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    Новые направления в английском языке-Роб Дин
    презентация по английскому языку на тему

    Чупина Людмила Александровна

    Автор презентации рассказывает о новых направлениях в изучении английского языка. Семинар был очень интересным и продуктивным.


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    Слайд 1

    ‘ That is Something Up With Which I Will Not Put’ Changing English Rob Dean Russia, June 2009

    Слайд 2

    Agenda Language analysis task Types of changes Source of changes Examples galore Conclusions

    Слайд 3

    There are less people here today than there were yesterday. Due to bad weather, the event was cancelled. Hopefully, it won’t rain later. And, later on, we’ll have some coffee. I’d like to quickly tell you something. You’ll get a free gift if you order today. None of you are going to enjoy this. Me and my mum always go shopping on Saturday. It rained all day, so we had to put the party off.

    Слайд 4

    Prescription or Description?  

    Слайд 5

    The Academy? L’Acad èmie Française Le parking Le pressing Le marketing Le weekend

    Слайд 6

    So, what’s changed? Vocabulary Grammar Pronunciation

    Слайд 7

    Change is nothing new

    Слайд 8

    Words from Different Sources Old English book help French volume aid Latin text assistance Different words; similar meanings

    Слайд 9

    ‘ Mongrel’ Language Anglo Saxon Cow Pig Sheep Deer Norman Beef Pork Mutton Venison Different words; different meanings

    Слайд 10

    What’s caused the changes? Media – Television, films, journalism Youth culture Technology & Lifestyle changes Political correctness ‘ Foreign’ words entering the language

    Слайд 12

    “ New” Borrowed Words - Which language? panini fajita mezze macchiato oligarch passé siesta zeitgeist Italian Lebanese Italian Spanish Spanish French German Greek New products from abroad Easier / Shorter names for existing things

    Слайд 13

    It works the other way too…

    Слайд 14

    Ihr Handy ist simgelockt

    Слайд 15

    “ I am so not gonna do that” The ‘Friends’ Phenomenon The Influence of the Media:

    Слайд 17

    Which are ‘in’? Which are ‘out’? In a jiffy / in a sec. Amazing! / Smashing! Bonkers / crazy What a nuisance! / what a pain! A cool dude / a good chap Jolly good! / way to go! Stop bugging me! / Talk to the hand! (How are you?) I’m fine thanks / I’m good Organised! / Sorted!

    Слайд 18

    Top ten most irritating ‘in’ expressions: If he scores, the stadium will literally explode. It’s a big ask for Murray at this stage of his career. You need to think outside the box. Let’s touch base. At this moment in time , the meeting is still in progress. With all due respect , I think you’re wrong. How key is that! They’re open 24/7. Would you like cheese or ham? – Whatever! Here’s your meal. Enjoy!

    Слайд 19

    Pronunciation: Queen’s English?

    Слайд 20

    The Influence of the Media The ‘Neighbours’ Effect

    Слайд 21

    The ‘Neighbours’ Effect It’s great to be here. I’m taking a break.

    Слайд 22

    Youth 2009, innit? Latest ‘L ady Gaga ’ album iphone insane e-mail add ress $250 T rainers / Sneakers

    Слайд 23

    Slang Hit Parade pants (adj) rad (adj) chav (n) hottie (n) A person or thing which is extreme in some positive way. A person who is sexually attractive An undesirable unsophisticated person A word meaning rubbish or no good.

    Слайд 24

    From Bad to Good wicked That’s a wicked bike! ill Isn’t Lucia Rijker the world’s illest female boxer! fat or phat Those shoes are just so phat!

    Слайд 25

    New Grammatical Constructions "be like"

    Слайд 26

    New Grammatical Constructions “ Vicky ’s like standing at the bus stop and I ’m like , “What are you doing here?” “ Vicky was standing at the bus stop and I said to her “What are you doing here?”

    Слайд 27

    The form and meaning of ‘be like’ Subj + be + like + -ing Usage: Informal version of past continuous Subj + be + like + “direct quote” Usage: Informal; to introduce direct speech, often of a surprising or interesting nature.

    Слайд 28

    Shortening camera > cam carbohydrates > carbs dreadlocks > dreads e-commerce > e-comm disc jockey > jock mobile phone > mobi

    Слайд 29

    Three-Letter Acronyms

    Слайд 30

    TLA’s SMS LOL BBL EOD LMK FYI FYA MTF Short Messaging System Laugh out Loud Be back later End of discussion Let me know For your information For your amusement More to follow

    Слайд 31

    New words for a new technological age

    Слайд 32

    What’s Missing? age native book business cash commerce crime fraud kidnapper digital e- cyber

    Слайд 33

    e-business e-cash e-commerce e-money e-publishing e-tailer e-ticket e-book e-zine e-signature Business Non-Business e-words

    Слайд 34

    ‘ cyber’ words cybercafe cyberland cyberforensics cybercrime cyberfraud cyberkidnapper cyberporn cybersickness cyberterrorism cyberwidow neutral negative

    Слайд 35

    Technical Neologisms Podcasts Vodcasts Netizen Ego Surfing Skype (v) Putting your own name into a computer search engine A person who interacts with others mainly through the internet A downloadable audio file To communicate using an online ‘telephone’ programme A downloadable video file

    Слайд 36

    21 st Century ‘Lifestyle’ Neologisms Road rage Yummy mummy Waitress mum Shopgrifting Mallrats Irritainment

    Слайд 37

    Compound Words Over half the “new words” entering the language are not one word, but two old ones put together

    Слайд 38

    Compound Words back office hot desk loyalty card neural computer stealth tax credit crunch

    Слайд 39

    Blends documentary + soap = global + localization = imagination + engineer = traffic jam + camera = testify + lying = kid + adult = docusoap glocalisation imagineer jamcam testilying kidult

    Слайд 40

    Acronyms and Backronyms Scuba S elf c ontained u nderwater b reathing a paratus Laser L ight a mplification by s timulated e mission of r adiation Army A ll R eally M acho Y obs Spam S tupid, P ointless A nnoying M essages FIAT F ix i t a gain t omorrow

    Слайд 41

    Retronyms Snail Mail Acoustic Guitar

    Слайд 42

    The Age of Political Correctness air stewardess actress chairman blind fat short cheating flight attendant actor chairperson non-sighted person of substance vertically challenged academic dishonesty

    Слайд 44


    Слайд 45


    Слайд 46


    Слайд 48


    Слайд 49

    Darwin is still right! Evolution is inevitable... If we don’t adapt, we become extinct. ALL CHANGE

    Слайд 50

    Lynne Truss Talk to the Hand David Crystal The Fight for English Lynne Truss Eats, Shoots and Leaves Bill Bryson Mother Tongue

    Слайд 51

    Accuracy counts though… My teacher is very fertile The verb connected with arson is ‘to arse’ Hospitable is when you go to hospital There’s some cat on the chair She likes talking to the phone I spent the summer in my grandmother In the holidays I tripped on the mountain Anna tried to throw up smoking Intercourse between trams should be about six minutes The bed has nice clean shits A nursery is a school for nurses On the coast there is a nice bitch

    Слайд 52

    robert.dean@pearson.com Thank you

    Слайд 53

    Wordclass Migration verb > noun ask, buy, get, gimme, suck-up noun > verb author, bike, message, sky, task, text adjective > verb big something up, harsh on somebody, large it noun > adjective dope, pants adjective > noun massive, win-win verb > adjective stand-alone, walk-in

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    Рабочая программа по английскому языку для детей 5-7 лет, главной целью которой является обучение элементарным навыкам общения на английском языке, расширение английского словарного запаса. Прогр...

    методическая разработка серии уроков: «Профессионально-направленный курс» английского языка для специальности: 21.02.01. «Разработка и эксплуатация нефтяных и газовых месторождений».

    laquo;Профессионально-направленный курс» английского языка для специальности: 21.02.01.   «Разработка и эксплуатация нефтяных и газовых месторождений».  Дисципли...

    Здоровьесберегающая направленность урока английского языка

    Данная работа представляет собой рекомендации по ведению урока английского языка с точки зрения здоровьесбережения....

    Примерные задания интеллектуально-творческой направленности по английскому языку для 2 – 9 классов

    Задания интеллектуально-творческой  направленности  многократно увеличивают эффективность урока, создают условия для раскрытия личностного потенциала учащихся, способствуют развитию интеллек...

    Программа дополнительного образования экологической направленности по английскому языку.

    В программе раскрыты новизна, актуальность, педагогическая целесообразность, цели и задачи, ожидаемые результаты, формы подведения итогов. Подобраны темы уроков для начальной школы, среднего и старешг...

    English for Specific Purposes - актуальные направления изучения английского языка

    Небольшая статья об одном из эффективных способов изучения английского языка для работы в разных проф. отраслях...

    “Подводные камни” при чтении текста на английском языке (первое задание в устной части раздела “Говорение” нового формата по английскому языку)

    Данная статья посвящена объяснению всех тонкостей, которые следует учесть будущим выпускникам и их педагогам, готовящимся к сдаче ЕГЭ по английскому языку (устная часть экзамена). В ней я также расска...



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