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    Проверочная работа для 11 класса по УМК Spotlight Module 3
    тест по английскому языку (11 класс)

    Фазлахметова Елена Дмитриевна

    Проверочная работа для 11 класса по УМК Spotlight Module 3


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    №1. Прочитаете текст и впишите части предложений в пропуски. 

    We like to see murderers and thieves end up in prison. If they are caught as a result of being filmed by security cameras, (1) ………………, we enjoy it even more. It gives us comforting feeling that ever-improving technology may just be the weapon we have long been looking for in our war against them. Recent scientific breakthroughs have also made it possible to solve crimes that took place decades ago, (2) ……………………… This, too, is good news; if it is true it means that there really is no hiding place for the wrongdoer, (3) ……………………, and that crime cannot pay.  The worrying thing is, of course, that it is not only the criminals who are being watched. All of us have now become the stars of films made in shops, (4) …………………………….. Records are kept, and sometimes sold, of the numbers we most often phone, while the E-mails we like to think of as being private and personal are copied and stored by persons unknown. Some will say this is the price of freedom from crime, (5) …………. Others believe it is dangerously similar to the argument used by police states to control their citizens. 

    A in car parks and in the high street. 

    B that the innocent have nothing to fear. 

    C so that just about any story can be worked out from its ending. 

    D having their phone calls listened to or their E-mail messages read 

    E that the police will always get their man 

    № 2. Прочитайте текст № 1снова и определите правда (true) в предложение или ложь (false). 

    1. People want to see criminals in prison. T / F 

    2. Security cameras can’t give us the feeling of comfort in the war against criminals. T / F 

    3. Security cameras can’t help to solve crimes that happened some years ago. T / F 

    4. It is not only the criminals who are being watched, but all people are filmed. T / F 

    5. Security cameras can help you to be free from crime. T / F 

    № 3.  Choose the correct response.

    1. May I use your boarding card, please?                A. Yes, of course. It’s to the right of the

    departure lounge

    1. Do you mind if I take the aisle seat, Bill?                B. I know. I missed my connection.
    2. I thought you’d have arrived hours ago.                C. Sure. Here you are.
    3. Could you please tell me where gate 5 is?                D. No, it’s fine, sir.
    4. Is this suitcase too heavy to take on the plane?        E. No, go ahead.

    № 4.  Прочитайте предложения и впишите слова справа в правильной форме в предложения. 

    1. I love the way he depicts people and his …………………. (SENSITIVE) 

    2. It is such a good …………………. (EXHIBIT) 

    3. Rembrandt’s pictures are always ………………….. for me. (IMPRESS) 

    4. The improvements were simple but remarkably …………… (EFFECT) 

    5. Cubism is a European art …………….., initiated in France in 1907. (MOVE)

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