Тест к презентации на тему: "THE USA. Ethnic composition and Languages".
тест по английскому языку (11 класс) по теме

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Тест к презентации на  тему: "THE USA. Ethnic composition. Languages".


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Test. Ethnic composition. Languages.

1. The correct order of ethnic groups according to the number of people making them up is:

  1. Afro-Americans
  2. Native Americans
  3. Whites
  4. Hispanics
  5. Asian Americans

2. Correspondence between the ethnic groups and nations of these groups is:

  1. Hispanic-Americans
  2. Afro-Americans
  3. Asian Americans
  4. Native Americans
  1. Hawaiian
  2. Cuban Americans
  3. Puerto Ricans
  4. Indians
  5. Chinese
  6. Kenyan

3. Polynesians, Eskimo and Indians are … .

4. ‘Amerindians’ is a term that is considered to be politically incorrect for ….


5. The approximate number of native Americans today is:

  1. 1 million
  2. 2million
  3. 3 million
  4. 4 million

6. Afro-Americans constitute:

  1. 9 % of the population
  2. 13 % of the population
  3. 25 % of the population
  4. 52 % of the population

7. The correct chronological order of the appearance of the theories is:

  1. pizza theory
  2. melting pot theory
  3. salad bowl theory
  4. kettle theory

8. The correspondence between the people in the pictures and the ethnic groups they belong to is:

  1. Afro-Americans

  1. Asian Americans

                                                               a)                                   b)

  1. Native Americans

  1. Hispanic-Americans

                                      c)                                              d)

9. The correspondence between the theories and their main ideas is:

  1. melting pot theory
  2. pizza theory
  3. salad bowl theory
  1. a partial interpenetration of national cultures
  2. the mixture of cultures has led to the absence of culture
  3. people took American culture as their own
  4. different cultures are preserved, they coexist together side by side

10. Cultural pluralism is characteristic of … theory.

11. “The English Only Movement” is a campaign by people who want:

  1. to bar people not speaking English from entry to the country
  2. to make English the official language of the US
  3. to stop studying foreign languages
  4. to forbid using languages but English

12. The official language of the USA:        

  1. is French
  2. is English
  3. is American English
  4. has not been adopted

13. American English had been well established from British English by:

  1. the 17th century
  2. the 18th century
  3. the 19th century
  4. the 20th century

14. “Raccoon, opossum, moose, caribou” are borrowings from:

  1. Dutch
  2. Indian languages
  3. French
  4. Spanish

15. Negative attitude to the English language was after:

  1. the World War I
  2. the Civil War
  3. the War of Independence
  4. the World War II

16. The word ‘ranch’ is of … origin.

17. Spanish is widely used in:

  1. Florida and Georgia
  2. New York City and Florida
  3. Washington and New York City
  4. Texas and Nevada

18. The correct order of languages according to the number of people speaking them is:

  1. Italian
  2. English
  3. French
  4. German

19. Ethnic groups that are growing faster than the others are … and… .

20. The correspondence between the words and the languages of their origin is:

  1. skunk
  2. hippie
  3. boss
  4. cafeteria
  1. Dutch
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. the language of Native Americans
  5. the language of Negro slaves

21. The word “prairie” was borrowed from the … language.

22. Level Head and Fall is an intonation pattern characteristic of … variant of English.

23. The official language of the USA is:

  1. French
  2. English
  3. American English
  4. not adopted

24. In AE the sound [r] is… .

25. The correspondence between the variants of English and words used in them:

  1. AE
  2. BE

  1. labor
  2. colour
  3. center
  4. theatre
  5. connexion
  6. mail
  7. sidewalk
  8. lift
  9. frosting
  10. lorry

26. The political correctness movement had its lasting influence on AE in:

  1. the 1960s
  2. the 1970s
  3. the 1980s
  4. the 1990s

27. The correspondence between the expressions and their politically correct equivalents is:

  1. short
  2. unemployed
  3. deaf
  4. housewife
  1. economically exploited
  2. hearing impaired
  3. vertically challenged
  4. involuntarily leisured
  5. domestic operative

28. According to PC the man in the picture should be called … .

29. A politically correct expression for the man is:

  1. differently sized
  2. visually impaired
  3. gravitationally challenged
  4. vertically challenged

30. Usually three regional dialects are distinguished in AE: Eastern American, Southern American and … .

31. The dialect that is closest to being a standard and is heard on national television is:

  1. Midwestern American
  2. Southern American
  3. New England American
  4. Eastern American

32. A nasal accent is characteristic of … .

33. The dialects that contain old words no longer used in other American dialects are:

  1. the Northern dialects
  2. the Western dialects
  3. the Eastern dialects
  4. the Southern dialects

34. In the 19th & 20th centuries AE was enlarged by borrowings from:

  1. Dutch and French
  2. French and German
  3. German and Spanish
  4. Spanish and Dutch

35. The southern accent is a ... .

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