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    Фразовый глагол MAKE и предложные выражения
    тест по английскому языку (9 класс) на тему

    Дидактический материал к УМК Spotlight 9 Модуль 2 по теме  Фразовый глагол MAKE и предложные выражения с ответами.

    Можно использовать как для тренировки, так и для контроля усвоения материала. 


    Файл module_2_makeprepositions.docx15.4 КБ

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Module 2 Unit 2 f

    Fill in the correct prepositions:

    Would you like to live 1) …… the suburbs or be close 2) …… the city centre?

    I just can’t make anything 3) …… in this fog. Do you see a chemist’s      4) …… the corner of the street?

    • Is Bruce 5) ….. home? – No, he must be 6) ….. school now. He went 7) ….. school half an hour ago.

    The burglars didn’t manage to make 8) …… …… the jewelry. When they heard a police signal, they were 9) ….. such a hurry that dropped the jewelry and ran 10) …… the direction of the Metro.

    I don’t know what to make 11) …… my son’s behaviour. Let him stay    12) ….. the corner of the room for a while and think!

    I made 13) …… a story of my travelling to Australia and its animals. Some of them used to live wild 14) ….. the fields but these days they live 15) …… a farm.

    He sent me a present to make 16) …... ….. his being impolite yesterday.

    In Greece there are a lot of ancient monuments which, unfortunately, still lie 17) ….. ruins.


    1. In
    2. To
    3. Out
    4. On
    5. At
    6. At
    7. To
    8. Off with
    9. In
    10. In
    11. Of
    12. In
    13. Up
    14. In
    15. On
    16. Up for

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