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    The US system of Education. Система образования в США.
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    В данном материале содержится информация о системе образования в США, начиная с детского сада и заканчивая колледжем.


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    The United States System of Education  

    A chields introduction to formal education is usually in kindergarden classes operated in most public school system. The age group  is commonly 4 or 5 years. The programs are flexible and designed to help the child grow in self- reliance learn to get along with others, and form good work and play habits. The main purpose of the elementary school is the general intellectual and social development of the child from 6 to 12 or 15 years of age. The more or less traditional program consists of teaching prescribed subject matter. Most pupils   follow a course that includes English, Science, Social studies, Mathematics and Physical Education. Elective subjects may be chosen in the fields of foreign languages, fine arts and vocational training. Most young Americans graduate from school with a high school diploma upon satisfactory completion of a specified number of courses. Students are usually grade from A to F in each course they take  on the basic of performance   in tests given at intervals throughout the vear ,

    participation in class discussions and completion of written and oral assignment . Students receive «report cards» at least twice a year which indicate the grades they have received in each of the subject they are studying. College- bound students generally take college admission tastes during their last two years or high school. All states require a bachelors degree as the minimum preparation for teaching in secondary school; three states and DC require 5 years or a masters degree. The Associate of Arts and the Associate of  Science - is usually awarded at a community or junior college upon completion of 2 years of study – it represents the same level as completion of the first 2 years  of a four-year college or university and students with this degrees may transfer to 4 year institutions. The Bachelor degree normally requires 4 years of academic study beyond the high school diploma. The Master degree – programs leading to the degree usually require 1or 2 years of advanced study in graduate level and seminars. The Doctor degree usually the doctor of Philosophy- the highest academic degree it requires a minimum of 2 years of course work beyond of Masters degree level, success in a qualifying exams proficiency in one or two foreign languages and in research tool and completion of a doctoral dissertation.    

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    Система обрасования в США. The US system of Education.

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