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    Годовые тесты для 11-х классов
    тест по английскому языку (11 класс) по теме

    Чупина Людмила Александровна

    В этой папке вы найдете итоговые тесты для 11-х классов по грамматике и лексике


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    Progress B


    Read the text below and put the sentences (A–F) in the gaps (1–5). There is one extra sentence.

    A That can be impolite or mean ‘Go away’, in other countries.

    B The other person doesn’t know you are holding your thumbs.

    C However, gestures can be misunderstood in cross-cultural situations.

    D That means that part of learning a language is learning the gestures, too.

    E They shake their head from side to side which means ‘no’ in most other countries.

    F If a person does not look an American in the eye, he may not trust the person or feel uncomfortable during the conversation.

    Body language

    ‘Actions speak louder than words’, we say in English. This is certainly true when judging someone’s character. Sometimes, instead of words, we use actions or gestures to say something. 1 _____ Americans, like other nationalities, have their own ‘body language’ which may not be so easy to learn.

    Body language is part of ‘kinesics’ – the study of facial expressions, eye contact, gestures and even the way you stand or sit. Psychologists, linguists and communication experts say that body language sends a ‘silent’ message to others. For example, direct eye contact is very important for Americans. 2 _____ Of course, body language differs across cultures. In many cultures, especially in the Far East, looking down or lowering the eyes is a sign of respect. In these cultures, Americans might seem too bold or aggressive with their direct eye contact.


    In some countries, like France, Holland and the United States, making a gesture with the palm of the hand facing up, bending the fingers back two or three times, means ‘Come here’. 3 _____ In Italy and Tunisia, for example, the same gesture must be made with the hand facing down to say ‘Come here’.

    Gestures can cause serious misunderstandings. For example, Bulgarians are well-known for their ‘yes’ gesture. 4 _____ To show ‘no’, Bulgarians make a movement with the head which looks like ‘yes’ to people not from Bulgaria.

    Some Polish gestures can be easily misunderstood in other cultures. In Poland, when you want to wish someone good luck, you hold your thumbs inside your hand, making a fist. 5 _____ He might think you are making a fist and it looks like you are an enemy.

    (adapted from The World of English)




    Your classmates decided to organise a disco and you want to invite students from England who are just staying in your town for an exchange programme. Write a letter (100–150 words) to entertainment agency Manhattan which deals with organising discos.

    1. Explain why you are contacting them.
    2. Ask about a possibility to organise a disco according to your class preferences (time, place, number of people).
    3. Ask about the kind of music and refreshments.
    4. Ask about ticket prices and security in the disco.



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