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    Экзаменационный материал к переводному экзамену по английскому языку 7 класс учебник М.З.Биболетова
    методическая разработка по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему

    Никодина Анна Николаевна

    Выполнение работы расчитано на 1 академический час.Работа составлена в форме теста. Содержит текст и задание на понимание прочитанного, лексическое задание и грамматическое задание.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку

    7 класс

    2 вариант

    1. Read the text and answer the questions.

    The Rich Man and the Gold

    There was once a very rich man. He had three cars and two houses and many other things.

    One day he said, «I am getting old. I’m going to sell everything and buy a big piece of gold. »

    He sold his houses and his cars and everything and he bought a very big piece of gold1. He dug2 a hole near a tree, and he put the piece of gold into the hole. «No one will find my gold here», he said.

    Every day he went back and dug up the gold. He looked at it and said, «Good! My gold is there». Then he put the gold back into the hole and put the earth back on top of it.

    But one day there was a man behind the tree. He was a thief3 and he was asleep. The rich man didn’t see the thief. He dug up the gold and looked at it. «Good! » he said, «My gold is there». The thief woke up and looked round the tree. «What is the man putting into the hole? » he thought. «I’m going to find out». The rich man put the gold back into the hole and went away. Then the thief went to the hole and dug up the gold. «A big piece of gold! » he said. «It’s my gold now. I am a rich man. » He ran off with the gold and never came back.

    The next day the first man came back and began to dig. He dug and he dug but he did not find the gold. «My gold is not here», he said. «I am not a rich man now. I have no gold! » and he began to cry. Then he went home and told one of his friends. His friend said, «Don’t cry. Here is a big stone. Take it and put it in the hole. Then every day you can go and dig it up and look at it».  A piece of gold in a hole is no better than a stone.

    piece of gold1  кусок  - слиток золота

     to dig (dug, dug)2– копать

    a thief3 - вор

    Choose the correct answer.

    1. At the beginning of the story the rich man had.......

    a)  two cars,

    b) a bicycle,

    c)a horse,

    d)two houses,

    e) three cars,

    f) a boat

    1. The rich man decided to sell.....
    1.  nothing,
    2. everything,
    3. only a cow,
    4. only a horse
    1. The man bought a big piece of gold and put it into........
    1. his desk,
    2. his pocket,
    3. the hole in the ground ,
    4. his suitcase
    1. One day the rich man became poor because......
    1.  he lost his gold,
    2. the thief took his gold
    3.  his friends took his gold and sold it
    1. One of his friends told him......
    1. to put a big stone in the hole and look at it,
    2. to buy another piece of gold and put it in another place,
    3.  to cry all day,
    4. to ask other people for help

    2 . Find the words with the opposite meaning. Wright down the pairs/

    angry, healthy, lucky, nice, independent, ill, dependent, unlucky, cold, ugly, warm, kind

     Ex: young – old, . . .

    3. Use the verbs in the past or future simple.

    1. This summer I lived at my granny’s in the country. Every morning I  ________( get up)

    and (run) to the river.

    2.  Next summer I will go to the sport camp. I_________(join) their football team and ________( take part) in all sport competitions in the camp.

    3.  I _______(feed) my puppy yesterday and _______(to help) my grandmother in the garden.

    Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку

    7 класс

    1 вариант

    1. Read the text and answer the questions.


    Catherine was five years old. She often went to the shops with her mother. She liked toys very much, and she often stopped and looked at them in the shops, but her mother usually said, « Don’t stop and look at the toys today, Catherine. It’s late».

    Catherine’s mother did not usually go to the shops on Saturdays, because she always had a lot of work at home on that day, but last Friday evening her husband said, «Some of my friends are going to visit us on Sunday», and she didn’t have much food in the house.

    She took Catherine at 10 o’clock on Saturday morning, and they went to the shops together. Catherine’s mother said to her, «Stay near me, Catherine, and don’t stop and look at the toys today».

    Catherine said, «Yes, Mummy, » and she held 1 her mother’s hand. But then her mother had a lot of parcels2, and Catherine stopped holding her hand.

    They came to the best shop in the town. There were quite a lot of men in front of it. There was a beautiful toy bear in one of the windows, and Catherine stopped for a few seconds and looked at it. Then she looked for her mother, but she was not there. There were only men round Catherine, and they were all much taller than she was.

    Catherine was very young, but she was a clever girl. She did not cry. There was a policeman in the middle of the street near the shop. Catherine waited at the side of the road for a minute, and then the policeman stopped the cars and the buses. Catherine went to him and said, «Good morning. Have you seen any ladies in this street this morning? »

    «Yes, I have», the policeman said. «A lot of ladies have passed 3me this morning».

    «And has one passed you without a small girl? » Catherine said.

    «Yes, » the policeman said.

    Catherine said happily, «I’m the small girl. Where’s the lady? »

    To hold ( held, held) 1 – держать

    parcels2 – пакеты, сумки

     to pass3 – проходить

    Choose the correct answer.

    1. Catherine usually goes shopping with. . . . .

    1.  her mother on Saturdays.
    2. Her father on Saturday
    3. Grandmother on Monday
    4. alone

    2. Catherine went shopping in the . . . .

    a) morning

    b)  evening after school

    c) during lessons

    d) evening during lessons

    3. She entered the shop because she decided . . . .

    1. to buy a newspaper
    2. to have a snack
    3. to buy bear

    4. Catherine came up

    1. stranger
    2.  to the policeman
    3. a teacher
    4. lady

    5. Suddenly Catherine saw her mother. . .

    1. in the street
    2. having dinner
    3. looking at the window
    4.  buying a beautiful toy for her.

    2. Find the words with the opposite meaning. Wright down the pairs

    polite, industrious, unfriendly, intelligent, unlucky, friendly, lazy, kind, lucky,

    silly, cruel, rude.

     Ex :  Sociable – Shy, . . .

    3.  Use the verbs in the past or future simple

    1. last summer  I_________(swim) in any weather and then _____(go back) for breakfast.

    2. Next Sunday I________(eat) delicious cakes and _______(drink) some warm milk.

    3. I think we _________(have) lots of concerts, parties and other entertainments there. _____you_____(go) to this camp with me.

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