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    Учебно-методический материал (5 класс) на тему:
    ФГОС 5 класс. Диагностика навыка чтения.

    Задания на контроль навыка чтения в 5 классе по ФГОС по УМК Spotlight. 


    Файл diagnostika_5_klassy_chtenie_1_chetvert.docx13.68 КБ

    Предварительный просмотр:

    1. Read the text and mark the statements True (T), False (F), Not stated (NS)

    Batman is a superhero. His real name is Bruce Wayne. He is strong and clever and can use all modern gadgets. He has got a lot of them.

    When his parents were killed he went to the East to learn fighting skills from ninja. He came back to Gotham city to fight the enemies of the city. His father’s friend works out all the gadgets that Batman uses in fighting the enemies. His best friend is Vicky Vale. He loves and protects  her.

    1. Bruce is a positive character.___
    2. Wayne is called Batman because he can fly.__
    3. Batman has got magic power that makes him strong.___
    4. Gotham is full of enemies. __
    5. Vicky Vale is Batman’s worst enemy.__
    6. Batman has very few friends.__

    1. Read the text and complete  the sentences using the sentences given below.


    1. My family likes travelling. Father travels a lot for his work. He collects glasses and brings them___. Best of all he likes the glass from Wales with a dragon on it. All the glasses have ___. Father knows many interesting things about these countries. His stories are always fascinating.
    2. My sister Helen also likes souvenirs.  She brings bars of soup  from different cities. You can read names of the____. Some of them have pictures of famous places. My sister likes speaking about places she visited, home and abroad.
    3. My brother Mike is fond of sports, so he has got tickets from different football matches. Mike watches matches on TV. He plays the game __.
    4. Mum and I have got a wonderful collection of dolls from France, Italy, Russia and Turkey.  The Turkish doll is so beautiful. These souvenirs help _____.

    1. ……to remember the places we visited.
    2. …..from different countries and cities.
    3. …..hotels and cities on them.
    4. …….symbols of the countries.
    5. …..every Saturday with his friends.

    1. Read the  second text again and match the title to each paragraph. One title is extra.

    1. A fantastic doll collection.
    2. A football fan.
    3. Travelling.
    4. Souvenirs can be different.
    5. Many countries, many worlds.

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