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    Программа Фестиваля «Мир вокруг нас»
    методическая разработка по английскому языку на тему

    Программа Фестиваля

     «Мир вокруг нас»



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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Программа Фестиваля

     «Мир вокруг нас»

    (на экране заставка «Наши Новости»)


    - Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! I am ( имя ведущего). and the programme “Our News” is on. This is a special issue devoted to one of the most urgent topics. As you know, the year 2007 is proclaimed (to be) the year of the child. The document was signed by the President A. L. in February. A special attention in the paper was paid to such aspects as family and demography, education, healthy way of life, leisure and activities, social position of children. The journalists of numerous papers and TV channels are working hard to depict the realization of the programme in different regions of Belarus. There are a lot of foreign commissions observing the fulfilling of the programme here in Belarus too. Let’s have a look at their reports.

    (на экране появляются летящие птицы)

    По одному приходят дети (1- с куклой, 2- с мячом, 3- с книгой, 4- с рюкзаком)

     (песня «Ветер перемен»)

    1) There comes a time we hear a certain call

    And the world must together come as one

    And people waiting and it’s time to lend

    A hand to life, the greatest gift of life.

    2) Et les enfants vent seetre heureux

    Veut travailler, jouer et regarder

    Dans un moude belle avec beaucoup problemmes

    Avec secrets de notre vie.

    3) Die Kinder kommen und die Welt ist fron

    Und bringen sie Ideen gut und schön

    Und machen alles um der Welt zu half

    Der Welt zu half.

    Ref: Our world – the world of children’s happy smiles

    Full of fun and gay

    Our world with songs & games and lots of dreams

    Our perfect world

    (на экране появляется книга  Childhood)

    (выходят 6 учеников)

    P1 – Life is a wonderful book, full of happy and sad pages, pages of hope and despair, wishes and sorrows. Let’s read this book together.

    (откр. 1стр. => Chapter I => Family)

    (на фоне музыки)

    P2 – Who said “Good night”

    When I was a child?

    Who dressed my dolls in clothes so gay

    And showed me often how to play?

    Who ran to help me when I fell

    And who could funny stories tell?

    Who sits at my head

    When is so nice, who is so kind

    Another so dear you’ll never find?

    Pupils (choir): - My mother!

    P3 – Of course, mother is the centre of any family, a person we can’t imagine our life without. Mother’s merits are not always seen, but they should be remembered. That’s why we, pupils of gymnasium №1 in Dyatlovo have created a special museum to honour women-mothers.

    (фото музея)

    P1 – (б. M) – M - is for millions of things she gave me

    P2 – (б. O) – O - means only that she’s growing old

    P3 – (б. T) – T - is for the tears she shed to save me

    P4 – (б. H) – H - is for her heart of purest gold

    P5 – (б. E) – E - is for her eyes with love-light shining

    P6 – (б. R) – R - means right and she’ll always be

    P1 – Put them all together and spell

    Together – MOTHER!

    P1 – A word that means the world to me.

    (уходят, на экране переворачивается страница => Chapter II => School)


    Mother: Nelly, hurry up! You’ll be late for school.

    Nelly: OK, mummy! (упаковывает в портфель игрушки)

    M.: Nelly, it’s a quarter past eight!

    N.: Just a minute, I’m almost ready, mummy!

    M.: Nelly, I’m leaving, let’s go!

    N.: Oh, mummy, don’t worry. School is open till the evening!

    (мама уходит)

    (появляются 2 детей с полными портфелями)

    (на экране заставка гимназии)

    P1 – Hello, Nelly! Let’s go to school!

    P2 – Hello! By the way, how is your history test?

    P1 – You know, not well, but it wasn’t my fault, they asked me about the things which had happened before I was born.

    P3 – But you don’t have problems with Russian, your Russian exercises are better than English.

    P1 – It’s because my mummy doesn’t know English.

    P2 – Yeah, what a life we are having – only studies!

    P1 – You are wrong! School is fun. Don’t forget about your friends!

    (на экране => Chapter III => Friends)

    Звучит стихотворение “Przyjazń” на польском языке

    (музыка гимна клуба)

    (на сцену выходят дети, обнимаются, приветствуют друг друга)

    Sometimes in our life

    We all have friends, we all have sorrows.

    But if we are wise we know

    That there is always tomorrow.

    Ref: Lean on me, when you are not strong

    I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on.

    Please, give me your hand

    And we together go on, go on.

    Know I’ll be glad if only you are really happy.

    Take, this is my hand,

    I know the way and I will step ahead.

    (на экране => Chapter IV => Healthy Way of Life)

    (на экране фото)

    P1 – Das Lied vom Krank-Sein

    Wenn man krank ist, phantasiert man.

    Wenn man krank ist, ist man schwach.

    Wenn man krank ist, deliriert man,

    Sagt der Doktor Beutelbach.

    Wenn man krank ist, muss man liegen,

    Wenn man krank ist irgendwo,

    Sieht man plötzlich Katzen fliegen.

    Wenn man krank ist, ist das so.

    P2 – Sport is fun for girls and boys,

    It’s much better than the toys.

    You can sledge and ski and skate,

    And play snowball with Kate.

    You can swim and play football,

    Hockey, tennis, basketball,

    You can have a lot of fun

    (песня “It’s a Small World”)

    (танец с флажками)

    1. It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears

    It’s a world of hopes and a world of fears

    There’s so much that we share

    That it’s time we are aware

    Ref: It’s a world of health and sports

    It’s a world of health and sports

    This is our, our world.

    1. There is just one moon and one golden sun

    And a smile means friendship to everyone

    Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide

    It’s a small world after all.

    (переворачивается страница => Chapter V => Leisures & Activities)

    (выходят два ученика с рюкзаками)

    P1 – We are happy, healthy children, we are eager to learn more about the world we live in. we are fond of traveling and there are no borders for our curious minds.

    Звучит песня «Voyage» на французском языке

    P2 – Je voudrai faire un voyage

    Aller très vite, aller très loin

    Je voudrais voir tous les rivages

    Des mers que je ne connais point

    Si j’avais une bicyclette

    J’irais, plus vite que le vent

    (на экране => Chapter VI => “The World Around”)

    P1 – While traveling we’ve seen not only wonderful places, but also dirty towns and cities, polluted forests and rivers. Our planet is in danger.

    P2 – The Earth is a garden

    It’s a beautiful place

    For all living creatures

    For all human race!

    P3 – Food is a treasure

    From the soils and the seas

    And clean fresh air

    From the plants and the hills

    P4 – Let’s help mother Earth

    We can peacefully room

    We all deserve a place

    We can call our home.

    (на экране мультфильм «Король Лев»)

    (танец пятиклашек в костюмах животных)

    ( под песню Элтона Джона  “Circle of Life”)

    (на экране => Chapter VII => “Our Social Position”)

    на фоне музыки звучит стихотворение Авнер Тринер

    P1- I remember only this:

    The rattling of the wheels

    The iron tracks menacing, menacing, menacing…

    I knew just this:

    I will not die

    Until I see them again:

    Quite, rusty, covered in grass

    So I came:

    And they were quite rusty,

     Covered in grass so I came:

     And they were quite, rusty

    Covered in grass-

    Oh, so many flowers!

    P2- Look at these pictures, don`t they make your heart shrunk? Should we think about it? Don`t we have the responsibility of passing this story on to the next generation? It is in human nature to forget terrible memories.

    P3- When the Holocaust ended people hurried to forget the horrors and go on with their lives, as if nothing had happened. Many survivors who searched for an attentive ear couldn`t find one. The concentration camps became parks where children play without knowing what had occurred under the grass of their parks. Even though the Holocaust isn`t a pleasant memory, for the greater good of humankind we should never forget what has happened.

    P4-Shouldn`t we? It is our social position. Our right and our duty/ We must remember everyone in order to avoid any other victims. For the sake of our happy future, for the sake of our conscience and souls. For the sake of love! Hallelujah!

    (песня «Аллилуйя!»)

    Russian rock opera “Juno and Avos” by Alexey Rybnikov and Andrey Voznesenskey)


    People in a century of discord!

    Will this era end like all the rest?

    Or will mankind finally discover

    The harmony which should be his quest?

    A pain of people in the every century,

    And a thwarted marriage of two worlds!

    Without harmony our life is senseless,

    We beg you recollect our words!


    Hallelujah to all the world’s lovers!

    In the midst of bustle and struggle,

    We forget the whole point of living,

    Hallelujah for love! Hallelujah for love!Hallelujah!

    Hallelujah to new generations!

    A single life passes too quickly!

    May they answer society`s questions! Hallelujah !

    Let me life fatigue from your sholders!

     Why can`t people learn to be brothers?

     In the ocean the rivers all mingle.

    Hallelujah for love! Hallelujah for love!Hallelujah!

    (на экране => Chapter VШ => “The World of My Dreams”)

    P1 – We dream about clean planet, a warm home, good friends and health, successful career, exciting experiences, happy future.

    P1 – I wish I owned a Dior dress

    Made to my order out of satin

    I wish I weigh a little less

    And could read Latin

    Had perfect pitch of matching pearls

    A better head for street directions

    And seven daughters all with curls

    And fair complexions

    I wish I’d tan instead of burn

    But most, on all the stars that glisten,

    I wish at parties I could learn

    To sit and listen

    I wish, I wish, I wish…

    P2 – If I were a bird, I wouldn’t like to be

    In a little cage where I couldn’t be free.

    I’d want to spread my wings and fly

    Over the tree-tops and into the sky.

    I’d visit my friends who live very far,

    Then I’d fly up high and sit on a star.

    (песня “Gdy serca pełna mażeń”)

    Nie jest sen,rzecz on naprawdę dzieję się.

    Stojsz i szczelnie dotykają cię,

    Z każdą chwilą możesz rzeźbić ich palcami;

    Możesz źmieniać je słowami,

    Los srebrzyć się u twoich stóp

    Królujesz mu.......

    Wszystko się może zdarzyć,

    Gdy głowa pełna marzeń.

    Gdy tylko czegoś pragniesz,gdy bardzo chcesz.

    Wszystko się może zdarzyć,

    Gdy serce pełne wiary.

    Gdy tylko czegoś pragniesz , gdy bardzo chcesz...

    Wszystko może zdarzyć się.

    Nie jest sen, rzecz on naprawdę dzię się

    Urok kolorów obuczają cię.

    Z każdej strony, otwórz oczy, rozłóż ręce

    Gdy nas zbierać, jak my więcej,

    Podpisaj dni imieniem swym.

    Krulujesz i........

    P1 – The life is going on. Our book is not finished, there are a lot of blank pages, which we are to fill in. it’s up to us what to write in it. But remember, in spite of all our problems and dreams the main topic of the book is love. Love to each other, love for your family and friends, love for your country and the world around.

     (выходят все участники программы)


    (песня И. Крутого)

    1) Look at the stars in the clear heavens

     think of tomorrow in this clumsy dashy world

    Make step ahead, open heart to wonder

    And you will see  sparkling Milky way!

    REF: Only together feeling each one`s shoulder,

    strong friendly hand and honest open heart

    We have a chance of finding the answers ,

     life full of smiles and love.

    2) Crazy world,  money, wars and struggle,

        We must save  wish to see each other blessed

        By  angel saint  our souls protecting

       We should  believe in bright and happy life,  

        Life which just is full of love.

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