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    Презентация к уроку по английскому языку (9 класс) на тему:
    Презентация: " Английский язык - урок мира"

    Каргаполова Татьяна Михайловна

    Эта презентация создана в виде урока и посвящена значению английского языка в мире.


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    Слайд 1

    Урок английского языка В 9 классе по теме: «Английский язык – язык мира». Учебник: В.П.Кузовлев « Happy English », 20 1 6, М. Просвещение. Каргаполова Т.М.

    Слайд 2

    English is a World Language. Образовательная цель: развитие монологической и диалогической речи в проблемных ситуациях; умение отстаивать и высказывать свою точку зрения. Развивающая цель: развитие мыслительной деятельности, личностных свойств учащихся, интересов и склонностей, эмоций и чувств, мировоззрения. Воспитательная цель: развитие чувства патриотизма, расширение знаний о различных странах, их традициях и обычаях.

    Слайд 3

    Our tasks and goals. Teacher: Today we are going to discuss a very important question: we’ll speak about the significance of the English language. You know that nowadays English is used practically in every sphere of our life. You have been learning English for 5 or 6 years already. I think you have a good command of knowledge. I hope you can associate with your classmates, express your point of view, some of you can read texts in the original. Today we’ll see how and where we can use English. We’ll act dialogues, play role-games and examine different situations.

    Слайд 4

    Активизация Л . Е . First, let’s review our vocabulary. Say it in English: изучать иностранные языки (to learn foreign languages) общаться с людьми (to communicate with people) знакомиться с друзьями ( to make new friends ) быть связанным с чем-то ( be connected with ) расширять кругозор (to expand outlook) во всем мире (all over the world) в оригинале (in the original) говорить свободно ( to speak fluently ) осознавать что-то ( be aware of )

    Слайд 5

    Make up sentences with the following expressions: - It is very important and useful to learn foreign languages - English helps me communicate with different people - Being abroad I made many new friends. - This person is connected with many outstanding people. - Learning foreign languages helps me expand my outlook. - People all over the world do their best to protect the environment. - I try to read English books in the original. - I must work hard to speak English fluently. - Are you aware of the importance of your statement?

    Слайд 6

    Now, guys, I’d like to ask you the following question. What is the English language for you? Say a few words, please .

    Слайд 7

    Student 1 : In our time it is very important to learn foreign languages. They help us to communicate with people from other countries, to understand another culture and also to get another understanding of our own culture and our own language. At school I learn English. I think, this language is very important and useful in our time. I want to travel a lot, so I need to know English because it is the most popular language in the world. It will help me to mix with people and to make new friends. I also need English to use the Internet and computer technologies. The English Language will be connected with my future career: I want to be an art critic and to study art and culture of our and foreign countries. English is the main language of international conferences. Besides I’d like to learn Italian, French and Spanish. Each of them in different times played an important role in the world history and culture. So, learning languages stretches our minds, it is a good exercise for our intellect. It expands our horizons, for example, it gives us a chance to get a better job and to visit other countries.

    Слайд 8

    Student 2: Lots of people learn or speak foreign languages. At school many pupils have such a subject as a foreign language. They choose English, German or French. It’s very useful to know one or more foreign languages nowadays. English is international, you are able to speak English not only in English-speaking countries but all over the world. I have been learning English since the first form at school. Four years at the language school ABC and now I learn it in Britannica. I need English for my future speciality, travelling. For example, I was in China twice and my English helped me greatly in lots of situations. So, English is very important and useful for me and it helps in my life.

    Слайд 9

    Student 3: English is very important in the whole world. Nowadays many countries where tourism is highly developed have two official languages: their native language and English. For example, when you visit Japan and you speak English fluently you’ll find all you want because every Japanese should speak English except Japanese. In the 21st century in all high technologies English is used by all producers. If you want to be aware of all machines you should know some more useful words in English. As for me I learn English not only at my English lessons, I have been studying at school “Britannica” for 5 years. It helps me very much and I hope in future my knowledge of English will be of great help for me.

    Слайд 10

    How to Practice English Teacher: To learn English well you must work hard to learn grammar, new vocabulary, practice English with native speakers, to improve your pronunciation etc. At school you have English classes 2 or 3 times a week. It’s not enough for you. So many students attend optional courses or schools or study with tutors. Some of you go to different schools: ELC, Britannica, Natalie and others. We would like to learn something about your school.

    Слайд 11

    I study in the special English school called ELC. It means the English Language College. This school is one of the best schools in Khabarovsk. There are good professional teaches, so you will know everything (of course if you’ll finish your course). I’ve studied there since September 2005. In general there are 7 students in each group, but if you like to study individually there is VIP program. Besides If you want to study English very fast there is summer intensive program. Also there is a good library with professional English literature. Now I have a video course where we watch video about different problems connected with environment, progress, pollution and so on. After the video course we will have examination, so now I learn hard to pass it successfully. ELC – Cherepanova Lena

    Слайд 12

    Natalie – Yakubson Sasha: Except English lessons at school which we have three times a week I learn English in the English school “Natalie”. I have been studying there for two years. I like studying there very much, there are only 10 students in our group. They are from different schools of our town. Besides I like my teacher of English, Lysova Irina Ivanovna. I like how she teaches me English. I attend my school twice a week, our lessons last 1.20 min. At our lessons we learn to read with proper intonation, listen to tapes, act dialogues, etc. Sometimes we go to our Territorial Library where there are many newspapers and magazines in English. It’s a pity that we practically have no chance to speak English with native speakers. I wish we had more practice,

    Слайд 13

    Britannica – Stasyuk Natasha: The school where I study the English language is Britannica . It’s situated in the Railway College’s building opposite the state Humanitarian University of the Far East. At this school there is a great choice of languages which you can study. They are: English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Latin and Korean. There are different programs of studying English. If you studied English before, you can attend courses of spoken English or courses of interpreters. And if you only start to learn English you should take 12-level program of profound study. First 5 levels are basic ones and after 5 years from the beginning you can also attend courses of interpreters but not before. You usually study in a group of 10-13 pupils twice a week. In September your group meets in the council and chooses the time of courses that is convenient for all its members. Usually our classes start with news. You talk with a teacher for a few minutes and then we learn new grammar and practice a lot doing exercises, listening to a cassette recorder. Once a month we go to the computer class. Of course, not all of us do exercises, some of us play games, others try to talk to their friends through Internet. But I can say that exercises on these computers are quite interesting and funny. As for me I’ve been studying English for 8 years there and I’m quite satisfied with my progress in English.

    Слайд 14

    Teacher: Well, children, I see that most of you try to improve your knowledge of English. Some of you attend English clubs or schools; others practice your English with native speakers. So you find new forms of acquiring knowledge working by yourselves. It’s very good of you. You know that we study British or Standard English. But now more and more teachers try to promote American English. Now let’s speak about this question. What are the characteristic features of BE and AE? What version do you prefer and why?

    Слайд 15

    British and American English British English The only correct version of English Has a longer history “ The Queen’s English” The purest form of English B.E. shouldn’t be changed. American English A.E. developed from B.E., has only 200-year history Full of abbreviations, slangs and twangs It’s much less rigid, more flexible language, open to change

    Слайд 16

    Teacher: Well, children, I see that most of you try to improve your knowledge of English. Some of you attend English clubs or schools; others practice your English with native speakers. So you find new forms of acquiring knowledge working by yourselves. It’s very good of you. IV. Teacher: You know that we study British or Standard English. But now more and more teachers try to promote American English. Now let’s speak about this question. What are the characteristic features of BE and AE? What version do you prefer and why?

    Слайд 17

    You know that nowadays many students go abroad to study English in accordance with the exchange programs. They stay in the families of native speakers. The most popular places are: London, Malta, the USA, Thailand and others. Some of our students took part in such programs. Cherepanova E. – the USA Nikiforova S.- Malta.

    Слайд 18

    Cherepanova. I took part in exchange program. I was a student at La Guardia Community College in New York City. In my class there were just nine students and all of them were from different countries: Japan, Brazil, Switzerland Poland and Italy. Also I had a very good teacher. She was very nice and friendly. Her name was Isabel. I lived in the apartment with two girls, they were from France and Spain. It was very good for me because we could practice our English much better. American people are very nice. I loved to chat with them but it was not easy at first to understand them, they spoke very fast. But later I improved my grammar, pronunciation and it was not difficult to understand them. Also I’d like to tell you about the city. New York is very big, very exciting but too expensive. My class and I have got a lot of excursions. It was great! I fell in love with N.Y. and I’d like to visit it again.

    Слайд 19

    Nikiforova S. As for me I went to Malta. It’s a very small country but it produced a great impression on me. There were 8 students in our group and we enjoyed our trip very much. I stayed in the family where there were 3 children. We practically spoke English all the time but I shared a room with a Russian girl. So, when we were alone we spoke Russian, of course. I wish I could speak only English. But on the whole I liked my study very much and now I feel much better in learning English.

    Слайд 20

    Act the dialogue: Teacher. Well, guys, you know that to read and translate texts in English is not enough for you. You should practice it and use in everyday life. Now we’ll show how and where we can use it. You may be the manager of the tourist company. Yana Shyachtenko will show us how she works with clients. Two girls are going to visit Russia. They don’t know what city to choose. First they discuss this topic between them and then they come to the tourist company.

    Слайд 21

    What Would You like to visit? Yulya: Hello, where are you going to spend your holidays this summer? Lera: I’d like to visit Russia. Yul.: So do I. What city would you like to visit in Russia? Yul.: As for me I think St. Petersburg is a good choice. Why do you want to visit this city? Lera: I’ve heard there are a lot of museums, sculptures and other beautiful places to see. Yul.: I dream to visit “The Winter Palace” and “the Hermitage”. Lera: It’s interesting for me to learn how Russian people live and get acquainted with Russian traditions and customs. Do you know what travel agency we can apply to? Yul.: Oh, I know one travel company “Paradise” which organizes holidays in Russia. Lera: Let’s go and speak with the manager of this company.

    Слайд 22

    At the Travel Agency : Shlyachtenko: I’m the tourist agent of the tourist company “Paradise”. At first nobody knew us till we started our flights abroad especially to Russia. Now our personnel are great and our company still extends. You can visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, and cities of the Golden Ring. These trips are not expensive, very comfortable and fast. We advise to use your holidays more useful. What city would you like to visit? Lera: St. Petersburg. Shlyach.: Oh it’s a good choice. How long are you going to stay there? Shlyach.: What hotel do you prefer? Lera: 5 stars, please. Shlyach.: I think it’s possible. Yul.: What places do you advise us to see? Shlyach.: I think your guide in St.P. will offer you a very interesting program. We’ll try to organize your rest very well. You won’t regret that you have chosen our company

    Слайд 23

    To become a good specialist you need to know English well. Many businessmen go abroad to exchange experience of work. They must be good at English so they must read some technical texts in the original. We have the representative of the British Airways. You are welcome! Student - Shpak Anna.: Since my childhood I dreamt to fly and travel very much. Later I understood that I’ll become a stewardess. At that time I came across a lot of problems. I didn’t know English well. Then I started to learn it very hard and I understood how important the English language is. We can say it is the first language in the world. It is so widely spread in the world that it has become the standard language. Well, now I work in the big airlines company called “British Airlines”. My job is very interesting buy sometimes difficult. I like to work with people. Our flights are always comfortable and pleasant. We invite you to use our company and we promise you a pleasant flight!

    Слайд 24

    Conclusion. Teacher: Well, guys, I think you see that the knowledge of English is very important in every sphere of our life. To sum it up, I believe that knowledge of foreign languages, on the whole, helps to make a person educated, well-bred and wise. This is because you get to know different cultures, different national, social and historic ideas, facts. Besides, it helps you to mix with people from other countries. It also helps you to get a good job and then earn good money. Thanks a lot for your good job. Homework: Project :” Why is English important in your country?”

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