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    Past Simple versus Present Perfect
    тест по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему

    Алешина Маргарита Вячеславовна

    Данное упражнение (в двух вариантах) может быть использовано для проверки знаний учащихся об употреблении времён Past Simple и Present Perfect и умении их различать.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Past Simple and Present Perfect

    Variant 1

    Choose the past simple or the present perfect:

    1. We _________________ (go) to the theatre last week.

    2. Yesterday I _________________ (have) dinner with a friend.

    3. I _________________ (never / taste) champagne.

    4. When I _________________ (be) a child, I _________________ (love) ice


    5. I _________________ (not/ have) any coffee today – I feel very sleepy!

    6. I _________________ (not / drink) any coffee yesterday.

    7. I _________________ (read) all his books – I think he’s a wonderful writer.

    8. What _________________ (do) at the weekend?

    9. I_________________ (always / love) tea – I drink it every day.

    10. What subject _________________ (she / study) at university?

    11. John _________________ (lose) his bus pass – can he borrow some money?

    12. How long _________________ (you / know) Susie for?

    13. He _________________ (be) married for ten years (but he got divorced).

    14. _________________ (you / ever / go) to Central Park in New York?

    15. How many books _________________ (she / write) so far?

    16. He _________________ (wash) the dishes, _________________ (clean) the

    living room and _________________ (cook) dinner last night.

    17. My great-grandfather never _________________ (leave) Scotland.

    18. She _________________ (come) to London in 1997.

    19. She _________________ (never / see) snow before.

    20. He _________________ (be) married for thirty-five years (and he’s still

    married now).

    Past Simple and Present Perfect

    Variant 2

    Choose the present perfect or past simple:

    1. I ___________________ (never / go) to Vienna.

    2. My great-great-grandfather ___________________ (have) five sisters.

    3. He ___________________ (live) in Manila for a year when he was a student.

    4. Oh no! I ___________________ (lose) my wallet!

    5. ___________________ (you / see) Julie today?

    6. At the weekend, they ___________________ (play) football, then they

    ___________________ (go) to a restaurant.

    7. I ___________________ (read) six books this week.

    8. Amy ___________________ (live) in Portugal when she was young.

    9. She ___________________ (visit) her grandmother last month.

    10. The Vandals ___________________ (invade) Rome in the year 455.

    11. She ___________________ (live) in seven different countries, so she knows a

    lot about different cultures.

    12. I ___________________ (go) to the cinema last night.

    13. Ow! I ___________________ (cut) my finger!

    14. ___________________ (you / see) ‘The King’s Speech’?

    15. John ___________________ (never / understand) the present perfect.

    16. She ___________________ (break) her leg the day before her exam.

    17. We ___________________ (see) Oliver yesterday.

    18. He ___________________ (be) here all morning.

    19. They ___________________ (live) here for many years (and they still do).

    20. King Henry the Eighth of England ___________________ (have) six wives.

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