Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 4 четверть 7 класс
учебно-методический материал по английскому языку (7 класс)

Мурзаханова Татьяна Александровна

Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 4 четверть 7 класс. Задания на лексику и грамматику. 


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Контрольная работа к циклам уроков 9-10

1) Match the sports and the places. Соедини спортивные занятия с местом проведения

1. ice hockey


3. swimming

4. skiing

5. athletics

a) pool

b) stadium

c) mountains

d) court

e) gym

2) Complete each sentence with one of the words below. Вставь в пропущенные места одно из слов, данных ниже

bad, tongue, ill, nose, temperature, medicine, cough, runny, flu, bed

Doctor: Well, what’s the matter with you?

John: Oh, doctor. I’m very 1) … .

Doctor: Then show me your 2) … . Have you taken your 3) … ? What is it?

John: Doctor! It’s 38.3, and I feel 4) …, I have got a 5) … and a 6) … 7) … .

Doctor: Well, I think you have got 8) … . Take 9) … and stay in 10) … .

John: Goodbye, doctor. Thanks a lot.

Doctor: Be healthy.

3) Group the words into two columns. Распредели слова на прилагательные и наречия

badly, carefully, lonely, lively, usually, friendly, lately, lovely, quickly, energetically

Adjectives (прил):

Adverbs (нареч):

4) Match the words with the similar meaning. Найди синонимы

1. to make up one’s mind

2. to participate

3. state

4. almost

a) to take part in

b) country

c) nearly

d) to decide

5) Match the words with the opposite meaning. Найди антонимы

1. peace

2.to lose

3. to finish

4. to forget

a) to start

b) to win

c) to remember

d) war

6) Complete the sentences. Choose the correct answer. Выбери правильное слово для каждого предложения

  1. Steve run (good/ well).
  2. The stadium was (near/ nearly) full.
  3. Do you think (high/ highly) of sport?
  4. Has she worked hard (late/ lately)?
  5. I like exotic food more than (usual/ usually) one.

7) Complete the sentences: put the adjectives or adverbs in brackets in appropriate form.

  1. My mother asked me to do the test (carefully) than yesterday.
  2. Students of our school swam (fast) than students of the college.
  3. Which of you can ski (well)?
  4. Steve and Sam did (badly) in the last game.
  5. Mary is (hard) student in Math in her class.

8) Make the sentences using the following words. Составь предложения

1. make/and/healthy/vitamins/optimistic/people/strong

2. and/stay/need/to/people/healthy/vitamins/strong        

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