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    Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия на английском языке. “Christmas traditions in English – speaking countries”
    методическая разработка по английскому языку по теме

    Казьмина Лариса Викторовна

    В ходе внеклассного мероприятия учащиеся в тетрализованной форме знакомятся с традициями празднования Рождества в англо - говорящих странах.


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    Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия на английском языке.

    “Christmas traditions in English – speaking countries”

    Действующие лица: Santa and Reader (1 and 2)

    Santa: Hi kids! You know what my name is. Now I will tell you my story! It was a long time ago. I was born in a small country where people were unhappy. And wanted to fix it! Every Christmas I gave all the presents! Later I went to the North pole ! There I met magical elves helpers and magic reindeer. In the North pole I have built a toy factory. And now in the Christmas night I fly in his magic sleigh above the sleeping cities and, going down through the chimney in the houses, leaves gifts to children in stockings, socks or shoes, which they deliberately left under the tree or hang over the fireplace.
    And I want to tell you the legend why people hang stockings over the fireplace Once upon a time the family was preparing to celebrate Christmas. But they were so poor that they could not afford to buy a Christmas tree, under which the Santa could bring their gifts. And the sad children had gone to bed, not hoping for gifts, and the next morning still found them in stockings, slung about by the fire to dry. The children were very happy, and the custom of hanging stockings over the fireplace has remained to nowadays.

    Well, the candles are lit, the Christmas tree is glittering with lights, the fire in the fire - place is burning. It’s time to begin the festival. The festival of Christmas.

    Reader 1: Everybody of you has his own mass, his own birthday which is celebrated with a light pie and tasty lemonade. But this occasion is something special; this is birthday of Jesus, our Savior. He was born on the 25-th of December nearly 2.000 years ago. Are you interested how it happened? So listen.

    Christmas play.

    Reader 2: Once upon a time there was a young woman named Mary. She lived in a town called Nazareth. Mary was soon be married to a poor carpenter named Joseph. One night the angel Gabriel came to visit Mary. She woke up when her room filled with a wonderful light.

    Mary: What’s happening?

    Angel: Congratulations, Mary! The Lord is with you! Don’t be frightened, Mary! God will do  a wonderful thing. I have come to tell you that you are going to be the Mother of God’s son! You are to name him Jesus.

    Mary: I’m so happy! How can this be?

    Angel: The holy Spirit and Power of God will come upon you. Your baby will be God’s son!

    Mary: I’m the Lord’s servant. I will do whatever he wants. He is my Savior. He has done great things to me.

    Reader 2: Joseph and Mary were to marry, but because she was pregnant Joseph wanted to leave her. One night Joseph had a dream and saw an angel standing by him.

    Angel: Don’t be afraid to take Mary as your wife! Her Child was made by the Holy Spirit. She will have a son and you will name him Jesus. He will save his people from their sins.

    Reader 2: Several months later Caesar Augustus, the great Roman King, told everyone.

    Roman King: Everyone must return to the place where their family had come from. I want to make a count of all the people in the nation!

    Joseph: Mary, we have to go to Bethlehem. It will be a long trip and you are soon to have our baby.

    Reader 2: When they arrived in Bethlehem, they looked and looked for a place to stay, but there were so many people that every place was full.

    Joseph: I pray, dear God, please help us to find a place to stay at. Oh, look, Mary! Do you see that old inn? Let’s knock at the door.

    Innkeeper: I’m sorry. There are too many people and the inn is full. There is no room here.

    Joseph: But look! We’ve travelled all the way from Nazareth and my wife is about to have a baby. We must find a place.

    Innkeeper: Well, maybe I can help you. You see, I have a stable down the road. You may sleep in the stable where the animals are, You can stay here if  you’d like.

    Reader 2: That night a little boy was born to Mary. She wrapped him in blankets to keep him warm and laid him in a manger. That night shepherds were in the fields watching their sheep. Suddenly the sky was filled with beautiful light and the angel appeared saying.

    Angel: Glory to God in the Highest! Peace on Earth  to men of good will!


    1: What’s happening?

    2: What is it?

    3: What’s that?

    Angel: Don’t be afraid! I’ve brought you the most joyful news for everyone. Our Savior, Christ the Lord was born in Bethlehem. You will find  him in a stable, lying in a manger.

    Shepherds: Glory to God in the Highest!

    1: Come on! Let’s go and see this wonderful thing that has happened in Bethlehem!

    2: Let’s find Mary and Joseph in the stable. Let’s see the baby Jesus who is lying in a manger.

    Reader 2: The shepherds ran to the city and found Mary and Joseph in the stable. They told them what the angel had said. Everyone was amazed. Joseph invited them in to look at the beautiful little new born baby boy.

    Reader 2: At this time Wise men were asking:

    The first: Where is this new born king of Jesus?

    The Second: We are to find him.

    The third: It’s our duty to visit him.

    The second: Of course. But which way shall we go? I think there must be a special signal.

    The third: Look! Look! The star! I’m sure It’s the signal from God! It shows us the way.

    The first: Then let’s go. Let’s go and see this special child.

    Reader 2: And the three Wise men hurried up the way lit by the star.

    Little shepherd: What’s his name?

    Mary: His name is Jesus.

    Reader 2: And that’s the story of the very first Christmas, when God sent us Jesus, his son.

    Reader 1: Well, the main thing is that dutiful and loving children get the Christmas presents. They hang their little stockings at the fireplace. In the morning they find that the stockings are full of presents. They were sent by Santa. The story began a long ago…….

    Play:  “Three sisters”


    Three sisters lived near the church. Their father was very poor and could not provide a dowry to daughters. Without dowry, they could not marry.

    One Christmas Eve, the sisters started talking about how they can get married.

    The first sister: My dear sisters, I want you to get married. For you I am ready for everything. I decided to be given to slavery that you could receive a dowry.

    The second sister: No, you can't endow yourself. I will do it for you!        

    The third sister: No, sisters!!!  Both of you are too dear to me. I won't allow you to leave in slavery

    Reader: This conversation was heard by bishop Nikolaus passing by. He decided to help the girls secretly. He threw them a purse with gold through a window. Money was useful for a dowry for the elder sister who soon married. In a year on Christmas Eve the bishop threw one more purse, and an average sister could marry .

    Next year Christmas was very cold, in all houses the windows were closed, and Nikolaus threw a purse through a chimney. As if by magic, the purse got into the younger sister’s stockings which she had just washed and hanged out on a rope at the center.

    Since then every year in the Christmas morning poor families found various gifts on the thresholds.

    Santa: I like when children dance, sing songs and read poems.

    (Дети поют песни и читают стихи на английском языке)


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