Workshop „Übungsfirma“ or "Exercise Company"
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Каминская Марина Николаевна

Workshop „Übungsfirma“ or "Exercise Company"


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Workshop „Übungsfirma“ or "Exercise Company"



1. Notice

2. Learning goals

3. Groups:

4. Time:

5. Seminarroom:

6. Material:

7. Prework:

8. Abbreviations:

9. Equipment needs:

This workshop is a part of the training program to EFL Teachers' Seminar in BRIOP.

Participants know the aims, principles, features and building of „Übungsfirma“ or  "Exercise company". Participants may  use the concept in their own practice, they have an  opportunity  to get involved in the group activities.

English teachers

 90 minutes

The seminar room should offer  space & movable furniture to work in various social forms. In the seminar room  should be a computer and a projector.

Worksheets and equipment: PPT presentation, blackboard or flipchart; wall, thumbtacks; posters, pins

Copy the worksheets, check the equipment, setting of the computer and the projector;

SL – Seminarleader, PC – participants.


 Seminarplan  Workshop Übungsfirma


Learning goals

Participants (PCs)

Seminarleader (SL)


To Do for Seminar




PC listen to





Topic introduction

Walking in the classroom

Each PC  grabs a card, looks for a partner & asks a question from the card, after asking questions each other they both change the cards and look for a new partner in the room.  

SL explains the task:

 PC should have a talk with 5 partners.

AB 1 cards


Critical thinking

 Warm up

PCs   in Groups fill in the Mind map  „Company“

After the signal in 3 minutes the groups change their lists, 3 times & the groups get their own lists.

Pcs read the mindmap.

PCs answer SL's questions.

Divides into  groups, explains the task, gives each 3 Minuten  Signal, for example: a clock

 SL asks questions:

  • Read your Associations in the Mindmap.
  • Can you use the same words for the definition “Exercise company”?
  • What do you think about “Exercise Company”?

Paper A4

In the middle


Is written.




PCs listen to & answer the questions of SL, ask questions to SL.

SL asks questions:

Where can you have  real Eyecontact? It is important to explain the students the points of discussion:

what goods or services to sell,

how many departments to have,

how productively all the times  to work, how many employees to have and at last how to make money.




Reflection 1


PCs  in Groups discuss their ideas for the topic „Forming a Company" in their  Context.  How many structures/branches are there in the Company? And they visualize it in the poster. After the discussion every group present their company and try to prove that their idea's  the best one.  The ideas could be different. This form of classroom activity also helps the students in making choice of their future profession too.

PCs present their company, other groups compete with him & ask questions.

SL helps the PCs to make the presentation.

 Posters for groups, pencils.


Reflection 2

PC in individual work fill in the applications of the concept and write them down in the AB. 3

 PCs  visualize their attitude to the concept

ÜF in 3 corners  

3  Corners:

A. I will  use ÜF or EC and  I realize soon in the classroom.

B. I will use ÜF or EC but  I can't realize it in the classroom.

C. I will  not use ÜF or EC in the classroom.

SL explaines the task.

If the time is over, it'll be a homework.

SL  makes a summary.

AB 4 for each PC



SL  gives handout materials to the PCs.


Have you ever heard about


exersice company?

Do you like watching News  on TV?

Have you applied for a job in an  English company?

 Have you got  a lot of

job experience ?

Do you  like to make role playings devoted to professional life?

Do you know Russian

Rouble  currency  to Euro?

Would you like to work in Great Britain?

Do you need  to

 call in a job often?

What English companies

in Buryatia do you know?

Have you ever written  a complaint?

What profession except teacher's could you exercise?

Have you already given many presentations at  work/in the classroom?

Have you ever sold anything?

What is your experience  in "marketing"?

Would you start a business in real life?

Do you enjoy  reading  any business reports?

What  structures do you know in the company?

What  mean these  English abbreviations LTD, CORP., IBC?

What  qualities  should have a leader of the company?

Have you had more than

3  interviews?

Are you looking for  new challenges at work?

How would you describe your attitude towards money?

Which position would you like to take in a company?

What do you expect from this seminar?

AB 2    Handout

„Übungsfirma“ or “Exercise company” is a simulated company, where students practice English speaking in the classroom in a new  form. The students are involved in speaking during the organization of their own company.


1. Discuss in your groups these questions:         (20 Min.)

  • How can you  intergrate Übungsfirma or Exercise Company in teaching students ?
  • How can you form a company? (Name the structures of company, personal, development plan)
  •  How many companies  are optimal to form  for the teacher  to deal with?
  • What branches are suitable for a company in your opinion?
  • What kind of room ist suitable for the lesson?
  • What organisations should be created  to involve teachers  in Action?
  • What topics can you suggest for    „Übungsfirma“ or “Exercise company” in the classroom?

2.  Write your ideas in the list.

3. Present your groupdiscussion.        (3 Min.)        

AB 3         The  Concept of  «Übungsfirma“ in Teaching English:


Think about what investments (time, money, preparatory work, etc.) you need to realize the concept of recommendation and write them in the "Cost" column.

Think about which benefits you get from concept «Übungsfirma“ or "Exercise Company"  and write them in the column "profit" on.



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