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    Контрольная работа по модулю №8.Spotlight-6.
    тест по английскому языку (6 класс) на тему

    Григорьева Ольга Сергеевна

    Работа включает в себя задания на знание лексической базы по микротемам "Types of houses", "Places in town", владение модальными глаголами must/mustn't/needn't/have to (has to) и проверяет сформированность навыка образования степеней сравнения и употребления их в предложениях.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Test 8 (Spotlight 6)

    Task 1. Fill in the correct word: store, stadium, tent, snack, library, palace, cottage, sports centre, gallery, university halls of residence. There are two words you don't have to use.

    1. Prince William and Princess Kate live in Buckingham _________ .
    2. There is a big departament ________ near my house. We often do the shopping there.
    3. My grandparents live in a _________ in the countryside.
    4. When my family go fishing we always sleep in a ________ .
    5. I usually exercise at the __________ to keep fit.
    6. We can see a lot of works of art in the Tretyakov ________ .
    7. If I want to have a ________, I go to the fast food retaurant.
    8. The opening and closing ceremony of the Olympiad – 2014 was at Fisht  _________ .

    Task 2. Mustn't or needn't?

    1. We _______ hurry. We'll make mistakes.
    2. We _______hurry. We're early.
    3. We _______ leave the door open. The rain will come in.
    4. We _______ leave the door open. Peter has got a key.
    5. You _______ drive so fast. The police will stop you.
    6. You _______  drive so fast. We've got a lot of time.
    7. You _______ pay now. You can pay when the work is finished.
    8. You _______ smoke and use mobile phones on a plane.

    Task 3. Write what Ann «has to do» or «doesn't have to do» in the office. Then write about yourself.



    make coffee


    wear a uniform at school


    clean the office


    go to school on Sunday


    type letters


    study hard


    answer the phone


    come to school at 7.30


    lock the office


    do my homework regularly


    Task 4. Write the comparative and superlative adjectives.

    Variant 1

    Variant 2

    Late, rich, hot, hungry, good, little, many, dangerous

    Wide, high, slim, angry, good, bad, much, important

    Task 5. Compare yourself with one of your classmates. You can use: short, tall, young, good at sport, bad at Maths, lazy, friendly, beautiful/handsome and other.

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