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    Экзаменационный материал к переводному экзамену 7 класс,УМК М.З.Биболетовой
    материал по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему

    Сусь Ольга Михайловна

    Экзаменационный материал для проведения  переводного экзамена в 7 классе,УМК М.З.Биболетовой


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    Экзаменационный материал по английскому языку

                                7 класс

    Тематика общения.

    7 класс

    1.О себе. Что хотел бы изменить.

    2. Что я думаю о будущем.

    3. Знаменитые люди (Сахаров, Черчилль).

    4. Компьютер в нашей жизни.

    5. Англо-говорящие страны.

    6. Россия.

    7. Роль английского.

    8. Образование в Британии.

    9. Образование в России.

    10. Роль школы, отношение к ней.

    11. Спорт и здоровый образ жизни.

    London  Sightseeing Tour.  (Билет №5)

             London is the capital of the UK. There are a lot of interesting places to see in London. For example, Trafalgar  Square. There is a statue of Admiral Nelson who defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. He is a national English hero. There is no traffic in this square.

             Buckingham Palace is the London home of the Queen. When the flag is on the top she is at home. Here you can se changing the guard. It happens every day at 11.30.a.m.

             Houses of Parliament is the seat of the British Government. It’s a very large building with beautiful towers. Big Ben is one of the most famous clocks in the world. It was named after Sir Benjamin Hall. The clock. was made under his direction.

             Westminster Abbey is a Royal Church. Here you can se many tombs of British Kings and Queens and other famous people, such as: Charles Dickens, Walter Scott, Thomas Hardy.

              Tower of London was a fortress, a royal palace, later a prison. Now it is a museum. Many tourists come to visit London and see all these places.


    Sport   in   Britain. (Билет № 11)

           Football was born I England. It is popular among children and grown-ups. Nearly every school has its own football tam. In Britain the football season begins in the middle of August.

           Tennis is very popular in Britain too. Every summer a great international tennis festival takes place at Wimbledon.

            Cricket is a typically British sport. There are 2 teams of 11 players. Matches last from 1 to 5 days.

           All kinds of races are popular in Britain: boat-races, hose-races, dog-races and so on. There is also the egg and spoon race. Each runner carries an egg in a spoon. The runner should not break it. If he did, he must pick it up with a spoon. It’s very funny to watch this race.

           Skiing is not very popular in Britain, thee are not many mountains.

           Basketball and volleyball are not popular in Britain.

    A  Night Story.  

    I watched a long film on TV last night, and it was very late when I went to bed. I read a book in bed because I couldn’t  go to sleep. I fell asleep at about two o’clock at night but I woke up suddenly at three because I heard a loud noise in the kitchen. I walked downstairs, opened the kitchen door and I saw- our cat! I shouted at it, and it ran away through the open kitchen door.




    Билет № 9

     I am Alice. I am sitting in my sitting room at home, talking to my teacher on the radio. Yes, I am at school!

              I live in the middle of Australia, a long way from any towns or cities, so I belong to the School of the Air. Students from all over Australia belong to such school. Every day, I start at half past eight. I have two hours of radio lessons and sometimes I watch lessons on TV. After that, I have three hours of homework, then I have free time.

               I don’t mind going to school in the sitting room- it’s fun! I like using radio. I like Geography because I’m interested in learning about foreign countries and I like talking to my Geography teacher about her visits to Europe, Asia and America. I also like History lessons. Unfortunately, we don’t have sport lessons.

    A    REAL   FRIEND. (Билет №3)

          This is a story about a dog. The dog’s name was Fido. Fido lived in a little village in Italy. His master Carlo Soriani was a worker. Every day Carlo came home from work on the evening bus and every day Fido came to meet him.

          One day in 1943 Carlo went to his work in the morning and did not come back. He was a partisan and was killed.

           Every evening during 14 years, Fido came to meet the bus. He looked at the people who got out of the bus, then jumped into the bus and looked under the seats.

            The people in the village put up a monument to Fido. They wanted to show that they loved  the dog who was a real friend to his master.

    was killed- был убит

    a seat- место

    put up a monument- поставили памятник


    Russian Traditional Festival. (Билет №8)

           People in Russia celebrate Easter, Christmas and New Year too but they have their own special traditions. One of them is Maslenitza (Shrovetide). Russian people celebrate it at the end of winter or in the first month of spring. For some people it is a religious tradition. This is the last week before Lent. But some people think it is just a festival to say goodbye to winter. People celebrate it for a week. This is a very happy time for those who love pancakes, because they are the traditional food of “Maslenitza week”. People cook pancakes at home but they can buy them in shops too. On “Maslenitza  Sunday” people go out. They have a lot of fun. They walk in the parks and squares, dance and sing songs, they have fires and sometimes burn straw figures of winter. They eat hot pancakes, drink hot tea in the streets of their towns and cities. Children love this holiday very much.

    1. When do Russians celebrate Shrovetide?

    2. How long is it?

    3. Is Shrovetide a festival or a holiday?

    4. What is the traditional food of “Maslenitza week”?

    5. What is Maslenitza famous for?

    Lent- пост(Великий)

    pancakes- блины

    straw figures- фигуры из соломы, чучела

    THE  SUMMER GARDENS. (Билет №6)

          The Summer Gardens, a famous park in St. Petersburg, is about three hundred years old. Peter I  wanted this garden for summer home. He wanted to have a very beautiful place with a lot of trees and fountains [`fauntin]-фонтан. Peter often gave parties to his friends in the Summer Gardens. Sometimes people from abroad came to St. Petersburg and visited the Summer Gardens. They all said that it was a wonderful place.

          Now the Summer Gardens in St. Petersburg is a very famous place. People who travel in Russia usually visit and enjoy it. Peter’s House in Summer Gardens is a museum.

    1. How old is the Summer Gardens?

    2. Who wanted this garden?

    3. What did he want he want this place for?

    4. What did he give in this garden?

    5. Who sometimes visited the Summer Gardens?

    6. Why do people visit the Summer Gardens now?

    Билет №7




     A wise mother-cat and her two little kittens live in an old grey house. They live upstairs in an old bedroom and sleep on a warm comfortable carpet that is in the middle of the room. Every morning the two kittens get up, brush their tails, wash their faces and go downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast.

             After breakfast they wash their cups, glasses and plates and go to the Cat’s primary school. They take their schoolbags with pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers and books with them. But they don’t like to go to school. They are a bit lazy, though they are rather clever. They don’t like many school subjects but they dislike the foreign languages they are learning most of all.

           Now the mother-cat and her kittens are walking in the park. Suddenly they see a big dog. The dog is standing in front of them. She looks very dangerous. The kittens are afraid of the dog and cry: “Mew, mew, mew, mew”. The dog looks at them and answers loudly :”Grrrrrr! Grrrrr! Grrrrr!” At this moment the mother-cat opens her mouth and says: ”Grrrrr! Grrrrr!” The dog can hardly believe her ears. “Grrrrr! Grrrr!” she answers and quickly runs away.

          Then the wise old cat turns to hr kittens and says :”Now, I hope you understand how important it is to know a foreign language.”

    1. Who lives in an old house?

    2. Where do they sleep?

    3. What do they do every morning?

    4. Where do they go after breakfast?

    5. What school do they study at?

    6. Why don’t they like school?

    7. What subject do they dislike most of all?

    8. Whom do they meet in the park one day?

    9. Are they afraid of the dog? Why?

    10. The dog is very surprised that the mother-cat…a) speaks its language.

                                                                                      b) is not afraid of the dog.

                                                                                      c) is afraid of the dog.

    PLANS   FOR   THE   FUTURE. (Билет № 2)


        When I grow up I’m going to be a ballet dancer. I love dancing. I go dancing three times a week. I’m going to travel all over the world and I’m going to learn French and Russian because I want to dance in Paris and Moscow. I’m not going to marry until I’m thirty-five and then I’m going to have two children. First I’d like a girl and a boy- but maybe I can’t plan that! I’m going to work until I’m seventy-five. I’m going to teach dancing and I’m going to open a dance school. It’s all very exciting.

    1. What is the girl’s hobby?

    2. What is she going to be in the  future?

    3. Why does she plan to learn French and Russian?

    4. When is she going to marry?

    5. How many children is she going to have?

    6. When is she going to be a pensioner?

                                                      Билет № 10

         Dear pen-friends,

         I am writing to you from England. My name is Ann Doolittle and I am thirteen years old. I have two brothers and a sister.

         I live in a large house in the centre of London near Regent’s Park. I go to a large school in Hampstead Heath. It is a comprehensive school which means that any boy or girl who lives near, can go to our school.

        Our school is rather old. There are a lot of pupils in it. I do thirteen subjects: English, mathematics, French, German, science, art and others. We get religious education too. We go to school five days a week. On Saturday and Sunday we are free. We have five lessons in the morning. After our lunch break, we have two more lessons. School is over at four, when I catch a bus and go home.

        We must wear a uniform at our school. The uniform is a grey jacket and skirt, a white blouse and a red hat. I like my uniform very much.

         My hobbies are swimming and gardening. I’d like to visit Russia and met Russian girls and boys.

          With  best  wishes, Ann Doolittle.

    Билет № 4


           Jennifer Lopez was born in New York on July 24-th 1970. Her father is a compute programmer, her mother is a teacher. She has two sisters: Leslie who is an opera singer, and Lynda who is a DJ.

            When Jennifer was a child, she lived in New York. She had a hobby. She liked singing very much. She began singing when she was five. Jennifer went to an all-girl high school. She loved sport. She played tennis and softball.

           Now Jennifer often sings about those years. Her songs are sometimes sad. Jennifer worked very much when she  was a child, she works much now too. Her album “This is me” is very famous. But Jennifer is not only a singer. She starred I six films.


    High school- средняя школа (в США)

    Softball- игра, напоминающая бейсбол;  в нее играют на меньшей площади и мячом большего размера, чем в бейсболе.

    Билет № 1


              Mrs. Smith was forty and she thought she was getting fatter. She was very unhappy about it. That was why she decided not to eat much and to have a walk every day.

               The next day she put her coat on and began walking, but during her walk it rained, and her coat became wet.

               That evening she said to her husband, “I want a good coat for my walks. I’m going to go to the shops tomorrow, and I’m going to buy one.”

                The next morning she went into a shop and looked at some coats. A young shop assistant was helping her. Mrs. Smith liked a sheepskin coat very much.

               “This sheepskin coat’s nice,” she said to th shop assistant, “but will I get wet if I wear this coat in the rain?”

               The shop assistant smiled and answered, “Sheep often stay in the rain, but they never use umbrellas, do they?’


    1) Why was not Mrs. Smith happy?

    2) What did she decide to do?

    3) Why did she want a new coat?

    4) What coat did she choose in the shop?

    5) Will Mrs. Smith become wet in the sheepskin coat? What does the shop assistant think? What do you think?  


     sheepskin- овчина

    a sheepskin coat- дубленка

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