Сценарий мероприятий на неделе английского языка
методическая разработка по английскому языку на тему

Левицкая Ольга Анатольевна

Сценарий мероприятий на неделе английского языка


Предварительный просмотр:


                            мероприятия на неделе английского языка

Hello everybody!

-   Ladies and gentlemen!

Today I am glad to introduce you a queen couple of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern  Ireland    prince William and princess Kate.

Please, greet them with applause!

-  William;  Dear friends!

I and my wife Kate are very happy to visit Ukraine and to have a good opportunity to attend your school.

-  Kate;  While travelling around the world we have being heard about your country and about wonderful school 28 that is situated in Simferopol.

-  Well you see that we are very happy and very proud to meet you at our school. We were waiting for this event for a long time. I know that many pupils of our school prepared different presents for you. Now they are looking forward to show you all our talents.

(An English song)

 - As you know the English people are great theatre-goers. It comes from Shakespeare s time. The English like to mark the  Shakespeare festival on April 23-rd, the day of   Shakespeare birthday. And in our school there are also many talented children, they will show you the performance  , which I hope will have a great success.

  The pupils of the 6th form will perform a play “Tree little pigs” after W.Disney.

          (a play “Tree little pigs”)

 And now you can see a play of the 4th form “Cinderella”


  -    Music inspires and influences us. It can open new areas of our inner life, because the way of expression of music is unlimited. We know that there are many music-lovers  live  in Great Britain.  Wales is called  “ the land of songs”. No country in the world has a greater love of music than the people of Wales.

   We know a lot of  famous English singers, but the greatest is group “Beatles”. It became most popular group in rock music history. There were 4 Englishmen, who amused the world:  George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul   McCartney  and  Ringo Starr. Their songs  live in our hearts today.

        (“Beatles” songs )

-  We know a lot of food culture and  traditional meals  in Great Britain. There are 4 main meals:  breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. The British have their national dishes, but they also like food from other countries. You can choose any restaurant to your liking – British, classical French, Italian, Japanese, Greek. Some restaurants provide special dishes for children and people of all ages.   But there is a great national tradition to have tea about 5 or 6 p.m.

     Today we ll try to improvise  an  English Tea-time and invite you to our Simpson s café. Everybody who can order some tea  with  some cake in English correct will take them without paying money . Welcome to our café,  please!

        ( songs and drinking tea)

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