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    Сценарии спектаклей на английском языке
    материал по английскому языку (6 класс) на тему


    Scene 1

    (Chipollino):    I’m a merry Chipollino,  I have grown in Italy.

                   There ripen many fruits, oranges and lemons too,

                            Olives and etc.

                            But under blue sky I have grown as onion,

                            So for Daddy, so for Daddy I’m his son, I’m  onion.

                            He has got a lot of children- great family:

                            Chipolletto, Chipollucha, Chipollata, Chipollacha

                            And the last it’s me!

    (Father):   Chipollino,  Chipollino,  my son, where are you? I’m pushed.

    (Ch).:    I’m here, father.

    (Vegetables):   His majesty Prince Lemon…

    (All together):  Alviva! Alviva!

    (Fath.):   Don’t push me, friends… Backwards… backwards…

    (Lemon):   What’s up? Look, you, an old man. What are you crying?

    (Fath.):    I cried backwards.

    (Lemon):   Ah, backwards…May be you don’t like my people are desired to see me?

    (Guard):   Your Majesty, it seems to me this old man is a dangerous swindler.

    (Lemon):   A-ha! Why are you keeping a silent, old man? Answer!

    (Father):   Your majesty, I’m old. It’s hard to stand here and they push me!  Chipollino!!! Where are you?  I can’t see you.

    (Lemon):   Ai, ai, ai…my gorn! This old man tread on my foot !!! O-o-o….

    (Guard):   What an insolence!

    (Father):   I’m not quilty! I was pushed!.

    (Guard):   Take him! Put handcuffs on him!

    (Ch.):   Father! What are they doing with you?

    (Guard)  : In prison him!

    (Father):   Farewell, Chipollino! You are adult now. Go to another place! Learn,  my son. Life will be your teacher. Farewell, Chipollino.

    (Ch.)  : Farewell, father !!!    (Ties his small bag and goes away)

           Scene 2

    (Pumpkin):   Oh, sir Grape, I’m so tired. Be so kind, count my bricks.

    (Grape):    Let me see .So… 6 multiply7 is 42, mines 9 is 118 bricks.

    (Pumpkin):   Will that be enough for my house?

    (Grape):    I think …no.

    (Pumpkin):    What will I do?

    (Grape):    I don’t know…

    (Pump):    I will build a small house and add some paper.

    (Grape):   O’k, I will help you.  With paper will be enough.   (build a house)

    (Pumpkin):    As far as I can see I can only sit in my house.  (sit down and look through the window)

    (Cipollino is coming)

    (Ch.):   I’m going there where it is better, far away. Farewell to Chipolletto, Chipollucha, Chipollata, all my old friends…. Good afternoon, man. Why have you got inside? Is this your house? Aren’t it too small for you?

    (Pumpkin):   Yes, it’s small a little.

    (Chip):   A…is it your house?

    (Pump.):    Who are you, a boy?

    (Chip.):    I’m an old Chipollone’s son.

    (Pump.):   Ah…Chipollino. I would invite you in my house but…there is no place for two.

    (Chip.):   Never mind! I will sit here near you on the ground.

    (trembling music…Chip. Is looking around)

    Oh, what’s this? Why are the people closing there windows and doors?  (gets up  and looks far…) Somebody is coming in the carriage. Look! Even cats and dogs are running away.

    (Pump.):   Oh…it is coming sir Tomato, a main governor of Earls Cherries. Oh, my house!

    (Tomato):    You are a thief, a robber. You have built this  great palace on the ground  that belongs to Counts Cherries! Oh…villain. I will show you how to joke!

    (Pump.):   Oh, my Lord, I have a permission from Earl Cherry himself.

    (Tomato):   He died long ago. Go away! I will put here my dog Mastino. Come here. My dog.

    (sings):          I’m a Siniour Tomato, I’m red and splendor.

                          I’ve been serving for a long time at Landlord Cherries.

                          I grow up every day, ripen I with juice,

                          So because I obtain very high position.

                          I’m not onion, not a corn- kitchen-garden items,

                          I’ve got blood under skin very, very noble!

                          And begin to quarrel with me- very, very dangerous.    Oh, ye-e-e-e.

          Scene 3

    (Chip.):   My respect, senior Tomato.

    (Tomato):    Who is this boy? Why don’t you work?

    (Chip.)    I don’t work because I’m a student.

    (Tom.):   A student…What are you saying…))  And what do you study? Where are your books?

    (Chip.):   I study villain, your Majesty. Just now I have one example in front of my nose.

    (Tom.):   Where is he? Show him to me. There are many villains in this village, you know.

    (Chip.):   Well, look at this mirror. A red, angry face, angry eyes and big narrow mouth. Can you see?

    (Tom.):   Yes, yes, yes…What’s this? It’s me !

    (Сhip):   That’s right!

    (Tom):    Oh, what a villain! You can laugh at the main governor! I’ll pull out your hair!

    (Chip.):   You are welcome! Pull out! Pull out!!!

    (Tomato pulls out and then…cries)

    (Tomato):   Apchi…Apchi… Oh, you bad boy! You’ll pay very expensive for my tears.

       Scene 4

    (Vegetables):  Go out, go out!  Our respect, Mr.Grape. At last there is one boy who has made crying senior Tomato himself!  What’s this? It’s a dog.   Look, he’s woken up.

    (Chip):   He is thirsty.

    (Dog):   It’ too hot. Probably I ate something salt yesterday. I’m thirsty. I will die from this heat. I’ll go to shadow.

    (Chip.):   I’ll give him this sleeping pill. I’ll pour some water in the bottle…that’a OK.

    (Dog):   What have you got? Hey, a boy! Is it water ?

    (Chip.):   Where? Ah… it’s warter.

    (Dog).:   Give me please to drink a little.

    (Chip.)   A little! Take everything!

     (The dog drinks and falls asleep)

    (Chip.):   That’s it! Sleep, sleep. I’ll unfasten this chain…. Uncle Pumpkin, come here. Your house is free!

    (Pump.):   My house is free? Thank you a boy. And what are you doing with this dog?

    (Chip):   Oh. What a heavy dog! I will bring him to Earls Cherries.

    (Veget.):   What will we do with Sir Pumpkin? Seniour Tomato won’t let him living here.

    (Chip.):   I think we must hide Pumpkin’s house. It is so small that it will be not difficult to hide.

    (Veg. together):   Where ?

    (Сhip.)   We’ll put it on the cart and move it in another place. Hey, a  girl. What’s your name?

    (Reddish): I’m a reddish.

    (Chip.)   Bring us a little cart, please.

    (Beetroot):   I know an old Bilberry. He is a woodcutter and lives in the wood. There the house will be saved.

    (Pump):  Be careful! Don’t break it !

    (Chip):   Don’t worry Uncle Pumpkin.

    (Veget):    OK, it’a ready.

    (Veg.)   Let’s go !

            Scene 5

    (Carrot): …iniour Tomato, ….iniour Tomato!

    (Tom.):   Who is troubling me? Ah…it’s you,  Carrou. What’s the matter?

    (Сarr.):   …iniour Tomato, old Pumpkin’s house has disappeared!

    (Tom.):   What?

    (Carr.):   They have taken it away!

    (Tom.):   What did you see? Scatter-brain! Where did they take it away?

    (Car.):   Sorry, I don’t know.

    (Tom.):  Scoundrels! Listen! Run immediately into the town. Here is a letter. Let Prince Lemon sends soldies  here. Rush as an arrow!

    (Carr.):  Yes, my Lord.

    (Tom.)  : I will deal severely with these rebels!

    (Carr.):   Dis…dis….

    (Tom/):   Disappear, disappear…

           Scene 6

    (Lemons):   Three, four, five..forest must be combed.    (shooting)

    (Tom.):       At last! Well done, lemons! You’ve caught them. And…where is that boy? Where’s Chipollino?

    (Lemons):    He’s here.

    (Chipp.):   Be quiet, officer. Don’t turn up your lemon nose!

    (Tom.):   To prison them!

    (Chipp.)    And you acid Tomato will cry from our onion!

    (Lemons)    3,4…3,4…3,4, 6…  (they lead vegetables away)

          Scene 7

    (Spider):   Chipollino, Chipollino!

    (Chipp.)   Who is calling me?

    (Spider):   It’s me. Look at the wall. It’a me, Spider.

    (Chipp):     What are you doing here?

    (Spider):   I’m a postman. I have brought a letter to you from your father.

    (Chipp.):    From father Chipollone? How is he? I’ve  heard nothing about him since Tomato had put him in the prison.

    (Spider):   He is well done, only caughs a little. Here is a letter from him.

    (Chipp.):  (reads)    Dear son! I know everything about you. You acted correctly. Don’t lose your heart! A Spider is our friend. Your father Chipollone.

    (Spider):   It’s all right.

    (Chipp):    Please, tell my father that I love him very much and I don’t lose my heart.

    (Spider):   Of cause, Chipollino.

    (Chipp):   Wait a little, I’ll write a letter.    (thinks and writes)  ….Old Mole! We are in the prison. You can help to my father, to me and all of us. I know it is difficult, but if you call 100 moles. You can make a hole and we can escape from the prison. Your friend,  Chipollino. Seniour Spider, everything is ready. Please go to the castle and find there a boy Cherry. Give this letter to him .He will find a way to give it to Old Mole. They will help us.

    (Spider):   OK, I’ll do everything what you’ve said.

    (Chipp):   Thank you very much, Seniour Spider!

    (Spider):   Good bye, Chipollino!

    (Chipp):   Good bye, Seniour Spider.

             Scene 8

    (Tomato):   During the last time incomes of our state have been shorten after tax on air. You became to breathe less. It’s disgracefully! Huuuuush!   I lead in a new tax at fall out! Huuuush!   For simple rain -100 lyres, for a stormy rain- 200 lyres, with thunder and lightning- 300 lyres.  Huuuush!  To escape next disorders Pumpkin’s house must be destroyed!

    (Chipp):   Stop! We will not let you to do it! You are ready to take the last shirt from us! Go away!

    (Vegetables):   Go away, go away!!!

             Scene 9

    (Tom):   Earls Cherries, all the villains are caught and put into prison.

    (Cherries):  They will be all punished!

    (Carrot):   But…seniours Earls, who will feed us then? Without them all the food and water will disappear!

    (Cherries):   Really? Then…we let them go home.

    (Lemon):   Let me go!

    (Cherries):   Who is there?  Strawberry, what are you standing here?

    (Carrot):   Drive him away, this beggar!

    (Lemon):   Go away! Don’t touch me!  Haven’t you known me, Earls Cherries? I’m Prince Lemon.

    (Cherries): But your appearance is so….(( What happened?

    (Lemon):   Horror! There is uprising in the town. The prisoners have escaped from the prison and have risen all the citizens! Everywhere you can hear this terrible word- freedom. I had to run away from the town disguised.

    (Cherries):   Horror! Horror! We are leaving. Strawberry, pack our baggage! Quickly! Put this and this, and this! Horror! Horror! We are leaving!! Strawberry. Where’s boy Cherry?

    (Strawb.):   He is here.

    (Cherries):    Cherry, we are leaving! Gather your things! Quickly!

    (Boy Cherry):   I will not go! I have friends here. I’ m staying!

    (Cherries):  What friends? What friends? Сome quickly!!!

    (Boy Cherry);   No! I won’t go!

    (Cherries):   O, my god! We are leeeaaaving!!!

           Scene 10.

    (Chipollino):   Friends! The end is coming to these Lemons and Tomatos with  acid faces and Oranges with thick peel! That’s enough! We are free now! Hurrah!!!!

    (sings): My father has a lot of children- a friendly family:

                 Chipolletto, Chipollucha, Chipollata, Chipollacha

                 And the last it’s me!

                 La-la-la-aaaa, la-la-la-la-la, Laaa-la-ala-ala-ala-al

                 Chipolletto, Chipollucha, Chipollata, Chipollacha

                (all together):   And the last it’s him!



                           Cat’s House

    Scene 1

    Story-teller:  Tilly-tilly-tilly bouse,

                          Catty had a new house.

                          Windows wonderfull, everything colourfull.

                          Opposite the house near the gate

                          There lived an old friendly cat.

                           He used to sweep the way,

                           All the strangers sent away.

     Once two nephew orphans came to their rich Aunt. They knocked the window to come in.


    Kittens:     Aunty, Aunty Catty,

                      Look into the window

                      We are very hungry, but you live so richy.

                      Give us warmness ,Catty,

                      Give us some meal, Catty…


    Cat:          Who’s there knocking at the gate?

                     I’m a yardman, an old cat.


    Kittens:   We are Aunty Catty’s nephews.


    Cat:        Go away! There is a lot of nephews,

                   Walking up and down.

                   And everybody wants to eat,

                   And everybody wants to drink.


    Kittens:   Tell to Aunty Catty,

                    We are real orphans

                    We have no roof, we have no floor,

                    We only have a door.

                    And bred we don’t have any more.


    Cat:        Go away beggars!


    Catty:      Who were you talking to,

                    My watchman, cat Vasiliy?


    Cat:        There were kittens, asking for mittens.


    Catty:     What a shame! I was a little cat myself.

                   That time small kids didn’t come to ask for anything.

                   We need to sink them in the river.


    Scene 2



                  You are welcome, friends!

                  I’m pleased to meet you here!

                  Mr.Goat, how are you getting on?

                   I’ve been waiting for you so long!


    Goat:     My respect to you, Catty

                  We are very wetty.

                  There was raining, while we were going.


     She-Goat:  Yes, together with my husband we had to go in puddles


    Catty:    Hi, Peter- Cock!


    Cock:     Thank you, cuka-reku!


    Сatty:     And you, my gear neighbor, I see you very seldom…


    Hen:     It’s difficult to come to you, because you live so far!


    Catty:    How do you do, Aunty Piggy? How is your family? Pretty?


    Piggy:   Thanks dear Catty, chru-chru-chru. My family’s not badly.

                  My husband and my piglets are at home

                  And I have come to you…not badly.


    She-Goat:  We’ve come today to you

                       To watch your house, it’s new.


    Сatty :    My house is always opened to you!

                   Follow me, my guests. 

                   Here is a dining-room, the furniture is made of oak!

                   This is a chair- we sit on it.

                   This is a table- we eat on it.


    Piggy:    This is a table- you sit on it,

                   This is a chair – you eat it.


    Catty:     No, you are mistaken, dear friend, I’ve said another thing.

                   You needn’t eat this furniture, you may relax on it.


    Cock:     What is behind this door?


    Catty:    There is a wardrobe on the right, I keep my clothes in it.

                   There is a bedroom on the left with sofa and a bed.


    Cock:     Look! The blanket is so wonderful!


    Goat:     And what is this?


    Catty:    It’s something new- a steel mousetrap.

                  I don’t like catching mice.

                  I catch them with this mousetrap.

                  My granddad is Angora Cat.

                  Switch on the upper light, Vasilii

                  And show us, please his portrait.


    Hen:     How handsome he is!


    Cock:    How fluffy he is!


    Сatty:    I look like him a bit!

                  Come here, friends!

                  Here is our sitting room with carpets and mirrows.


    Goat:     Look! Wonderful mirrows!

                  I can see a goat inside!

    She-Goat:  Look carefully! I can see myself inside.


    Piggy:    It seems to you my friends. There is only Pig inside.


    Hen:      Oh, no. No Pig, my friend-

                   Here are only we: a Cock and me!


    Cock:     Stop quarreling, my friends!

                   Dear Mistress, play the piano and sing for us.

                   And I will sing with you.


    Goat:      Sing a song like «In a garden…..in the cabbage kitchen garden…»


    Catty: (sings) Purr-purr, twinkle, twinkle, little star,

                           How I wonder what you are….


    Cock:       The sun’s rolled down the river

                     Cucka- recku, a- ha- ha….


    She-Goat: Look, you, a full! Stop eating this geranium.


    Goat:        Try youself, it’s very tasty.


    Hen:        Where did the sun roll down?   Cucka- recku…where, where?


    Goat (finishing eating the flower): Bravo, bravo!  Could you sing once more for us?


    Catty:      No, let’s dance! I can play katillion for us.


    Goat:      No, play a goat galoop.


    She-Goat:  Goat shake please play.


    Cock:        A cock dance, please play to me.


    Pig:          Three piglets please to me.


    Hen:        For me, please a hen waltz.


    Catty:       I can’t play for everyone.  Let’s dance together.

                    Whatever you like. And I will play to you.

                                 (everybody dance)


    Scene 3


    Kittens:    Aunty, Aunty Catty,

                    Open, please us window.

                    Let us come and sleep inside.

                    We can lie on bed or floor,

                    It can be too dark or light,

                    Now it’s cold, it’ night.


    Catty:      Vasilii, close the window, it’s getting dark.

                    And light the candles up.

                    And make the fire in the stove.


    Cat:        Everything is ready.



    Scene 4


    Catty:     Thank you, Vasilii.

                   And you, my friends, gather together in round.

                  Whether it’s cold, whether it’ snow-

                  It’s warm and cosy here.

                  Let’s make a story one by one.

                  Ok, a Goat begin.


    Goat:      Once upon a time…there lived a Goat…


    Cock:     And bited millet.


    She-Goat: And cabbage ate..


    Pig:       And dug some dung.


    Hen:     And once an egg has rushed…


    Catty:    One day he went to catch some mice.


    Goat:      A Goat?


    Cock :     A Cock, but not a Goat.


    She-Goat: No, no, She-Goat!


    Pig:         A Pig, of course a Pig.


    Hen:      The same Hen, like me!


    Сatty:     No, a Cat, a Cat!


    Cock:      Stop quarreling my friends!  It’s getting dark.

                   We need to go to our places (for not to see your faces)


    Hen:       Ok. Let’s go. Thank you for meeting!

                   You are welcome to our hen house.


    She-Goat: You are welcome to my house on Tuesday.


    Pig:        Good-by, my dear, good-by,

                  You are welcome to my birthday party on Sunday.


    Catty:    Of course I’ll come.  Don’t forget me. Good-by!!!



    Scene 5


    Story-teller: While Catty and Vasilii were seeing their quests, a fire has begun.

                         Fire, fire, everything’s  in fire!!!

                         It’s getting hot…Stop the Pig and stop She-Goat,

                         Why aren’t you helping cats?

                         Take some buckets, bring some water!


    Pig:      I have no time!


    Goat:    We have no water!


    Hen:    We need to go for water…


    Catty:   Oh, my furniture, my carpets and my mirrors!!! Save my things!!!


    Story-teller: No time to save your things. Save yourself !!!


    Сatty:   Ah-a-a-a-a…..!


    Cock:    So, the house has been destroyed.


    She-Goat: Has burnt with everything inside.


    Catty:      Where will we live, Vasilii?

    Cat:         What will I guard?

    Catty:      Ah, Vasilii, we were invited in the Hen-house. Let’s try to go to them.

    Scene 6


    Catty:     Ah, my dear neighbor, will you let us live with you?


    Hen:        I would like to take you dear,

                 But my husband is very angry.

                 Sorry, Catty, but I can’t.


    (they go away)



    Scene 7


    Catty :     Look! Whose house is this?


    Cat:         It’s a Goat house. They are playing cards.


    (inside the house)

    Goat:      Are you mad, my Goat?   You are beating card by ten!


    She-Goat: Stop grumbling an old Goat.

                      I’m beating with diamond ten.

                      Diamonds are trumps today.


    Goat:         Diamonds were trumps last day. Crosses are trumps today!


    She-Goat: Go away with your cards!


    Goat:         No, let’s play again!


    She-Goat: No, I said! Go away!


    Сatty:        Hey, Mistress. Let us come in.


    She-Goat:  Good evening. What do you want?


    Catty:         It’s snowing and raining, take us for staying.


    She-Goat: Sorry, there isn’t a bed in my house.

                      And my Goat is very angry.


    Goat:        There isn’t any place. Tell them to go away.



    Scene 8


    Catty:       Well my Vasya, let us go may be in another home.


    Cat:         Oh, my Catty, sure we’ll go…perhaps in a Pig’s home.

                    Here are three little pigs.

                   They are sitting on the benches, eating their lunches.


    Piglets:   I’m a pig and you’re a pig,

                   We are little piglets.

                   We are sitting on the benches, eating our lunches.

                   Ai- luli, ai- luli, eating our lunches.

                   We are looking like big pigs,

                   Though we’re little piglets.

                   Ai- luli, ai – luli we are little piglets.


    Catty:     Let us come in, dear Pig. I’ll help you with your piglets.


    Pig:        Sorry, I can’t let you come in.

                   My family is very big.  Knock  another door, not pig!



    Scene 9


    Catty:     Oh, Vasya, what shall we do?


    Cat:        Not far from here there is a poor house.




    (knock the door)

    Kitten1:   Who’s there knocking at the door?


    Cat:        It’s very cold and snowy. Let us come in…we can no more…


    Kitten2:  Is that you Cat Vasilii?  And Aunty Catty?

                   Last time we knocked to you ,

                   But we were not lucky.


    Catty:     Sorry, little kittens, I was mistaken…


    Kitten1:   What will you say, my elder brother?


    Kitten2:   Let them come in. But we live very poor.

                    There’s no a stove, no roof,

                    And there is a lot of mice around.


    Cat:         Oh, dear kids, we’ll do everything together.

    Catty:      I’ll be your mother dear kids.


    Kittens:   We’re cold and hungry, Aunty Catty.


    Catty:      Don’t worry, kittens. We’ll be happy !



    Scene 10


    Story-teller:   Tilly- tilly, tilly bouse,  there was a Cat’s house.          


    Now Catty and her Cat live with their kittens.

    They’re building a new house.

    Catty looks after kids, sing them songs.

    Cat works and goes hunting.


    Cat:         We are building a new house,

                    All together,  all together.


    Kittens :   A wood by wood we’ll put.


    Catty:       New windows everywhere!


    Kitten1:    Here is a stove, here is a chimney.


    Kitten2 :   Here is a ladder for any weather.


    Kittens:     Tuck, tuck, tuck, bom and bouse.


    Together:  Here is a new Cat’s House!


    All together:  Tilly- tilly, tilly bouse, come to our NEW BIG HOUSE !!!

    По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

    Сценарий спектакля на английском языке "Белоснежка и семь гномов" (внеурочная деятельность).

    Предложенный Вашему вниманию сценарий спектакля я придумала, написала и опробировала на городском конкурсе спектаклей на иностранных языках. Костюмы для участников мы брали в местном Драмматическом те...

    Сценарий спектакля на английском языке "Спящая красавица" ( внеурочная деятельность).

    Предлагаю Вашему вниманию разработку сценария спектакля на английском языке "Спящая красавица". Его можно использовать во внеурочной деятельности, творческих конкурсах....

    Сценарий спектакля на английском языке "Волк и три маленьких котенка" (внеурочная деятельность).

    Предлагаю Вашему вниманию сценарий на английском языке для учащихся 5х классов. Его можно использовать в конкурсах , на родительских собраниях как творческий отчет по предмету....

    Сценарий спектакля на английском языке "Musical. The Best"

    Рекомендуемый уровень 10-11 классМузыка окружает нас повсюду, она может создавать настроение, расслабить или наполнить энергией, вызвать дорогие воспоминания. Кроме того, музыка может способствовать а...

    Сценарий спектакля на английском языке "The magic gift". Сценарий спектакля "Волшебный дар"

    Сценарий подходит для проведения предметных  недель на тему Хеллоуин, Рождество, День Святого Валентина.Мы поставили спектакль силами учащихся 7, 2, 3 классов. Выступили перед начальной школой на...

    Сценарий спектакля на английском языку " Снежная Королева"

    Несложный и динамичный сюжет будет интересен детям 6-7 классов. Может использоваться, как самостоятельно, так и быть частью внеклассного мероприятия....