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    Упражнения для повторения грамматической темы "Past Tenses" в 8 классе
    тест по английскому языку (8 класс) на тему

    Предлагаю 4 упражнения для повторения грамматической темы "Past Tenses" для 8 класса по УМК З.М. Биболетовой "Английский с удовольствием". Первые три задания для образования времен по отдельности (Past Simole, Past Progressive, Past Perfect), 4 задание на использование всех трех времен вместе. Упражнения можно использовать как для повторения, так и для контроля грамматических навыков взависимости от уровня подготовки учащихся.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Past Tenses

    №1 Use Past Simple

    Last Thursday our class (go) to France for a day. I (get) up early. Mam (make) some sandwiches. I (leave) home at eight o’clock. Dad (take) me to the station by car. When we (arrive) at the station, the teacher (say), ‘Have you all got your passports?’ I (look) in my bag, but my passport (not be) there. Dad (take) me home again but I (can’t) find my passport. Then I (find) it. It was in my pocket. We (drive) back to the station very fast. A policeman (stop) us. He (give) dad a ticket for speeding. Dad (miss) his train to work, but we (catch) our train to Dover. We (have) a great time in France. We (do) lots of interesting things and we (see) some beautiful things in the market. I (buy) Dad a big present, but he (not be) very friendly to me.

    №2 Use Past Progressive

    1.  I (play) computer games at five o’clock yesterday. 2. He (play) computer games from two till three yesterday. 3.  We (play) computer games the whole evening yesterday. 4. What Nick (do) when you came to his place? 5. What you (do) when I rang you up? 6. I (not sleep) at nine o’clock yesterday. 8. What he (do) the whole evening yesterday? – He (read) a book. 9. She (sleep) when you came home? 10. My sister (not play) the piano at five o’clock yesterday. She (play) the piano the whole evening. 11. When I (come) into the kitchen, mother (cook). 12. She (cook) the whole evening yesterday. 13. We (wash) the floor in our flat from two till three yesterday. 14. You (do) your homework from eight till ten yesterday? 15. Why she (sleep) at seven o’clock yesterday? 16. He (sit) at the table the whole evening yesterday.

    № 3 Use Make Past Perfect:

    1. I (translate) the text before the bell rang. 2. She (do) her lesson by the evening. 3. He (clean) his room by five o’clock. 4. We (speak) to him before the meeting started. 5. Mother (cook) dinner by seven o’clock. 6. Her son (not do) the home task by nine o’clock. 7. She (not make) a dress before the party began. 8. What they (do) by three o’clock? 9. Who (not write) the exercise before the bell? 10. Why you (not sweep) the floor by your mother’s coming? 11. Your child (go) to bed by ten o’clock? 12. You (reach) your house by the sunset? 13. They (receive) the telegram by that time? 14. Why they (not have) lunch by twelve o’clock? 15. We (have) dinner by eight o’clock.

    №4 Use Past Simple, Past Progressive or Past Prefect:

    1. He (do) his lessons by five o’clock and at five he (play) football in the yard. 2. Mark (be) at home when you (arrive)? – No, he (go) to school. 3. My parents (come) home by seven o’clock and at eight we (have) dinner. 4. His father (look) tired as he (work) hard before. 5. By seven o’clock I (learn) the poem and at eight o’clock I (watch) TV. 6. When he (see) me, I (read) the newspaper which I (buy) in the street. 7. Betty just (come) home when we (phone) her. 8. When Alison (enter) the room she (see) her son (play) with a ball which she (buy) in the shop. 9. They (arrive) to the theatre late. The play already (begin). 10. When I (come) into her room, she (play) the piano which her father (buy). 11. He (want) impress her parents as he (not meet) them before. 12. Mother (tell) us that she (plan) soup fish and a chocolate mousse for dinner.  13. His brother (be) taken to the hospital because he (have) an accident. 14. When we (arrive), mother (go) into the kitchen to do the last preparations for the meal. 15. Mary (bring) him a glass of water as he (ask) her about it. 16. When David (enter) the kitchen, he (see) that his cat (eat) meat.17. Jenny (tell) her mother, that she (water) the flowers. 18. We (want) to know which way they (choose). 19. She (be) afraid that they (not tell) the police the truth. 20. They (know) that he already (start) his work for our firm.

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