Методическая разработка урока английского языка 10 класса по теме "Внешность и характер человека".
методическая разработка (английский язык, 10 класс) на тему

Кошелева Татьяна Ефимовна

Данная разработка урока с использованием презентации, заданий по аудированию и чтению может быть использована на уроках английского языка старшей школы.


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Предварительный просмотр:

What star sign are you? Do you feel it influences  your character?

1.Get warmed up! Vocabulary.

Choose a word to match the definitions:


Brave  loyal  stubborn  thoughtful  selfish  serious  generous  fussy  tidy  optimistic jealous honest

Someone who:

always remembers your birthday.

is unwilling to change her / his mind.

worries too much about details.

only thinks about her /himself.

always tells the truth.

always supports her / his friends.

is not frightened of anything .

likes to keep things in their correct place.

doesn’t laugh or make jokes very often.

wants what other people have got.

always believes good things will happen.

likes to give money, help or presents.                                                          


2.Read the descriptions and tick the chart to show which personality adjectives refer to which person.


1 Sarah

2 Paul

3 Bill

4 Trish







bad - tempered

Sarah’s amazing. She always remembers people’s birthdays. She even remembered Mum’s birthday and bought her a big bunch of flowers and some of those really expensive Belgian chocolates.

I’m fed up with Paul. Yesterday we went out for dinner and I met an old school friend I haven’t seen for years. So obviously we had a nice long chat. Paul just sat silently and got really angry. Then in the car he said he didn’t want me to see my friend again!

This is typical of Bill. On Saturday we were going to visit some friends who live right out in the country. Anyway, we got lost and Bill was determined to find the place himself, so we spent an hour driving round in circles because he refused to ask someone the way!

Trish and I share a flat and we get on quite well but she's beginning to annoy me. I had some friends for dinner and washed up but didn't put the things away. In the morning she was quite angry. She said it annoyed her to see things lying around. Now she’s started to organize the food cupboard. Can you believe it? Every shelf is labeled and we have to put the right things on the right shelf!

3.Listening. Listen to 6 people talking about their friends. What can you say about their characters?

4. These adjectives are all used to describe a person character. Working in pares, sort them into two groups – good characteristics and bad characteristics.

bad – tempered   big – headed  bossy  caring  cunning  easy- going  fussy  generous  level- headed  mean  outgoing  patient  polite  rude  suspicious tactless  unreliable  vain  sensitive  reckless  unselfish  grumpy  cowardly  down- to - earth  



5. Read the text below quickly, without a dictionary. Who is nicer, Linda or Barry?

Read it again and decide, with your partner, which of the characteristics above each underlined sentence shows about Linda or Barry. Put the number of the sentence next to the appropriate adjective above. Sometimes more than one adjective is possible. The first one has been done for you as an example.

Linda admired her reflection in the window (1) before ringing the doorbell. Barry answered the door, smiling happily as always (2). Linda didn’t smile.' I don’t like your new haircut,”(3) she said,’You should have asked me to do it – I’m great at cutting hair.(4) " “Actually, I did ask you,” said Barry, a little embarrassed,”and you said you’d do it last night after dinner, but you didn’t come(5)”. Linda turned round to face him. “ Well I forgot, didn’t I!” she shouted,"I'm only human!" Barry didn't like seeing her upset(6)."Not to worry," he said gently, smiling at her," Shall I get you a drink?” “Yes, get me a beer, snapped Linda,”and get me a more comfortable chair and a sandwich!”(7)

       “ I can’t it that rubbish(8),” said Linda, pushing the sandwich away. “I told you, I only eat sandwiches made with the best French cheese. And the bread must be freshly baked(9). Anyway, what did you want to talk to me about?” “About money, actually,”

answered Barry,’I wanted…” Linda interrupted him. “I’m not lending you any money. Why should I? It’s my money (10)!” she shouted. Barry sat there calmly until Linda’s anger had passed (11). “No, no,” he said gently. I want to give you some money(12). I know you want to buy a new car, so I’d like to give you the money to do so, as a thank- you present for being such a good friend.” Linda looked at him out of the corner of her eye. Suddenly, she was angry again (13. “ Why have you got so much money all of a sudden? You stole it, didn’t you (14)! She screamed. “No, actually, I won the lottery,” said Barry, smiling excitedly. Linda did some instant calculations in her head. She smiled and moved closer. “I love you, Barry,” she said, and kissed him (15).

6. Watch the presentation about the star signs:

a) Before watching the presentation you have one minute to write three adjectives which describe your character best.

b) Compare the results, and say if you agree or disagree with what the stars say the (give reasons).

7. Work in groups and discuss the problem. During the discussion make a list of reasons which make a person’s character.

8. Write an opinion essay “ A lot of people consider a person’s character as something unchangeable, given by nature. Others believe that  family and the way people live make a person’s character. What’s your opinion?”

Предварительный просмотр:

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