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    What is Hot with the Young Generation? 10 класс, к учебнику English 10-11, Кузовлев В.П.
    презентация к уроку по английскому языку (10 класс) по теме

    Хмелевская Лариса Петровна

    A subculture is a group of people with the same interests, the same style and they like the same music.


    They are the ‘wizards’ of the computer community; people with a deep understanding of how their computers work, and can do things with them that seem ‘medical’. They do not protest against their parents.


    A young person who dresses in a shocking way to express his or her identity. He or she has brightly coloured hair and wears metal chains. The person is thought to rebel against the society. The music is aggressive. They reject everything.


    There are the folks who use computer – made, synthesized music, and drugs to create massive all-night dance parties in empty warehouses. They like  to be in a collective. They want to try out all sort of options and are thought to be violent.


    The members of this subculture wear the blackest black, with a lot of silver jewellery and have very black hair and look as this and pale as possible. The members gather together to read Bram Stoker and talk about being vampires, and about the end of the world.


    There people developed their own style distinct from others. A person has college-style hair, a neat white shirt, a short jacket, or a short blazer jacket, and narrow trousers. The clothes are Italian by choice. Pale face, plenty of make-up. Scooters  are the preferred means of transportation. He or she prefer soul music.



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