Listening comprehension " Harrow School on the Hill"
методическая разработка по английскому языку (8 класс) по теме


Разработка включает видео, презентацию, пояснения



  1. развитие умения понимать на слух с целью извлечения запрашиваемой информации;
  2. развитие навыка монологической речи.


  1. учить извлекать необходимую информацию;
  2. учить высказываться в монологической форме.


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Harrow School on the Hill

Listening comprehension


развитие умения понимать на слух с целью извлечения запрашиваемой информации;

развитие навыка монологической речи.


учить извлекать необходимую информацию;

учить высказываться в монологической форме.


Make sure you know the words:

Self-confidence-the feeling that you can do things well and that people respect you;

Be aware-to know about a situation or a fact;

Dormitory-a large room where a lot of people sleep, for example in a school;

Bullying-behaviour that frightens or hurts someone smaller and weaker;

Experience-knowledge and skill got through time;

Charity-an organization to which you give money to help people who are poor or ill, or who need support;

Pathway-a way from one place to another that people can walk along;


Listen to the first part of the story and answer the questions (0.00-02.15min video):

What does the expression «boarding school» make people think about?

Why is coming to Harrow school a good experience for boys?

Listen to the second part of the story and complete the sentences (02.15-03.10min video):

Charity school for the poor was founded___ years ago.

The education in school costs ___.

Not few than ___ Prime Ministers have been taught in Harrow School.

School has to survive in the ___ century.

James will live with ___ other boys in Harrow School on the Hill.

The school is one of ___ public schools which remain exclusively all boys’ and boarding.

You have watched the video and I wonder if you like to study in a private school?

Do you think private schools are popular with the British? Why?

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