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    Разработка урока по теме "Праздники и традиции Британии"
    методическая разработка по английскому языку (7 класс) по теме

    Ребрикова Ольга Владимировна

    Урок может быть проведен в конце изучения темы "Праздники и традиции Британии" для 7 класса


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Открытый урок английского языка по теме "Праздники в Великобритании"

    Цели урока:

    Учебно-практическая: активизация и закрепление лексики по теме: “Праздники и обычаи страны изучаемого языка”, развитие навыков устной речи, формирование гибких и вариативных умений говорить, развитие навыков понимания иностранной речи на слух  .

    Познавательная: расширение и углубление культурологических знаний, повышение общей культуры общения.

    Развивающая: развитие   памяти, внимания, мышления, восприятия  .

    Воспитательная: формирование уважительного отношения к языку, умения активно и плодотворно работать в коллективе.

    Ход урока

    1. Организационный момент.

    - Good morning, children! I am gland to see you.

    -Today we have a revision- lesson. Today we shall speak with you about the most famous holidays and customs of Great Britain . I hope that it will be interesting for you during our lesson.

    2. Основная часть:

    1. Фонетическая зарядка.

    -Look at the blackboard! And repeat the following words after me.

    Christmas, holidays, New Year tree, greeting cards, Santa Claus, Easter,Christmas, New Year’s Day, Halloween, Guy Fawkes’ Night.

    2. Работа с презентацией:

    Слайд 1.

    -You know that people like to celebrate holidays all over the world.

    - Nowadays different people celebrate different holidays .

    -What about your families? What holidays do your families prefer to celebrate ?

    Работа с презентацией в Power Point.

    Ученик 1.Слайд 2.

    Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25.People of different countries celebrate Christmas in various ways. Christmas is a time for eating. The traditional food is turkey, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding made of fruit. Candles at Christmas also go back to those times. People believed then that their light helped them to forget the darkness of winter. Now ChristmasTree stands in everybody’s living room at Christmas. A lot of people go to Trafalgar Square to see the Christmas tree. They have a New Year party at home. When Big Ben strikes 12 they drink a toast for the New Year.Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25. People of different countries celebrate Christmas in various ways. Christmas is a time for eating. The traditional food is turkey, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding made of fruit. Candles at Christmas also go back to those times. People believed then that their light helped them to forget the darkness of winter.

    Ученик 2.Слайд 2.

    Easter Sunday is the day when Christians celebrate Christ’s return to life and victory over dearth. On this day many people go to church. Children get presents of chocolate Easter eggs. Easter always  means spring, new life after winter, flowers,green teers, young  animals,especially lambs and chicks. Some time ago it was  a tradition to make new  clothes and hats  for Easter.

    Ученик 3.Слайд 3.

     Сelebrating Halloween is a very  old traditions. Long ago people thought that on 31 st October spirits  of the dead came back. That’s why now some people dress up as  whitches  and ghosts. They make Lamps of pumpkins. Sometimes  children go out in groups, knock on people’s door and say «Trick or treat». They usually get a treat, some sweets or nuts. People also have Halloween parties where they often play games.

    Ученик 4.Cлайд 4.

    Guy Fawkes’ Night is on 5 Novemder. That day in 1605 some conspirators wanted to blow up the Houses of Parlament and kill King James 1 and his ministers. Guy  Fawkes was one of them. But they couldn’t do that because the King’s men  caught  Guy Fawkers and killed him. Not many people think about those  events now and they enjoy  celebrating the day with their celebrating the day  with their friends and families. On 5 November when it gets dark , people go out into the streets and watch beautiful fireworks. In the country they often  make big  bornfires and gather near them.


    -Listen to the tape .

    -What holidays are these people speaking about?

    a)New Year’s Day                                         1.Lily’s Neighbour

    b)Easter Holiday                                           2.The Gordons

    c)Guy Fawkers’ Day                                     3.Tommy Forester

    (Ответы детей)


    -Read the text. Are these sentences  after the text true ?

    People in Britian celebrate  Christmas on 25 December . They celebrate it as the day  when  Jesus Christ was born. It is often cold , wet, and foggy at Christmas. Families decorate their homes and Christmas tree. The day before Christmas is Christmas Eve. It is a very busy day for families in cakes,hang stockings near the fireplace. Children often write letters to Father Christmas with their wishes . They believe while they are sleeping ,Father Christmas comes to visit. He is a kind old man in red clothes  with a big sack of toys. He puts sweets and small toys in the children’s stockings. On Christmas Day everyone open presents and sits down to the table to have a big dinner. Families usually have turkey or goose  with vegetables. After  dinner the families  gather in the living room to Queen of England on TV. At tea time in thr afternoon  they drink tea with the Christmas cake.

    During the holiday carolers go from house to house in the evening. They ring handbells and sing carols, Christmas songs. People gives the carolers pies , nuts,fruit or little money.

    The day after Christmas is Boxing Day. But there’s no fighting on that day. The name «boxing» comes from the times when people put money for the  poor  in the church boxes. Ten on 26 December the poor got that money. Now people often  use this this day to give some money to people who helped them during the year.

     1.In England it is often rainy at Christmas.

    2.Father Christmas visits children on Christmas Eve.

    3.On Christmas day you can hear Queen of England on TV.

    4.People eat the Christmas cake on the day after Christmas.

    5.There are a lot of fights on Boxing day.

    6.Boxing day is the day when the poor go  to the church.

    7.People celebrate Christmas on 25 December.

    (Ответы детей)

    3. Подведение итогов урока. Оценки.

    Домашнее задание.

    - Thank you for your excellent work.  

    -You know a lot about customs and holidays of Great Britain.

     -You can tell about British traditions.

    -The lesson is over! Good-bye!

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