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    Викторина POLYGLOT
    методическая разработка (6 класс) по теме

    Хмелевская Лариса Петровна


    Возраст участников - 6 класс

    Форма проведения – внеклассное мероприятие

    Цель: систематизация лексического материала по пройденным темам


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Викторина POLYGLOT

    Возраст участников - 6 класс

    Форма проведения – внеклассное мероприятие

    Цели: 1.систематизация лексического материала по пройденным темам;

               2.активизация страноведческих знаний;

               3.совершенствование навыков аудирования;

               4.развитие интереса учащихся к иностранному языку;

               5.развитие лингвистической догадки.


    Teacher: Good afternoon, dear friends. We are glad you've come to us today. We have a contest of the cleverest and the most quick-witted. We have invited four teams to take part in our contest. Let me introduce the jury. It’s time to start!

    The first round we’ve called DARK HORSE.

    Our winners have a chance to choose the sector they like. You have to guess the person on the screen. If you’ll guess it at once you’ll get 5 points. If not, you will attempt to do it 4 times with the help of the sentences on the screen. But in this case you’ll get less points.  


    JAMES COOK 1. He was born in an English village.

                              2. He was a seaman, a traveller and discoverer.

                              3. He made three voyages around the world.

                              4. He discovered a lot of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

    AGATHA CHRISTIE 1. She didn’t go to school and got her education at home.

                                         2. She took part in the war of 1914.

                                         3. She wrote detective stories.

                                         4. Her characters are Hercules Poirot and Miss Marple.

    GEORGE WASHINGTON 1. He was born in America, state of Virginia.

                                                 2. He was a son of a rich plantator.

                                                 3. He became an American general at the age of 43.

                                                 4. He was the first US President.

    MARK TWAIN 1. He lived in the state of Missouri.

                               2. He was a sailor and a journalist.

                               3. He became the greatest American humorist.

                               4. He wrote about Tom Sawyer.

    This round is over. Let’s sum up. The winner is the team of …

    Our next round we’ve called PRICE POINTS.

    The questions have different price: 1, 4, 6, 10 points.

    The most difficult questions you’ll find in “10 points” sector.

    1 point questions:

    1.Who makes bread, cookies and cakes?(a backer)

    2.Who works in hospitals and helps doctors? (a nurse)

    3.What do you do with the vacuum cleaner? (clean carpet)

    4.What do people use washing machine for? (wash clothes)

    5.Who was the first man in space? (Gagarin)

    6.Where is the National Gallery? (in London)

    7.How many oceans are there on the Earth? (four)

    8.What separates the continents from each other? (seas and oceans)

    9.What continent is Egypt situated on? (Africa)

    10.What lights our houses and streets? (electricity)

    4 points question:

    1.Who sells sugar, flour, salt? (a grocer)

    2.How many continents are there on the Earth? (six)

    3.Where can we find portraits, statues, ceramics, old books? (in a museum)

    4.Who checks your luggage in? (customs officer)

    5.What are the main parts of the UK? (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

    6.What do Russian people cook and eat during “Maslenitsa week”? (pancakes)

    7.Who sells meat? (a butcher)

    8.What continent is Russia situated on? (Europe and Asia)

    9.What is the first flower of the year? (the snowdrop)

    10.What is the latest plant of the year? (the holly)

    6 points questions:

    1.Who types letters and other papers? (a typist)

    2.Name all modern conveniences.(central heating, electricity, gas, cold and hot running water)

    3.Who lived in Stratford-upon-Avon? (Shakespeare)

    4.Where can we get the information about the bus, train and plane timetable? (in the information office)

    5.Where can you bye tickets for concerts, shows and other performances? (in the booking-office)

    6.What should you pass when you leave London for Moscow? (the passport control)

    7.What holiday is celebrated on the 5th of the November? (Guy Fawkes Day).

    8.What is one of the symbols of the Tower? (the ravens)

    9.What do Russian people celebrate at the end of February or at the beginning of March? (Maslenitsa)

    10.What English-speaking countries do you know? (Great Britain, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand)

    10 points questions:

    1.Who wrote stories about animals? (Jack London)

    2.What musical instrument did Rakhmaninov play? (the piano)

    3.What is the favourite instrument of Vanessa May? (the violine)

    4.What was the name of Gagarin’s spaceship? (Vostok)

    5.Who was the first cosmonaut in the open space? (Alexey Leonov)

    6.Who founded Moscow University? (Lomonosov)

    7.Who acted at the theatre called “The Globe”? (Shakespeare)

    8.What do the children burn on their bonfire on Guy Fawkes Day? (a scarecrow)

    9.What is the smallest country of the world? (the Vatican)

    10 What country do people speak English and French? (Canada)

    11.What is American equivalent for the British word “autumn”? (fall)

    Teacher: This round is over, let’s sum. The winner is the team of…

    The next round we’ve called ONE MINUTE TASK. You have one minute to answer as many questions as possible.

    1.The first summer month in Russia (June)

    2.The first summer month in Britain (May)

    3.The colour of the blackboards in gymnasium (green)

    4.The square in the centre of London (Trafalgar Square)

    5.The first meal a day (breakfast)

    6.Name one domestic animal

    7.On the 31st of October the British celebrate (Hallowe’en)

    8.The first skyscrapers were built (in America)

    9.The favourite drink of the English (tea)

    10.The Saint of Love is (St.Valentine)

    11.Name one wild cat (tiger)

    12.Only Americans celebrate (Thanksgiving Day)

    13.We go to study to (school)

    14.We call the time of 12 o’clock as (afternoon)

    15.The students of gymnasium wear (uniform)

    16.Pencils, pens, exercises-books are in our (schoolbags)

    17.Math, Literature, Geography are (school subjects)

    18.People live in (houses and flats)

    19.The flowers grow in (gardens)

    20.We lock the door with (key)

    21. We cook food in the (kitchen)

    22.One of the oldest squares in London (Bloomsbury)

    23.The Bolshoy Theatre is in (Moscow)

    24.We sleep in (bedroom)

    25.The first name of London is (Londinium)

    1.The river in London (the Thames)

    2.Your native town is (Lipestk)

    3.At school we sit at the (desk)

    4.The Russians celebrate Christmas in (January)

    5.On holiday we send (greeting cards)

    6.Black ravens live in (the Tower)

    7.Your father’s father is your (grandfather)

    8.He works in a hospital (doctor)

    9.The weather is hot in (summer)

    10 There are a lot of vitamins in (vegetables and fruits)

    11.The last meal a day is (supper)

    12.She works at school (teacher)

    13.It often snows in (winter)

    14.Jack-o’-lantern is a (pumpkin)

    15.We take a shower in the (bathroom)

    16.He flies planes. He is a (pilot)

    17.We have dinner in the (kitchen)

    18.It often rains in (autumn)

    19.Westminster Abbey is a (church)

    20.He flies rockets.He is a (cosmonaut)

    21.You play football at (the playground/stadium)

    22.The son of your aunt is your (cousin)

    23.The trees are red, yellow and brown in (autumn)

    24.In 1666 in London was (the Great Fire).

    25.You study at school. You are a (student/pupil)

    1.The Queen lives in (Buckingham Palace)

    2.London was built by (the Romans)

    3.The birds fly away in (autumn)

    4.We write with a (pen)

    5.Your mother’s mother is your (grandmother)

    6.Picadilly circus is in (London)

    7.In winter the trees are without (leaves)

    8.Two and five is (seven)

    9.There is no place like (home)

    10.English week begins on (Sunday)

    11.The first of April is (April Fool’s Day)

    12.Americans eat on Thanksgivings Day (roast turkey)

    13.We have breakfast in the (morning)

    14.In summer we go to the Black (sea)

    15.The year has got 12 (months)

    16.A friend in need is a friend (indeed)

    17.At Christmas people buy (presents)

    18.Russian week begins on (Monday)

    19.The birds can (fly)

    20.St.Patrick’s Day is in (March)

    21.The native Americans are (Indiаns)

    22.We sleep at (night)

    23.Everything is good in its (season)

    24.Santa Claus comes in (December)

    25.Big Ben is a (clock)

    1.We get up in the (morning)

    2.Shirts, jeans, skirts, trousers are (clothes)

    3.The coldest season of the year is (winter)

    4.The Earth is (round)

    5.The biggest country of the world is (Russia)

    6.The giraffe eats (leaves)

    7.We drink tea from (cups/glasses)

    8.Your father’s wife is your (mother)

    9.Oranges, apples and pears are (fruits)

    10.We see with our (eyes)

    11.An apple a day keeps the doctor (away)

    12.Carrots, tomatoes and potatoes are (vegetables)

    13.It has got  big round ears (elephant)

    14.Your mother’s husband is your (father)

    15.We hear with our (ears)

    16.Sir Christipher Wren was an (architect)

    17.We read (books)

    18.Football and basketball are (games)

    19.We can’t make cheese without (milk)

    20.The Tower in London is a (museum)

    21.We watch films in the (cinema)

    22.Hyde Park is in (London)

    23.Red Square is in (Moscow)

    24.Nelson was an (admiral)

    25.Actors work at the (theatre)

    Teacher: Our game is over. Let’s sum up. The winner is the team of …Our congratulations to the winners. It was a real pleasure to play with you.

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