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    тест (10 класс) на тему

    Вера Витальевна Деведерова

    В тестах представлен общий лексико- грамматический матнриал учебника по таким разделам как " Моя семья", "Мои увлечения", " Моя будущая профессия" и др. В грамматических заданиях охвачены следующие разделы: глагол be в Present Simple, артикли с именами собственными, предлоги места, времени и направления.

      Цель данной разработки - повторить и закрепить, полученные знания.


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    Предварительный просмотр:


    Вариант 1

    1.  Alexander is      ….      .

        a)  a college student

        b)  a doctor

        c)  a teacher

    2.  I get up                 7 o’clock every morning.

        a) in

        b) at

        c) on

    3. Alexander               writes  letters to his friends in evenings.

       a )  last year

        b)  in a year

        c) usually

    4.  ладить, иметь хорошие отношения с кем- либо

        a)  to live well

        b)  to get a letter

        c)  to get on well

    5. Sister of your father or mother

        a) grandson

        b) father

        c) aunt

    6. Alexander   …             in Moscow.

        a) plays

        b)  lives

        c) have been working

    7. I have many  …          in different  ….            .

        a)  relatives, cities

        b) animals, Zoo

        c) games, forests

    8. My mother goes             her work by bicycle

        a)  over

        b) across

        c) to

    9.             type of music do you like:  pop, rock, heavy metal?

        a) who

        b)  when

        c)  what

    10. This season our team is playing   …             than last year.

         a) bad

          b) worse

         c) badder

             11.  Russia is a … …

                          a)    a parliamentary monarchy

                          b)    a Constitutional Republic

                          c)    a Constitutional monarchy

              12. The government of RF consists of ….. branches.

                          a)    four

                          b)    two

                          c)    three

               13. Great Britain consist of … …parts.

                          a)    four

                          b)    five

                          c)    fourteen

                14. The first record of the modern Olympic games dates from ….

             a)   1861

             b)   1875

             c)   1812

               15. The World Wildlife Fund uses … … as its symbol.

                          a)     the mammal

                          b)    the blue whale

                          c)     the panda

    16. …Balearic Islands lie to …south of Spain.

    a) the, the

    b) no article, the

    c) the, no article

    17. She …the house for an hour by the time her husband… .

    a) had been cleaning, arrived

    b) was cleaning, arrive

    c) cleaned, arrived

    18. you/ ever/drive/ a car?

    a) Do you ever drive a car?

    b) Have you ever driven a car?

    c) Did you ever drive a car?

    19. Which one is correct?

    a) I am looking for a job since the last two weeks.

    b) I am looking for a job for the last two weeks.

    c) I am looking for a job the last two weeks.

    20. Which one is correct?

    a) Michael said he would watch the film “Avatar”.

    b) Michael said he will watch the film “Avatar”.

    c) Michel sais I will watch the film “ Avatar” .


                                                                          Вариант 2

    1.  Alexander is      ….      .

        a)  Russian

        b)  British

        c)  Swedish

    2.  My brother gets  up                 6 o’clock every morning.

        a) in

        b) on

        c) at

    3. Alexander                 goes   to the cinema on Sundays.

        a)  last year

        b)  often

        c) in 2 years

    4.  иметь обязанности по дому

        a)  to have one’s duties about the house

        b)  to have a beautiful pet

        c)  to do sports

    5. a daughter of your sister or brother

        a)  uncle

        b)  great- grandmother

        c) niece

    6. Alexander   …           computer games on Sundays.

        a) watches

        b)  plays

        c) is reading

    7.  In our garden we grow many ….           and            ….  .

        a)  flowers, tomatoes

        b) teeth, feet

        c) tables, desks

    8.  ….          do you usually spend your holidays?

        a)  who

        b)  where

        c) what

    9.   Go   ….        , don’t make any turns!

        a)  into

        b)  across

        c)  straight

    10. Yesterday it was  ….           match of all .

         a) difficult

          b) difficulter

         c) the most difficult


    11. The head of the Russian government is… …

    1. the President
    2. the Prime Minister
    3. the State Duma


    12. The president of RF controls all the … branches of power.

    1. four
    2. three
    3. two

        13.  English favorite meal of a day is called...

    1. five o`clock tea
    2. five o`clock coffee
    3. five o`clock sandwich

         14. The first modern Olympiad took place in …

    1. Athens in 1896
    2. Berlin in1986
    3. Paris in1895


     15. Alexander Pushkin was the author of more than 700 … …

    1. fairytales
    2. lyrical poems
    3. dramatic works

    Вариант 3

    1.  Alexander is      ….      .

        a) sixteen

        b)  forty six

        c)  seven

    2.  My sister gets  up          9 o’clock on Sundays.

        a) in

        b) at

        c) on

    3.  Alexander            plays computer games.

        a)  seldom

        b) last year

        c) 3 years ago

    4.  проводить много времени вместе

        a) to spend a lot of time together

        b) to do sports

        c)  to have good times  in summer

    5.   mother of your mother or father

        a) daughter

        b)   uncle

        c)  grandmother

    6.  Alexander   …           to his college by bus.

        a) swims

        b)  goes

        c) plays

    7.  My father builds many ….            and             ….  .

        a)  bridges, houses

        b)  windows, trees

        c)  streets, gardens

    8.  ….           films do you like?

        a)  which

        b)  when

        c) what

    9. There is a square            the theatre.

        a)  on

        b)  in

        c)  opposite

    10. Karate is the      …         of the Japanese martial arts .

         a) popular

          b) popularity

         c)  most popular

    11. ….. who likes sport can take part in the Olympic Games.

    1. Everyone
    2. All players
    3. Only the best

         12. The Russian Federation is a … . …..

    1. presidential republic
    2. parliamentary monarchy
    3. constitutional republic

        13. A typical feature of an English house is …..

    1. animals
    2. Tea
    3. a fireplace

        14. The Winter Olympic Games are held every … years.

    1. fife
    2. four
    3. three

       15. The Tretyakov Gallery was founded in the …

    1. 19-th century
    2. 18-th century
    3. 17-th century

    Вариант 4

    1….. do your pen friends live?

    1. Where
    2. How
    3. Whose

    2. Alexander’s concert starts in a  … …

    1. quarter past six
    2. quarter of an hour
    3. twelve o’clock

    3. English people generally have …. about one o’clock.

    1. supper
    2. dinner
    3. lunch

    4. the children likes to go to the Kindergarten, there are … toys there..

    1. little
    2. much
    3. many

    5. They have …money. – Are you sure they are poor?

    1. much
    2. many
    3. few

           6.  In big stores there are also… to take customers to different floors.

    1. escalators
    2. equipments
    3. excavators

          7. Where can you buy fish?

    1. in the greengrocer’s
    2. in the butcher’s
    3. in the supermarket

         8. The most popular sport is …

    1. tennis
    2. athletics
    3. races

         9. If a team wins, they called…

    1. the winners
    2. the losers
    3. the players

        10. He  … jogging (бег трусцой) every morning.

    1. plays
    2. does
    3. goes

         11.  In the… … Moscow became the capital of the Russian national state.

    1. 15-th century
    2. 16-th century
    3. 17-th century

         12. The Russian Federation was set up by the Constitution of…..

    1. 1992
    2. 1993
    3. 1991

         13. ….. is a characteristic feature of English people.

    1. Politeness
    2. Superstition
    3. Talking

         14. The Russian has hosted the Winter Olympics in ….

    1. 2012
    2. 2013
    3. 2014

          15. Russia is world famous for its….

    1. architecture
    2. literature
    3. culture

    Вариант 5

    1. The main disadvantage for people who live in big cities are…

    a) traffic jams

    b) traffic accidents

    c) traffic lights

    2. Winter Olympic Games never took place in…

    a)  Southern hemisphere

    b) Northern hemisphere

    c) North Pole

    3. The giant panda can live for up to…years.

    a) 20

    b) 50

    c) 70

    4. After graduation his school Alexander decided to study …

    a) Computing

    b) Medicine

    c) Art

    5. Employers prefer to hire specialists who are …with the latest technology.

    a) families

    b) familiar

    c) familiarity


    . Do you enjoy…books?

    a) reading

    b) read

    c)to read

    7The…is a group of towns and cities in Russia.

    1. Golden Mountains
    2. Golden Ring
    3. Golden Buddha

    8. Whales are …, not… .

    a) mammals, fish

    b) fish, mammals

    c) mammals, fishes

    9. If you want to enter our medical college you should learn … and …harder.

    a) English and Literature

    b) Physics and Biology

    c) Chemistry and Biology

    10.This person decides how criminals should be punished.

    a) judge

    b) plumber

    c) welder

    11. The Olympics have been held …in Russia.

    a) twice

    b) three times

    c) one time

    12. The Hermitage, which is famous for its rare collection of art objects, is located in …

    a) Moscow

    b) Yekaterinburg

    c) Sankt Petersburg

    13. A newborn panda weighs only…grams.

    a) 125 gr.

    b) 1,250 gr

    c) 500 gr.

    14. To become a good specialist you should learn to … with difficulties.

    a) cope

    b) avoid

    c) find

    15. Graduating from college is a major …

    a) milestone

    b) mile bridge

    c) mailstone

    Вариант 6

    1. Alexander lives in …
    1. a small town
    2. a big city
    3. in the countryside
    1. My mother gets … early in the morning.
    1. On
    2. Up
    3. Over
    1. He has been studying at this college…years.

    a) for

    b) since

    c) in

    4. хорошо разбираться в чём-либо

    a) to be good at

    b) to cope with

    c) to feel good

    5.A bird that cannot fly.

    1. Eagle
    2. Parrot
    3. Hen

    6. When Alexander grew he took to reading…

    a) technical books

    b) books on medicine

    c) detective stories

    7. When people cut down a lot of trees it leads to…

    a) degradation

    b) deforestation

    c) dehydration

    8. A person who does operations in a hospital is called a…

    a) nurse

    b) scientist

    c) surgeon

    9. Whale is a type of sea …

    a) fish

    b) animal

    c) reptile

    10. Our nature is in great …because of many problems connected with air, water and land pollution.

    a) danger

    b) dangerous

    c) dangerously

    11. Treyacov Gallery reflects the history of Russian…

    a) music

    b) art

    c) architecture

    12. … should enjoy working with people

    Because they are representing their legal interests.

    1. Firemen
    2. Artists
    3. Lawyers

    13. Many little boys dream of becoming…when they grow up.

    1. Salespeople
    2. Plumbers
    3. Firemen

    14. The flag of the UK is called… .

    a) Union Jack

    b) Union Trade

    c) United States

    15. The World Wildlife Fond is founded to… .

    a) protect the nature on the Earth

    b) protect computer programs from hucking

    c) protect people`s health

    Вариант 7

    1. The village people try to …their traditional habits and culture.

    a) protect

    b) predict

    c) forget

    2.. The executive power in RF belongs to the…

    a) Government

    b) Federal Assemblée

    c) Supreme Court

    3. The giant panda can weigh …kilogram.

    a) 1,150

    b) 150

    c) 550

    4. …should enjoy working with people because they are representing their legal interests.

    a) firemen



    5. To become a good computer programmer you should be good…Mathematics and Physics.

    a) at

    b) with


    6. The Federation Council of Russia  is formed of the …of the regions.

    a) heads

    b) ministers

    c) popular representatives

    7. The smallest part of the UK is… .

    a) England

    b) Scotland

    c) Wales

    8. The Tretyacov Gallery was founded in the 19-th century by one of the Russian… .

    a) artists

    b) merchants

    c) businessmen

    9. Pierre David, the English priest was the first European to see a giant panda in …in 1869.

    a) China

    b) India

    c) Japan

    10. Plumbing facilities in the cities provide people with pure … .

    a) water

    b) food

    c) air


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