Сценарий спектакля на английском языке Twelve months. Написан и использован в работе кружка внеурочной деятельности для 5 класса школы с углубленным изучением английского языка
методическая разработка по английскому языку (5 класс) на тему

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Twelve months







January the Month

February the month

March the Month

April the Month

June the Month

July the Month

August the Month

September the Month

October the Month

November the Month

December the Month

May the Month

Lady 1

Lady 2

Dialog 1

Dialog 2

Dialog 3

Dialog 4



In the palace.


  • Nice to meet you!
  • Me too! The weather is nice, isn't it?
  • It's pretty cold outside! Look! It's snowing again.
  • Oh, no! It has been snowing for a week. How do you find the news? Do you know? That the princess...her Majesty... Let's stand over there..


  • what a noise? Nothing changes in the palace. We are used to listening to strange music and doing strange things! Yesterday her majesty.....
  • what did her Majesty do? I won't be surprised anyway.
  • Her majesty got bored of old traditional dancing and wanted to teach us new styles...
  • And how did you like it? Unfortunately I was absent yesterday... you know, my sister.....


  • what is going to be tonight at the palace? Is her majesty having guests for dinner?
  • I hope not!
  • Why do you say so?
  • Last week I was invited for dinner, but....
  • What happened?
  • We were made to play hide and seek and a penalty was … sitting under the table, you know.
  • I see, you didn't win!
  • Let it happen to you next time!
  • Something like this has already  happened to everybody at the palace...


  • Everything was different in the old days... Other  events.... other behavior..
  • are you speaking about the time when His Majesty the King was still alive? Sweet memories.
  • Yes. Everything went on  the right way.
  • It was not his fault that he died. He sorrowed for his dead wife the Queen for a year and then followed her.
  • Poor His Majesty.... Poor Her majesty the Queen...
  • Poor little Princess! To become an orphan being one year old.....
  • What's more , to become The Queen....
  • Oh, no...

The princess is playing with the ladies.


Have a look at the clock!

L2 What's wrong with the clock?


Nothing! But it's time for lessons. What are you going to study today, your Majesty?



L1 Biology?

L2 Arithmetics?

L1 Natural history?

L2 Science?

Princess  I don't like studying. I'm the queen, you see. So I will say...

L1 L2? Princess

Hakuna Matata!


Hakuna Matata?


Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase


Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze


It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy

 Hakuna Matata!

Hakuna Matata?

L1 L2
Yeah. It's our motto!

What's a motto?

Nothing. What's a-motto with you?
L1 L2
Those two words will solve all your problems

Don't do your homework! What a wonderful phrase
Don't do your homework!  Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna

It means no worries for the rest of your days

L1L2 Princess
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!

Princess Not to do any homework... not to study... not to write dictations and spelling tests!

Oh, no! The Professor is coming!

Let us play! I can't see him! I can't see him!

Professor is coming

The princess (offstage).  Professor, where are you?

The professor. I am here Your Majesty! It is time to begin our lesson. We will start, your Majesty. We are going to practice writing.

The princess. It is so boring to write! Every time the same: study, study...

The professor. Your Majesty, you see, if you wish to become the queen you need to study!

The princess. I am bored! Study, study, study... You are always  telling the same!  Here I will publish now the decree and I order to execute someone. (Stamps a foot.) You have forgotten, that a word «Forgive», as long, as the word «execute».

The professor. Pardon, your Majesty, for what is such disgrace for?!

The princess (angrily). You have turned me angry again! You irritate me every time. All right, I will do one task, and order to bear a dinner. Well, what do you want me to do?

The professor (dictates). Could you write  «The grass turns green, the sun shines, the Swallow with spring in a shade to us flies!»

The princess (whimsically). This verse so long, and it is  not spring now, but Christmas. I won’t write that.

The professor. But after all the poet has written so.

The princess. And I  wish to write «The sun shines» or only «The grass turns green». Just  try to object me only. I am a queen, not a child!

The princess starts to trace out each letter painstakingly a line, and at the same time is looking out of the window.

The princess. It’s so cold outside!  It’s windy. I want spring. Precisely, let the spring come!

The professor. But, your Majesty, it cannot be. The spring will come, only, when the winter ends.

The princess. Here again you are contradicting me. Where is the Minister?

The princess (to the minister). Order to winter, let it leave, and let  the spring come. I want, snowdrifts to thaw, and the grass turn green and grow. And birdies let sing.

The professor. But, your Majesty, and what about holidays? New Year, Christmas?

The princess. I am  canceling the holidays. First deliver the spring flowers to me and only then the New Year comes!

The Professor.  Could you look out of the window, your majesty? It's so cold. The weatherman said...

 Princess. The weatherman?

The Professor. You know, the scientist that predicts the weather.

Princess. Don't tell me! I never listen to the weatherman.

To the Ladies     You know...

Music: The weatherman rap

Princess.  I want my flowers!. Right now!

The professor. But, the first flowers will appear only in April...

The princess (with astonishment). In April? And what kind of  flowers?


The professor. Snowdrops.

The princess. Yes as they dare, only in April...

The professor Snowdrops  never grow n the middle of winter It is a law of the nature. And the spring never follows December.

The princess. And when do you believe the spring comes?  

The professor. First January will come. Then February, March, and only then April comes.

The princess. No, January will not come until somebody brings  me snowdrops. And the person who brings these flowers, will be given a basket of coins.

Then Professor and Minister A basket?

The princess A basket…. A flasket… a shopping cart of snowdrops! (addresses to the Minister). Minister! Immediately prepare the Decree: Bring flowers to the palace!

In the house of the stepmother.

(The stepmother, the daughter, the stepdaughter) Surroundings: a rural izba.

The stepmother (to the daughter). It is Christmas today! There is joy everywhere.. it’s boring to stay at home.. let us visit someone...

Herald.  The Royal Decree: The award! The basket of golden coins will be given to the person who brings a basket of

snowdrops to the palace! New Year will not come until that happens!

The stepmother (to the daughter). Have you heard? Where are our baskets ?!

Starting to look for a basket.


The stepmother (about the stepdaughter). Where is she? We will send her! Here she is.

Stepdaughter with a bundle of fire wood comes.

 The stepmother. Where have you been?! We have been waiting for you for an hour.

Daughter. Where have you been, I wonder?!

The stepdaughter. Went for brushwood.

Daughter and the stepmother (mansion). And now you will go to wood for snowdrops! Bring us a basket of snowdrops. Bring us a big basket of snowdrops.

The stepdaughter. What are you talking about? Do you think snowdrops grow in winter?

The stepmother. Are you going to argue? It is told, take a basket, go to the wood and don’t come back without snowdrops!

The girl: But my mittens are wet! I haven't got another pair...

The stepmother. It isn't cold outside!

The stepdaughter. It isn't cold outside!

The stepdaughter. Don’t come back without a big basket of snowdrops!

Pushes out the stepdaughter out

The stepdaughter. It is so cold outside!

The stepmother. If she collects snowdrops… we will bring them to the queen. We will receive a lot of money.

Stepmother and  Daughter. Oh, what a life it will be!

Snow-covered wood.

(The stepdaughter, brothers-months)

The stepdaughter. I have been walking all the ! I’m terribly cold cold. I’m so tired. But I’m afraid to return home. I see, it is necessary to me to meet the death here... what is it over there? Oh, I can see the fire.

January brings the snow;

Makes our feet and fingers glow.

February brings the rain;

Thaws the frozen pond again.

March brings the wind so cold and chill;

Drives the cattle from the hill.

April brings us sun and showers,

And the pretty wildwood flowers.

May brings grass and leafy trees,

Waving in each gentle breeze.

June brings roses, fresh and fair,

And the cherries ripe and rare.

July brings the greatest heat,

Cloudless skies and dusty street.

August brings the golden grain;

Harvest time is here again.

Mild September brings us more

Fruit and grain, for winter store.

Brown October brings the last

Of ripening gifts, from summer past.

Dull November brings the blast:

Down from the trees the leaves fall fast.

Cold December ends the rhyme

With blazing fires and Christmas time.

Month February. Who it there among the trees, I wonder? Come  to the fire!

The stepdaughter. Good afternoon. It is possible for me to get warm a little at your fire?

January. Come closer to fire, the child. Sit down.

December. I often see her here. She is always busy. And she is always cold. Her clothes are old and poor.

April. What are you doing in wood when it is so cold and dark?

The girl. The stepmother has sent me to wood for snowdrops. She also told not to come back without them. And how do I find snowdrops in winter?

the girl begins to cry.

January the Month (speaks to the rests). Well, brothers, shall will help?

May the Month. The girl is hardworking/ the windows of her house are clean every May.

June the Month. She works in the garden a lot in June.

July and August the Months. All the summer long.

September the month.  She gathers the crops alone. Her family don’t help her. Poor her!

October the Month. She works hard from morning till night although she is very tired.

November the Month. She is very friendly and cheerful! Let’s help her!

January the Month. I can miss my turn and let February the Month come instead of me. But it won’t help. She can gather snowdrops only in April.

February the Month. The girl is so kind! She always feeds birds ans squirrels on frosty February days. Let March come!

Much the Month. The girl sings so nice! She often sings when she comes for bush woods. Let April come!

Brothers (all together). We will help.

Brothers pass each other a staff and hit the ground. The last April takes the staff.

April. Go, collect the snowdrops you like. Let it be spring for half an hour!

The girl,starts to collect snowdrops and comes back with a basket of flowers.

The girl (joyfully). Thank you very much, dear brothers-months! You have rescued me from death.

April the Month. Good always returns!. Well, now go home. And here are magic mittens for you. If  you want to see us, just clap your hands three times. Don’t tell anybody what you have seen and heard at this fire.


Hooray for the seasons all through the year,

One just left and another one's here!

I love the seasons, each is a ball:

Wintertime, springtime, summertime, fall.

…Thanks a lot and good bye, dear months!

 In the house of the stepmother.

 The daughter. Someone is knocking at the door. Is it an animal? May it be the wind?

The Stepdaughter enters into a door and puts a basket in front of the Stepmother and her daughter.

The stepdaughter (has got tired). Here are the snowdrops.

The daughter. Mum, look, has brought the flowers! What are we waiting for? Let’s run to the palace for an award!!!

In a palace.

(The professor, the minister, the princess)

Surroundings. The throne hall, the dressed up fur-tree, the princess is sitting on a throne.

The professor. Happy New Year , your  Majesty! And Merry Christmas!


The princess. I have told, that New Year and

Christmas will not come until I get the flowers!

The professor (nervously). Your Majesty why are you repeating  the same joke?

The princess. There’s no time for jokes. So, where are my flowers? Bring to me them immediately!

The professor. But, your Majesty, there are only blizzards in wood at Christmas Eve!

The princess. I am the queen, aren’t I?!

Herald: The flowers for Her majesty!

The professor (having seen flowers). I, probably, have gone mad. These are flowers!!! Spring flowers in the winter? Oh, My God!!!

 The princess (joyfully). Professor, well, what

I did I tell you? Put the  flowers here! Where did you take them?

The stepmother (faltering). We ... My daughter and I  spent a whole night in the wood looking for the snowdrops  there…

Daughter. …everywhere…

The stepmother  .. and finally found the flowers.

The princess (with astonishment). And wher did you find them?

The stepmother (nudging a daughter). ...Continue !

The daughter. Well, here we were going and saw the bird singing and calling..

The princess. Calling  what?

The daughter (pushing sideways the Stepmother). Continue!

The stepmother. Well, calling spring, well... The sun ?.. flowering! Also flowers started blossoming from her singing...

The minister (mistrustfully). It cannot be!

The princess. And what was then?

The stepmother. Well, we picked fast the whole basket of the flowers!

The daughter. And we hope to receive gold for them. Here. In the basket.

The princess (important and majestic). Minister, award them. Pour  golden  coins into the basket.

The princess (addresses to the stepmother and a daughter). Immediately take  us there where you found flowers! Otherwise I will order to execute you!

The stepmother and the daughter fall on knees in a fright

The stepmother. Your Majesty, pardon. We are so sorry! We didn’t find the flowers. It was my stepdaughter.

The daughter. Yes, yes it was my sister. You can ask her.

The girl comes with a Herald 

The princess. Show me the way to the snowdrops immediately!

The stepdaughter. But there are no more flowers there, anyway.

The princess (impatiently). And where did you take them?

The stepdaughter. I cannot tell. It is a secret! I’m sorry, your Majesty. I promised not to do that and I will obey.

The princess (in anger). What?! A secret from me!!!


The girl. Well, I don't know the way to that place, but you can see it.

Princess. Really?

Girl. Just look.

The girl claps hands three times. There are months.

 January, February, middle of March,

Brrr! In the cold I'm stiff as starch!

Let's make a snowball, sledge down a hill.

Wintertime, wintertime, time to chill!

April, May, to the middle of June,

Ahh! What a nice cool afternoon!

Let's fly a kite, and plant pretty flowers.

Springtime, springtime, time for showers!

July, August, middle of September.

Ouch! Got a sunburn I'll always remember!

Let's go swimming, let's eat a peach.

Summertime, summertime, time for the beach!

October, November, middle of December.

Hey! each day grows shorter than September!

Let's see the leaves fall, let's bake a cake

Autumntime, autumntime, time for a rake!


Hooray for the seasons all through the year,

One just left and another one's here!

I love the seasons, each is a ball:

Wintertime, springtime, summertime, fall.

…Thanks again and good bye, dear months!


Can you let New year come, your Majesty? Twelve months make a year changing one another each in its time.


Let this nice girl get the basket of coins. They are hers.

And now it's time for the New Year. Let everybody be happy. Let there be holidays! Don't study! This is my last decree this year.


 The Royal Decree:

It's time for the New Year.

Let everybody be happy.

Let there be holidays!

The Royal Decree

The award!

The basket of golden coins will be given to the person who brings a basket of

snowdrops to the palace!

 New Year will not come until that happens!

The Royal Decree:

It's time for the New Year.

Let everybody be happy.

Let there be holidays!

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