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    Методическая разработка (английский язык, 11 класс) по теме:
    Урок английского языка "Let's talk about films" в 11 классе

    Демченко Анна Александровна

    разработка урока в 11 классе, включает работу с текстом в формате ЕГЭ


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение

    Лицей №82

    п. Каменоломни

    Ростовского области Октябрьского района

    Конспект урока по английскому языку

    в 11 классе

    «Давайте поговорим о кино»



    Демченко Анна Александровна

                                                                          учитель английского языка



    Каменоломни 2011 г

    Цель: развитие иноязычной коммуникативной компетенции учащихся

    Речевая компетенция: автоматизация лексического навыка говорения по теме «кино», совершенствование навыков поискового чтения.

    Языковая компетенция: введение новых лексических единиц и закрепление их в упражнениях.

    Социокультурная компетенция: расширение знаний учащихся об истории кинематографа

    Компенсаторная компетенция: развитие языковой догадки, понимание текстов с опорой на картинку.

    Оборудование: компьютер, проектор.

    Ход урока:

    1. Организационный момент.

     T: Good afternoon dear boys and girls. Today we’ll talk about films and actors, the history of cinematography, we’ll describe your favorite genres and we’ll play a game. So, are you ready, let’s start.


    T: Look at the blackboard, divide the word into 3 groups: genres, professions and adjectives which describe films.

    Impressive, producer, wealth, magnificent, sound film, stuffed with, actor, boring, shoot, stunt man, corporation, entertainment, audience, melodrama, western, success, comedy, fights, thriller, unreal things, mystery, suspense, story line, musicals, director, astonishing, costumier, lousy, lose, sound film, sound engineer, aggression, action films, mysterious, screenwriter, rotten, cartoon, cameraman, romantic, documentary, historical films.

    T: The following expressions are related to cinema. Match them with the right definition.

    1. blockbuster

    1. the first public showing
    1. tear-jerker

    1. a film made for a big audience
    1. premiere

    1. a very sentimental film
    1. soundtrack

    1. an advertisement for a movie consisting of extracts from it
    1. trailer

    1. music for a film

    1. Речевая разминка.

    T: What do you think about films of different genres? Use adjective modifiers to describe your feelings (extremely, very, pretty, totally, absolutely)

    P1: Westerns are pretty good.

    P2: Horror films are extremely horrible.

    P3: Melodramas are really boring.

    T: What is your favourite genre and why?

    P1: My favourite genre is action film, because it is exciting and full of special effects.

    P2: I prefer melodramas as I’m a romantic person and I like romantic stories.

    P3: I’m fond of thrillers, because I’m interested in supernatural things.

    1. Игра “ guess the type of the film”

    Использование презентации.

    1. Guess the title of the film. Match with a picture
    1. A 17-year-old rich girl and a third-class passenger meet on the tragic voyage of the "unsinkable" ship. They get to know each other better until they fall in love. But the ship hits an iceberg and starts to sink... 
    1. Chuck Nolan works for the Fed Ex Delivery Company and lives in Memphis, planning to marry his girlfriend. One day, while flying to Australia, his plane crashes during a storm and he suddenly finds himself on a very small and deserted island, completely alone. His only friend is a football called Wilson.
    2. The Fellowship has been broken. Boromir is dead, Frodo and Sam take Gollum prisoner and go to Mordor to destroy The One Ring.
    3. Vivian is a prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard. One day she meets the prince of her dreams, a rich businessman who is in Los Angeles on a business trip.

    5)  The life of a simple bookshop owner changes when Anna Scott, a beautiful American film star, walks in his shop and buys a book.

    6) Blacksmith Will Turner teams up with eccentric pirate "Captain" Jack Sparrow to save his love, the governor's daughter, from Jack's former pirate allies, who are now undead.

    1. Введение новых лексических единиц. (прилагательные для описания фильмов) You know a lot of adjectives to describe a film, what are they?

    P1: splendid, P2: astonishing, P3: boring.

    T: But there are so many of them, and they can help you to make your speech more colourful. Try to use them in the following situations and write down the words you don’t know.

    appaling      awful      brilliant      fascinating      gripping      hilarious      intense      light      soppy      surprising

    1. Tonight I don’t want to have to think. I just feel like relaxing. I’d like to see a ________________ comedy.
    2. I’ve laughed so much that my belly aches. The film was really ________________.
    3. The film had too many ________________ scenes. I was shocked, because they were horrid.
    4. What a ________________ film! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen from the beginning to the end. I was glued!
    5. The film was so ________________ that I lost my patience and left the cinema.
    6. Most scenes were so violent and ________________ I had to close my eyes.
    1. Работа с текстом. Film making industry developed rapidly and the number of films grew constantly. Do you know when and where cinematography developed? So let’s read the text and see.
    1. Чтение и сопоставление заголовков и отрывков текста
    2. Определение слова по дефиниции
    3. Вопросы к тексту.
    1. Game “Who wants to be a millionare?”
    2. The lesson is coming to the end. Did you like it? If you were in a restaurant how would you describe your feelings after the lesson: It was super tasty, I ate it with pleasure, there were some new flavour, I didn’t understand.

    Good bye, see you next lesson.

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    Список использованной литературы:

    1. www.eslprintables.ru (презентация, стихи, головоломка)
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