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    Тест для 11 класса по УМК Spotlight Module 3
    тест по английскому языку (11 класс)

    Фазлахметова Елена Дмитриевна

    Тест для 11 класса по УМК Spotlight Module 3 с ответами


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    11 class Module 3

    № 1. Fill in:






    life-size replica





    1. I’m learning about the major … of the ancient Mediterranean in my History class.
    2. I think he acted … under the circumstances.
    3. The USA is known as the ‘land of …’.
    4. According to the Old Testament, the Ten Commandments were written on two stone ….
    5. Van Gough’s painting ‘Café Terrace at Night’ … a café in Arles, southern France.
    6. Free Trade … signed between countries allow for goods and services to be bought and sold without government restrictions.
    7. The TV advertisement … false-advertising law, so it was taken off the air.
    8. The ferry boat set sail from Wellington … at daybreak.
    9. A … of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is on display at the Natural History Museum.
    10. There’s a lot of public … about the recent increase in crime.

    № 2. Fill in the gaps with the correct words derived from the words in bold.

    1. Jim uses a … battery pack for his MP3 player.                                        (CHARGE)
    2. The refugees suffered all kinds of ….                                                        (JUSTICE)
    3. The scholarship is open to all applicants … of class, color or creed.                (REGARD)
    4. The main concern of Amnesty International is the … of human rights.        (PROTECT)
    5. Global climate change, ozone depletion and deforestation are all … issues. (ENVIRONMENT)
    6. During the war, prisoners suffered unspeakable ….                                (CRUEL)
    7. … plastic bags remain in landfills for hundreds of years.                                (DISPOSE)
    8. The Universal … of Human Rights was adopted to protect the rights and         (DECLARE)

    freedoms of all people.

    № 3. Choose the correct response.

    1. I’m so sorry, I broke your window.                                A. That’s shocking!
    2. The police have caught the kidnappers and                         B. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.

    returned the child to his parents.

    1. A 12-year-old was responsible for the vandalism.                C. So you should.
    2. I’m going to apologize to Jenny for losing her book.        D. Thank goodness, that’s over!
    3. I can’t believe you stole my newspaper again!                E. No problem. Apology accepted!

    № 1.

    1. Civilization
    2. Morally
    3. Opportunity
    4. Tablets
    5. Depicts
    6. Agreement
    7. Violated
    8. Harbor
    9. Life-size replica
    10. Concern

    № 2.

    1. Rechargeable (e)
    2. Injustices
    3. Regardless
    4. Protection
    5. Environmental
    6. Cruelties
    7. Disposable
    8. Declaration

    № 3.

    E D A  C B

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