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    Тест по английскому языку (9 класс) по теме:
    тест по английскому языку по теме "Музыка" в 9 классе вариант 1

    Демченко Анна Александровна

    тест по теме "Музыка", 1 задание в формате ГИА, второе задание на выбор подходящего  по смыслу слова


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    Test Unit 2 “Music” 9 form

    True, false or unstated?

    What makes a good pianist?

    When I was a kid, my family could only afford to send one child to private lesson- it was expensive-and my older sister got to be the one to go. It seemed like going to get some privilege that I was not going to get, so I threw a temper tantrum for several days. I was four years old. Fnally my Dad said, “OK,OK, OK, just be quiet, you can go,.” And after the second lesson I wanted to stop, because I didn’t know you were supposed to come home every day and practice. So I said, “Thanks, Dad, but now I don’t want to do it,” and he said, “ Oh no, no,no , it doesn’t go that way.” So from four years old until about eleven years old, playing the piano was not fun. I mean, there were other things that I thought I should be doing.

    At 11 years old I started studying at the musical college which is now the musical college of Roosevelt University. That’s when the things changed. I started hearing things within the music then and started seeing things between the notes. I got to there instead of my parents saying, “You’d better go there and practice”. They would say, “Hey, it’s 11 o’clock, don’t you  want to stop practicing now?” The tabes had turned. I could just sit at the piano for hours. I loved the sound of it, the feel of it.

    A5. The first sent to private piano lessons was the boy’s sister.

    True                 2) False                 3) Not stated

    A6. The boy thew a temper tantrum-behaved badly- because he liked music and wanted to practice.

    True                 2) False                 3) Not stated

    A7. Piano lessons were not fun for the boy.

    True                 2) False                 3) Not stated

    A8. At the age of 11 the boy came to understand music.

    True                 2) False                 3) Not stated

    Fill in the gaps with words. Choose the best answer.

    The Beatles 1)_______ in Liverpool, England in 1960. And in 1962 the group 2) _____ with the song Love Me Do, they reached the the 27th spot. The Beatles 3) ____ a new kind of music. They 4)_____ their success in America in 1964. The concerts in America made them 5) ____ of young people. They 6) ___ many countries during their career but never visited the Soviet Union. In the UK they 7)____ twelve albums, and in the USA nineteen. It happened so because they 8) ________ 14 songs for one album and in the USA only 12. Young fans knew 9)_____ of their songs. Their last concert 10) ___ in the August of 19969.

                         Their music was a great 11) _____ in the history of music. But still The Beatles are considered to be a 12) ___ group whose songs are real 13) ______. Their 14)____ are sold nowadays too.

            1 a) arrived         b) came                 c) made its way to the stage

                                    2 a) entered the thirty chart     b) started their way       c) performed.

                                    3 a) created          b) inspired             c) admired

            4 a) continued      b) appeared           c) followed

            5 a) musicians       b) composers        c) idols

            6 a) arrived            b) toured               c) came

            7 a) published       b) announced       c) released

            8 a) recorded        b) included            c) dealt with

            9 a) changes          b) ideas                   c) lyrics

            10 a) took place    b) seat                    c) recorded

            11 a) success          b) event                 c) continue

            12 a) choral            b) unique               c) complicated

                                    13 a) idols              b) recordings         c) masterpieces

            14 a) recordings     b) lyrics                  c) ideas

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