge. I can't make porridge.

    Are there ________  tasty apples in the bag?

    There isn't _______  jam on the round plate.

    There are _______  bananas on the wooden  table. They are yellow.

    There is  ________ butter on the plate.

    There is ________ cheese on the table, but there’re ____________ cheesesandwiches.

    There isn't  _________ sausage on the table.

    There are  ____________ potatoes in the bag.

    There aren't ______________  bananas on the table, but there are ________  cucumbers there.

    There's ______angel on the top.

    There are ______ornaments on the tree.

    Are there ______lights on the tree?

    There isn't ______Christmas tree in the house.

    There's ______ jam on the wooden table.

    Is there  ______bread in the basket?

    There aren't  ______ vegetables in the fridge.

    There is ______  milk in the cup, but it is very cold.

    There is  ______   bread on the table. I can’t make sandwiches.

    Are there ______ oranges in the bag?

    1. Подставьте глаголы: say, tell, speak, talk

    He … “My mother teaches English at school”.

     I met Ann in the street yesterday and we stood and  … for half an hour.

    These students … English very slowly , but they do not make mistakes.

    Nick is going to … at the next meeting.

    My sister … that  she is coming here tomorrow.

    Go to Mr Brown. He will … you all the facts.

    We … about books most of the time.

    Last year he… two languages and now he… three.

    She … him all.

    She … him the whole story.

    Did he … you his name and address?

    She …, “My brother likes to read.”

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