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    Разработка открытого урока "Реклама:за и против" 10а класс 22.04.14г.
    план-конспект урока по английскому языку (10 класс) по теме

    Чупина Людмила Александровна

    В папке содержится план урока и презентация к уроку. Фотографии с урока вы можете найти в отдельном фотоальбоме. 


    Файл chupinal.a.rar2.85 МБ

    Предварительный просмотр:

    «Discussion lesson: “Ads-for and against”
    the English lesson for the 10
    th grade»

    English teacher
    lyceum №329 Saint-Petersburg

    Nevskiy District

    Chupina Lyudmila Alexandrovna



    1. Annotation.

    This lesson plan can be used both as an introduction lesson about adverts and as a summarizing lesson.

    At this lesson students analyze and compare knowledge which they have got about  ads in Britain and in Russia. They  broaden their knowledge and develop creative and critical thinking. The main aim of studying English at school is developing and improving communicative skills.  At this lesson  students are persuaded  to use such method as “word clouds”, cinquains and fishbone to achieve the goal of speaking skills faster. They are effective ways  of teaching English and the teacher has got  more opportunity to motivate students to learn it.

    You can find such steps of  training as videoads, newspapers, texts for reading and listening which help students to develop listening skills, to improve students’ vocabulary about this topic, to practice new vocabulary in speaking, to drill writing own ads in in form of cinquains, developing their creative  potential . At the lesson motivated video and the text are used to get the main aim.

    You can find active training methods to teach English such as work in pairs, in a group, games – the ways of teaching which help to drill creative potential of students.

    I  consider that this lesson plan can be coordinated according to students’ skills and you can take this lesson plan with different groups and different skills of students.


            What could I do as a teacher in order to teach my students to speak English fluently, express their opinion in English? Since I taught English to different ages (both for children and for adults) I realized clearly that it’s very necessary to have  practice for studying any foreign language. It’s the main condition of developing and improving speaking skills. But it’s not always possible to do. It means that my aim as an English teacher, firstly, to motivate students to study English and, secondly, at my lessons to use such methods and approaches of teaching which help to realize the aims of the lesson – drills of speaking skills  at the lesson. At every lesson I use active methods of teaching such as games, group and pair work, work with video and audio material, especially listening to different texts  and watching films for developing listening skills. Nowadays we have a great opportunity to use the Net.

     Making up ads based on real material around them help my students to understand them better and it stimulates their imagination, develops their creativity and helps students to create new ideas.

    Students develop English skills, creative and critical thinking while they practice. During such lessons they work over the creation of events and scenes, objects  and dialogues;  make up exciting actions and amazing ads with the definite beginning and ending of them in the strict frames of time. The studying can be coordinated according to the level of students. The exchange of students’ opinions, ways and experience of teaching are various. They help to stimulate cooperative type of work.

     “New-Opportunity Intermediate” helps my students:

    - To speak fluently and confidently about any topic.

    - To create and introduce  ads.

    - To develop speaking skills.

    - To understand the content of ads.

    - To unite classical and digital teaching.

    Using cinquains at my lessons helps students to develop their literature ability, imagination, creative thinking.

    These tasks give an opportunity to each student to adapt all familiar lexics according to their level of English.

                                              Lesson plan.

    Aims: Tecnologies of developing critical thinking with the help of “Cinquains”, “Fishbones” and “Word-clouds”.

    learnig skills –

    • Introducing  a quotation about ads, drill in practice (doing tasks, making up sentences, using new vocabulary);
    • developing listening skills (understanding video advert, teacher’s instructions and the main information from the word clouds);
    • improving reading skills, understanding the general information;

    developing skills: critical and creative thinking using  cinquains and word clouds;

    • developing skills of analyzing, comparing and summarizing.
    • creating their own cinquains

    bring-up skills: individual choice of things around you/first think then do.

    Resource used: CD, computer, tape-recorder, multimedia, books, text from the book “Exam activator”, students’ photos of ads in our city, teacher’s presentation

    Warm Up. Introduction.

    1-st step: on the screen students can see the following cloud of words

    The teacher says that these words are from the quotation of Jean Kilbourne about  adverts. Students are divided into groups of three-four and they are given the task:

    think about this quotation and make up a sensible sentence or sentences. If it’s difficult for them, the teacher can give them a clue – the first word of this statement is “Advertising”.

    Check students’ variants. Then show them correct quotation:

    Students go to the blackboard and write their variants. Ask some of them (3 students). Whose statement is nearer to the original the teacher gives them a stick. At the end of the lesson we summerise the sticks. (Possible a group prize)

    «Advertising is our environment. We swim in it as fish swim in water. We cannot escape it» JEAN KILBOURNE

    На эту работу отводиться 3 минуты

    2 step. Discuss this quotation . You could ask the following questions:

    - Why is advertising called our environment?    

    - How do you understand the second sentence?

    - Can we escape from ads in our life nowadays?

    Individual work:

    The students think over the questions 2-3 minutes and then give their ideas.

    T- pupil1, pupil2, pupil3- one from each group. Mini-discussion/the teacher goes around the class and help the students with their vocabulary. Give dictionaries or they may use e-dictionaries.

    Then what is the topic of our lesson? Yes? You’re right. We’ll speak about ads a lot/

    3-d step. Listening to the exercise 2 p.64 SB. Complete the table. Share your opinions about the themes  in the group. Compare your answers in pairs. Express your attitude to the opinions of the people in the dialogue: if you agree or disagree with them , prove and support your idea. 5 минут на эту работу. Check pupils’ answers.

    4-th step. Reading the text “Adverts”.  Pair work. Answer the questions on the text.

    • Which person’s opinion is most like yours? Why?
    • Which person do you disagree with? Why?
    • On the whole do you like or dislike ads? Why?
    • Retell the text using a fishbone scheme. Work in group of 4.
    • Invite some students from the group to retell the text.

    15 minutes

    5-th step: Introduce your own adverts. Give 3-4 minutes to introduce your ad to your neighbour.  Describe your ads using the questions on the screen. Pair  work. Use  lexics on the list in front of you. Which one do you like the most? Why?

    Pair work

    6-th step: Reflection. Your opinion about ads. Make up your own cinquain. Summary of the lesson. Work in pairs. Exchange them in front of the group. Pupils read their own cinquains.  Music track is played while the pupils make up their cinquains.

    3-5 minutes

    7-th step. Self-evaluation. What marks they will put to each other. Who was the most active/the least active in your group? Monitor of the group introduce the opinion of the group. Or ask anybody from the group. 3-5 minutes

    8-th step. Your homework: to make up an ad about your school.

    Put marks to the students. Explain them. 3 minutes. 

                             Summary of the lesson

    Interactive teaching includes:

    - affection and understanding is based on interaction with a teacher, classmates, studying material.

    - the aim of reflection is to know the problems each student has at the lesson;

    These lessons help students to stop being only observers; create higher opportunity of transferring  knowledge and experience of them from studying situations to reality.

    При условии соблюдения этикетной речи,  технология  ненасильственного обучения  создаёт благоприятный психологический климат, предупреждает гиподинамию тела и ума через разнообразные формы коллективной деятельности.

                       Список использованных ресурсов.

    • “New-Opportunities. Intermediate.” SB
    • “Exam Activator” SB Ex.2 p.112
    • Site “Wordle.net” for making word-clouds
    • Power point Programme
    • Music track of the song “Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps”. Минусовка.


    1. Students’ ads
    2. Text for reading
    3. Text for listening
    4. Teacher’s presentation
    5. Word-clouds

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